10 Best headphones: Reviews and Buying Guide

If you are looking for a good headset that you need to travel to work or just for the home, you should focus on different features.

Which of these are exactly, learn here in the large purchase guide to the various headphone models.

Enclosed you will also find an overview of the 10 best headphones of the most popular brand manufacturers from different price categories. We also look at the ratings and test results of the consumer and technical magazines so that you can receive comprehensive advice.

Top 10 headphones

Which model was able to prevail in the large headphone test of Stiftung Warentest?

The consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest has already taken a lot of headphones and speakers under the microscope. In keeping with this, we would like to introduce some of the results of this comparison and test reports to you, so that you can inform yourself extensively.

The last test of wireless Bluetooth headphones was in May 2018. It was found that most models sound very good. However, consumer magazine testers noticed that many Bluetooth headphones offer a different quality in adaptive noise cancellation. Especially the very cheap models filter noise therefore rather bad from the environment.

In addition, the Stiftung Warentest noticed that many of the headphones without a manual are difficult to use. This applies to both headphones with noise canceling as well as classic models, which are equipped with a cable. The operation by pressing a button, which was implemented on most devices directly on the pinna, is therefore criticized by the Stiftung Warentest.

If you are interested in the results of this headphone test by Stiftung Warentest, you will find some more information on this website.

These are the best headphones according to the comparison of connect

The technology magazine connect has also dealt with hundreds of headphones. Among other things, it was found that some products of the brand manufacturers Sennheiser, Sony and Beyerdynamic offer a very good sound quality. The testers examine the individual headphones separately and do not make a general comparison. Nevertheless, a visit to this website is highly recommended if you are interested in selected models, as you will get a detailed insight into the advantages and disadvantages of the headphones.

Headphone buying advice: You should pay attention when buying necessarily

With a good headphone, you can not only listen to music on the go or at home but also audiobooks. Especially in sports activities and in-ear headphones are recommended. So that you can inform yourself in advance of a purchase as well as possible, we have enclosed a purchase consultation with all the important details.

What should you look for when choosing headphones?

If you already know the specific applications of your headphones, then you should pay attention to some technical features, which we refer you to. Thus, you increase the likelihood that you will not make a mistake when selecting a candidate for your headset.

  • Cables and connections

Wired headphones are still popular. These models can be used flexibly and independently of a battery, of course, the length of the cable plays an important role. Of course, the connection is also relevant. For most audio cables have a 3.5 mm jack and thus a connector that is compatible with most audio sources. There are also adapters available for hi-fi systems, so you can adapt the plug to 6.3 mm and use it with these devices.

  • Wireless headphones

If, on the other hand, you prefer a wireless application, then you should definitely choose appropriate models. The signal transmission takes place here primarily via radio, with most manufacturers rely on the standard Bluetooth. Thus, namely, a secure audio transmission can be guaranteed in a good sound quality.

Most headphones with Bluetooth offer a total range of 10 m. However, it is important to remember that this is an indication that is very limited in walls and ceilings. If, on the other hand, you would like to benefit from the best possible range, then you should opt for one of the wireless headphones, which are also available for quite a bit of money.

  • Battery life

If you have a wireless headphone, this is usually equipped with a battery. This has a runtime when fully charged, which the manufacturers specify differently. High-performance rechargeable batteries, which primarily use the renowned brand manufacturers in the headphones, guarantee a runtime of up to 40 hours. Keep in mind, however, that if you enable additional features, such as adaptive noise cancellation, you will severely limit this battery life. The charging time of the batteries should not be ignored in any case. Many manufacturers, such as Beats by. Dre, have incorporated modern fast charging systems into their headphones, so you can charge in just a few minutes.

  • comfort

In connection with headphones, of course, the wearing comfort is particularly relevant. This is especially the case if you want to wear your headphones over a long period of time on the head. So pay attention to an adjustment that fits your head shape. Also very important are well-padded elements, which the manufacturers of the headphones should integrate. Thus, you maximize the overall comfort, so you do not have to expect an annoying feeling of pressure. You should also pay attention to ergonomically designed earplugs, which also applies to replacement models that you can use for your ears.

  • Additional functions

Various functions integrate most manufacturers of headphones for many years. In this context, especially remote controls should be mentioned. This allows you to stop current music playback or perform other functions without having to operate the audio source. Fittingly, integrated microphones are also recommended. Thus, with these headphones, you can easily pick up a call, regardless of whether you reach it, for example, over the telephone network, or alternatively via Skype and similar messenger services.

Many models also use adaptive noise cancellation. This feature is called noise-canceling and has the added advantage of minimizing ambient noise for better audio quality. We recommend that you pay attention to the availability of this feature as long as you use your headphones primarily in noisy environments. This is a good option, for example, in airplanes, on the train or in an open-plan office. However, most models with adaptive noise canceling feature a much higher price, which you should definitely keep in mind.

The right headphones for different applications

Depending on the intended use, different models of headphones are better suited for you. Please note in the appendix what to look for in headphones that you use primarily on the road, in sports or at home.

  •  Headphones for the home

For the undisturbed enjoyment of music in your own home, headphones are available, which have a closed design. Especially in conjunction with a well-equipped hi-fi system, you can expect so with a good sound. If you use an ear-encasing over-ear headphone, the sounds will not penetrate outwards and ensure a generally good sound. The wearing comfort should of course not be underestimated, and you should pay close attention to your application purposes, to what extent the headphones must now be equipped with or without a cable.

  • Headphones on the go

If you would like to listen to music on the go and use headphones with your smartphone, you can recommend especially simply designed models. Because of its compact design, you can make sure that the headphones do not weigh too much. In this context, mention should be made of, for example, the practical in-ear headphones, which have exactly these features.

  • Headphones for sports activities

If you’re a regular athlete and want to listen to music in the gym or listen to a podcast, head over to specially equipped headphones. It must be ensured that the headphones do not fall from the ear, which of course primarily applies to the popular in-ear models. Be sure to check the availability of other ear tips in different sizes so you can guarantee a secure ear. Very well suited for this are headphones in in-ear form, which are interconnected and have a bar. A good wearing comfort is always given here.

  • Headphones for gaming and for calls

To be able to take calls with a headset or to be able to communicate with other gamers while playing, the model should, of course, primarily have a microphone that is characterized with a good quality. Fittingly, there are special for the requirements of gamers to buy matching headsets. But also many high-quality Bluetooth headphones that can be operated wirelessly, are now equipped with microphones. Especially the headphones from Bose and Sennheiser can be used for this purpose.

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