10 Best Graphics Tablets: Reviews and Buying Guide

You like to draw and want to benefit from all the advantages that digital painting offers, so you depend on a high-quality graphics tablet, which is also known as a so-called drawing tablet.

In the field of graphics tablets, there are many different manufacturers who have brought different models with a good price-performance ratio on the market. But you should always check different features before you commit to a concrete graphics tablet.

Which of these are exactly what you will find in the large buying guide where we have also put together an overview of the 10 best graphics tablets with all the advantages and disadvantages. So you can make your purchase decision quite easily and make sure that you will be able to cope with your graphics tablet and a suitable graphics program really well.

Top 10 Graphics Tablets

What does Stiftung Warentest say about the best graphics tablets?

The consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest has not dealt with graphics tablets until now. Because of this, we can not assemble any details from a tablet test. However, if the Stiftung Warentest examines several tablets in the future, you will find here on this page a corresponding update, with which we keep you up to date, which concerns these Grafiktabletts.

The best graphics tablet according to a test of the magazine Digital photo

Especially in the field of special digital technology, it is often recommended that you turn to specialist magazines. In keeping with this, we have selected a test report from the magazine Digital photo, in which the Wacom Intuos Pro M SE was examined in more detail.

This graphics tablet awarded the experts the rating “very good” or 1.0. Above all, the professionals praised the high sensitivity in terms of pen pressure and pen tilt. Thanks to the practical multi-touch interface, various operating options can be implemented so that you will benefit from numerous advantages, which is especially the case in comparison with cheaper versions.

Very interesting is the wireless operation. Bluetooth connects the tablet to a computer, so you never have to worry about an extra cable. The general quality of workmanship is also at a very high level. The case was designed to be robust and durable, so you can expect a professional use of the device here.

Grafiktablett-Kaufberatung: You should pay attention to this!

A self-painted picture, of course, you can use classic with a sheet of paper and matching pens implement. But as an alternative, it’s also great for you to capitalize on the benefits of digital drawing and rely on a high-quality graphics tablet. This means that all your inputs are displayed and stored directly in digital form on your computer.

For example, putting a tablet on top of a tablet can help you work on countless levels and ultimately achieve much higher quality results, which of course requires some practice. Also, removing your last input is no problem at all with digital graphics with a tablet. The sensors capture all your input with pin accuracy, so you can make all sorts of changes and adjustments of your choice with just a few clicks.

Advantages of a graphics tablet

If you are interested in digital drawing and you are not yet sure about the advantages of a graphics tablet, you will find important information here.

  • The precision of your digital painting work

Probably the biggest advantage offered by a high-quality graphics tablet is the maximum precision and accuracy of your inputs. Depending on which drawing program you work with, even the smallest movements are transmitted. However, the sensitivity and pressure with which you make your input with the stylus on the graphics tablet also play a very important role. Especially with the high-quality models that you can get, for example, from the manufacturer Wacom, a paper-like painting is implemented as possible.

  • Ergonomic painting and drawing

Of course, even with a classic mouse, you are able to draw digitally. However, the ergonomics leave much to be desired, so that not the same quality can be implemented, as it would be the case, for example, with a normal pen. Because of this, the use of a graphics tablet is ideal for all ambitious draughtsmen and painters who want to create complex contours but also natural drawings. A graphics tablet also provides barrier-free accessibility and also gives you a few more ways to control your computer that go far beyond the paint program you use.

  • Automatic digitization of your pictures

Digital work on the computer also has an important advantage that all inputs are stored. Changes can, therefore, be implemented in seconds, which is not possible in comparison to traditional painting on paper. In addition, thanks to the automatic digitization of images, you can also enjoy pausing by placing a pattern on the graphics tablet. In this way, it is easily possible that you can take over certain symbols or figures or easily modify.

Are there any disadvantages of graphics tablets?

  • Practice creates masters

Especially if you work in the field of art and have drawn primarily on paper to date, so you have to plan a certain amount of time, of course, regarding the switch to the digital tablet. After all, especially the inexpensive versions of the different manufacturers cannot make such realistic work possible, as would be the case with a pen and paper.

  • Space requirements and technology

Depending on the model and manufacturer, a good graphics tablet also requires a certain amount of desk space. However, there are also very compact models for you to buy that are already available in A5 format. Especially the entry-level graphics tablets from Wacom are recommended for you if you are looking for a small version.

The computer monitor that you work with should also be large enough to give a fairly similar drawing format. However, exact positioning is also recommended to make the work as comfortable as possible.

  • Compatibility with drawing programs

It is always important to remember that not all applications are compatible with these devices before choosing a graphics tablet. Manufacturers such as Wacom often distribute graphics tablets with the right software, which you can install directly on your computer. In this context, however, also pay attention to the technical requirements, which applies in particular to the operating system used, which is used on your computer.

