10 Best Graphing Calculators: Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you looking for a graphing calculator? Then, you are in luck. We have compiled the most complete guide on buying graphics calculators. With this guide, it will be impossible for you to fail in your purchases!

As every good student of mathematics knows very well, that mathematics can be very difficult. After learning the basic principles of mathematics, a student then learns to learn algebra, geometry, calculus and other mathematical divisions that use complex formulas to find an answer.

While the best understanding of advanced mathematics is obtained by learning these formulas and remembering key concepts, there are some problems that can not be solved without help. This help comes in the form of an advanced scientific calculator. While they look complex, they are relatively easy to use. We are going to review the best graphing calculators in the market below.

Top 10 Graphing Calculators

Are graphics calculators still used?

It is a question that the possible buyers of these products are made since nowadays, the price of these devices is relatively high if we compare it with other products that can perform the same functions. There are applications for mobiles and tablets that simulate the operation of a graphing calculator, they are not as comfortable and easy to use but they can be used at a certain time. Although if you need something more practical and functional we recommend you buy one of the following graphing calculators.

Guide to buy graphics calculators

Now, let’s take a look at the features that you should look for when buying a graphing calculator. Thus, even if you do not choose an option of the ones we have proposed, you can make the right purchase. Pay attention not to go wrong when shopping!

Graphics, Scientific or Financial

Nowadays, practically all the most advanced calculators will be able to perform hundreds of basic functions and surely the most economical model will be sufficient until well into the university. However, if ours is a more advanced and concrete topic, we would do well to prioritize the functions we seek.

Do we often need to calculate the cost of a tax or the profit margin of a product? Or do we seek to easily perform a series of logarithms, exponentials and trigonometric calculations? It is up to us to evaluate the daily needs to see which model of graphics calculator to choose.


The technology of the screen can make a noticeable difference in the price, although that gives us the option of choosing between black and white or color screens. We can even look for touch screen models if we want an optimal functioning of the device.

Memory and capacity

A graphing calculator is practically a computer, so it is important that we look at its storage and operational memory (RAM memory). The larger these are, the better the calculator will work.

Batteries or Battery

The eternal conflict when we talk about these devices. With one option you have the hassle of having to buy spare batteries for when you need them and with the other the hassle of having to load the calculator in the same way.

Keep in mind that these devices usually have a long duration and that the most modern already include the rechargeable lithium battery, although none of the options will harm our task.

PC connectivity

It is interesting how a graphing calculator can be used for teaching. For that, it is important that we look if the model we choose is compatible for use with a PC, even if it is compatible with our operating system, and we devote a minimum of time to learn how it works.

Exam mode

One of the benefits of graphing calculators is their ability to program operations or expressions so that we execute them more quickly when necessary. However, this is a problem when we present to official exams since they are not allowed.

That is why it is important that, if we get a graphic and programmable calculator, we make sure that it has a classroom model so that we can not access the memory of the device and do not give us headaches when we least want it.


Another relevant point to look at is the price. In general, before two very similar products, you should always bet on the cheapest one. This may be a simple criterion, but it is worth pointing out.

However, in case you have to choose between quality and price, always choose the quality. Trying to save a few euros by sacrificing quality is a serious mistake. Remember what our grandmothers said: Cheap is expensive.

Obviously, we will also have to talk about discounts and offers. With an interesting offer, you can access products that, initially, you missed the budget. Therefore, our recommendation is that you always check if there is an offer or discount available.


The brand that is behind the product you are going to buy is also important. People tend to think that brands are not important, that everything is marketing and propaganda, but it is not. Brands are the first filter of quality very easy to get.

The reality is that brands that have a reputation are because they satisfy consumers. If they did not, consumers would go to the competition. So, in general, a good brand is the first filter of quality in its products.

So, in general, we recommend trust in big brands. The branded product will always have an extra quality filter. And, in Productive Office, we always prioritize quality.


Finally, there are the opinions of the previous buyers. Reviews and comments, in fact, are VERY important. So much so that, for us, this is the first point that you should look at.

Opinions inform us of wrong (or successful) purchases. Also, that information is given to us by someone like you and me. Therefore, not taking advantage of that information would be a very stupid decision.

About these last three aspects to take into account, you must take into account that you first consider the opinions, then the brand and then the price. With a good balance between these three factors, I’m sure you’ll be right in your purchase.

As you can see, we have the guide to buying a more complete graphical calculator from the internet. Thanks to it, you can be sure that you will buy the best graphics calculator in the market. And you do you think? Do you think we are missing something important in this guide?

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