10 Best Headlight Restoration Kits: Reviews and Buying Guide

Do you have yellow or grated headlights and do not allow the light to come out correctly? Surely the ITV will not give you this problem and you will have to put the solution quickly. To avoid having to change the headlights completely, it is best to bet on the best headlight polishing kit. The kit will help you get your headlights back to like new.

Top 10 Headlight Restoration Kits

What is the best car headlight polishing kit?

Over time, the effectiveness of the headlights is decreasing, they are becoming opaque due to the effect of UV rays that wear the protective films of the headlights, this means that we do not have good lighting on the road, which can be quite dangerous and uncomfortable when driving the car, especially at night

Finding the best repair kit will depend on different factors, your type of car, the size and type of headlights that it has and how opaque they are, as there are products that are quite abrasive, for those headlights that are found more worn and could end up causing damage in those that are clearer.


As you have seen in the previous list, today there are different kits to choose from. All that I have shown you stand out for offering very good results, but to choose the best headlight polishing kit, it needs to be adapted to your needs. For this reason, I am going to give you a series of tips so you can acquire the best kit.

One of the things you should look for is that it has good opinions from third parties. If other people have done well, you will probably do well. To avoid having to compare, you should only look at the models that I have recommended. Everyone always gives very good results.

It is important to see that the kit includes everything necessary to polish the headlights. As you have seen, some models already include the polishing machine itself. But others include the sponge that is put in the drill. Depending on your needs, you must purchase a kit or another.

Once you have it in your power, you will be able to realize that the results will always be very positive. Of course, the less yellow and scratched the lighthouse, the better results you will get.

Steps to polish a lighthouse

To start you have to put the vehicle in a shady and bright area to start working with the headlights.

It is important that before starting work, clean the headlight with soap and water to eliminate any type of dirt that may have, whether mosquitoes, dust or bird droppings among other things. Some kits include activated plastic surface to get a better cleaning of the headlight.

Now it will be the step to protect the area. For this, you must use bodybuilder’s tape. It covers well the bodywork that is next to the headlights, to avoid that the polishing can reach this area. Do this operation very calmly and make sure everything is well protected.

Next, you should sand the stoppage. You must do this operation with care and with adequate sandpaper. Never squeeze too much.

Again you should clean again with soap and water and dry properly. This will remove the sanding residue and ensure that the headlight is ready to be polished.

Now is the time to polish. It is a job that requires patience because it must be done calmly. Depending on the kit you have purchased, the polishing will be with a polishing machine, with the drill or by hand. Whichever option is chosen, work should always be done without over tightening.

Finally, you should clean with a cloth and remove the tape. Now you can see how your headlights look like new or almost new. And is that many times with a good polishing is more than enough to enjoy transparent headlights. So you will see that the night light of your car at night will be much higher.

If you have set to work to get through the ITV because this is usually one of the most common problems of not passing it, with this you will have no problems. Some ITV workers recommend that you change the headlights for new ones. But many others already recommend polishing. Not only because it is much cheaper, but because it is much faster and you do not have to wait for the new headlights to arrive.

And do not forget that through the internet you can always buy the cheap headlight polishing kit you’re looking for.

Know what is offered in the market:

Before even thinking about buying a restoration kit, you have to be aware of the models that we can find in the market, which are quite a few and that can complicate the search a bit.

Take into account the available budget, how damaged are the headlights to know how strong should be the products to buy, what pieces you already have at home, with all this defined, find the perfect kit will be much easier.

Know your needs:

The moment in which I realized that I no longer had the same effect of the headlights as before, it was when I tried to use my lights at night and when my vision became difficult, I knew that it was time to do something about it, that it could be to change the headlights or polish them and since polishing is much more affordable, it turned out as the winning option.

Opaque, scratched, scratched and yellowed headlights will make it difficult to see on dark roads and depending on how damaged they are, there will be a restoration kit that will improve them. If the headlights are broken or exploded, the best option will be to change them in their entirety, for greater safety in driving.

Reduce the options to the best ones:

When you have already defined the level of damage that the headlights of the car have, the next step will be to reduce the number of models that most call your attention for the number of benefits, where the main must be durability, price and good quality.

Choose the best available option:

This is the key moment, where you decide which model is best suited to your needs and the level of wear of the headlights and for this, it is highly recommended to read the reviews of the products, in addition to choosing a model that fits the budget that you have thought of.

The most affordable models do not need any kind of tools, but they will require more time and energy, while the more expensive models will do all the work for you.

Advice when buying

A helping hand with advice never hurts, so these will be very useful when it comes time to buy a headlight restoration kit:

  • There is a lot of videos on the internet where you can see reviews of the products before purchasing any.
  • Sometimes, the problem is not the lens of the headlights, but its bulb that has fulfilled its cycle of use, so it is convenient to review it before investing in a restoration kit.
  • All pulp for polishing headlights requires that it be polished and for this, the microfiber cloths are the best option.
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