10 Best Guitar Strings: Reviews and Buying Guide

The right strings can contribute to your guitar emitting powerful sounds of good quality. For this reason, it is necessary that when purchasing one of these products you take into account various aspects such as its size, tension, materials used in its manufacture, strength, durability, quality of sound they offer and type. In the market you will find multiple models, so to help you choose one that suits your needs we have selected a variety of products that might interest you. An example of this is the D’Addario EJ45, this game brings its six strings with normal tension, each has a multi-filamented nylon core and are suitable for any classical guitar. Another option is the Black Cat 10000 strings, these are also suitable for classic guitars, they are also identified so that you can do the assembly process easily and without problems, they are made of nylon and can emit a brilliant sound.

Top 10 Guitar Strings

What are the best guitar strings of 2019?

If you want your guitar to emit a pleasant sound and maintain a good level of projection it is necessary to make sure you have all the appropriate elements. To help you achieve this goal we have prepared a list where we present the characteristics of some of the best guitar strings of 2019.

How to use guitar strings?

The guitar is one of the most famous instruments that exist. Each piece that is part of its structure is important and the strings are essential to play this musical instrument.

Without this element, there can not be any type of sound, because there would be no chords to play. That’s why a guitar without strings is not useful. Choosing good quality strings is necessary to be able to fully enjoy the guitar and, if you already have your strings, here you can read how to use them correctly to create your songs.

What are the best guitar strings on the market?

Currently, you will find products of different brands, each with its advantages and disadvantages, this makes it a bit complicated to select a model. Knowing more about their characteristics could be helpful in this process, for this reason, we have developed the following guide to buying the best guitar strings on the market.

Shopping guide


When making a comparison of strings for guitar one of the main aspects that you must take into account is its caliber, in this way you can make sure to choose the appropriate model for your instrument. Each string is designed to occupy a specific position on the guitar, due to this they have different calibers. Also, depending on this factor can vary the tuning they maintain, for this reason, it is important that you choose the correct parts.

In general, the packages include a set of six strings, enough to replace all those that your guitar has. These can be divided into two groups of equal parts, those of smaller caliber are acute and are organized from position one to three. On the other hand, those of the group of greater dimensions are those that register the low or serious sounds, are the strings 4,5 and 6.

To tune in Mi and E-flat, string sets belonging to two groups of calibers can be used, from 009 to 042 and from 010 to 046. This last caliber can also be appropriate for those people who carry out the tuning process in Re. Some experts say that those strings that are of smaller caliber are suitable for beginners, because due to their design they are softer for the fingers, however, these could have a lower sonorous character.

On the other hand, those that belong to the groups of a greater caliber usually provide higher levels of tonality, sustain and sonorous definition, although it is possible that they are rougher to the touch.

Another aspect related to the caliber that you should also take into consideration when making your acquisition is the level of tension that the strings have, this can be low or extra light, medium, high and very high. To make a wise choice it is recommended that you consider the type of rhythm you usually play and your level of experience.


Before reviewing prices and answering the question of how much it costs a set of guitar strings, it is convenient that you first review the different types of products that are offered.

It is possible to classify the strings into three groups according to the type of instrument with which they can be used, for example, classical or flamenco, electric and acoustic guitars.

These differ from each other due to the variety of materials used in their manufacture. It is important that when making your choice you take into account the type of instrument you play because not placing the correct strings other than affecting the sound could damage your guitar. Likewise, you should bear in mind that, due to its design, some of the strings can be used even with two different types of guitars, but for greater safety, you will have to pay attention to their specifications.


Even if you are looking for good and economical strings it is necessary to ensure you obtain a quality product that is durable, so that you have the possibility to use them for a long time and be able to emit a good sound. One of the products used for the manufacture of the strings is nylon, those made in this material can be used with classical and flamenco guitars, these contribute to the emission of clear sounds, which retain a good level of brilliance.

Different varieties of metal can also be used to make the ropes, including phosphor bronze. This material is characterized by being 80% copper, 1% phosphorus, 9% antimony and 10% tin, it is also resistant to corrosion. Another metal used is nickel-plated steel, the strings made of this material have a nickel coating, they also emit a bright sound, but this one is more accentuated and warm.

Metal strings are usually appropriate for acoustic and electric guitars. They have the ability to withstand more tension and offer a good level of resistance. To contribute to its durability some manufacturers apply special coatings to the ropes that prevent their oxidation and deterioration. Of course, we recommend using cloths to clean and dry the cords after each use, since the sweat of your hands can damage them.


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