Which product features play an important role in the selection of a graphics tablet?

The market for graphics tablets has many different designs for you, which also applies to the individual price ranges. So you get already for less than 100 ¬ solid models, but which are more suitable for beginners. As an ambitious artist, it is therefore advisable that you take a little more money in the hand and may also commit to a graphics tablet with the display, as you will thus benefit from numerous advantages. Which equipment features are also relevant, can be found in the attached overview.

  • Size of the graphics tablet

First of all, you should check which character size is suitable for you as far as your graphics tablet is concerned. Keep in mind that the contents are transferred 1: 1 to the computer screen and differences arise when you consider the formats. Especially cheap graphics tablet offers namely a much smaller space than commercial monitors, which is especially the case with large versions, they have connected to your computer.

If you would like to work as precisely as possible, the graphics tablet should be as big as the computer monitor. However, the bigger the tablet is, the more money you need to budget for a purchase. This concerns above all the Tablets with the display.

  • crayons

As input devices, the manufacturers of graphics tablets will send you wirelessly-operated pens. Modern graphics tablets use Bluetooth wireless technology, so you often do not have to worry about an extra cable, which is very convenient. Depending on which software you use, the shapes of the brushes and pens can, of course, be customized. In addition, if you use the graphics tablet with the supplied stylus, the technical device usually recognizes the input model immediately, which greatly simplifies the general application in practice.

  • print Density

High-quality tablets are pressure sensitive. Thanks to the different intensity levels, each representing how much you press with the pen on the graphics tablet, so realistic brush shapes are guaranteed for you, which are displayed directly in digital form on the computer. High-end designs from the upper price range are much more pressure-sensitive and have thousands of printing phases, so you as an artist benefit from a very wide range of options for implementing your ideas.

  • Graphics tablet with or without display

Inexpensive models have no display. These tablets usually need to be connected to your computer via USB and use the connected display to transfer the graphs. For the paper-like work, a graphics tablet is recommended, which is equipped with a display. However, such designs cost a lot of money, so you should definitely check your available budget.

  • Additional controls and multi-touch function

In addition to the operation with a supplied stylus, it is also possible with many graphics tablets that further functions can be realized with the help of additional operating elements. Often you can also assign these keys individually, which is particularly convenient and offers many benefits depending on the operating system, computer, and graphics program you are working with. For example, you can zoom in on an image, or use another button to enable active scrolling so you can completely replace a classic mouse, depending on the application.

  • connections

Commercially available graphics tablets are connected to the computer via USB. Thus, the power supply is ensured, so you no longer have to pay attention to an additional power supply, which may cause cable clutter under certain circumstances. However, the graphics tablets, which are equipped with a display, but need so much energy that a connection via USB is not sufficient.

  • software

Nowadays, most of the graphics tablet manufacturers sell their models with a drawing program that is suitable for both Mac and Windows and can be easily installed with a few clicks. Such a program is absolutely necessary as otherwise, you will not be able to benefit from all advantages regarding the innovative and comfortable operation of a graphics tablet. Especially the cheap graphics tablets are delivered with entry-level programs. From the manufacturer Adobe, you have to get your own copy, if you want to work professionally with the tablet.

Which tablet is best for your application?

Now that we have summarized important features above, it is recommended that you read the attached product recommendations for your individual application on the graphics tablets. By doing so, you can make sure that you avoid a bad buy.

  •  Graphics tablets suitable for beginners

If you are just getting into digital drawing, then it does not make much sense for you to first commit yourself to a graphics tablet that is equipped with a display and sold at a high price. Instead, they are much better served with a compact device, which is usually sent directly to your home with suitable software. You can buy good models for beginners as low as 50 €.

  • Graphics tablets for designers and graphic artists

Work professionally, so you should commit to a middle-class device. Especially the versions with a display offer some advantages that affect working in practice. The painting is done directly on the display, so you no longer have to take control of the graphics tools directly on the computer screen. But be sure to remember that you will only get high-quality tablets with a display starting from 1000 €.

  • Graphics tablets for real artists

Such designs are rare to buy in the classical trade. In such a case, you should contact the dealer who can offer you these special art supplies of this kind. Graphics tablets that are suitable for real artists are characterized by a very large display. In addition, countless pressure levels are available. Often, the display can also be easily tilted and offers particularly good viewing angles.

Conclusion on the selection of a graphics tablet

First of all, please check how you would like to use your graphics tablet in practice. As a beginner, you are well served by a reasonably priced model from Wacom and can gain initial experience in the digital world of drawing and painting. Professional users, however, get along better with a graphics tablet, which is equipped with an additional display. The same applies to real artists who would like to implement detailed drawings.

So please orient yourself at the price range shown above. Beginners get from 50 € matching models, with graphics tablets with a display that offers good quality, cost at least 1000 €. Large graphics tablets with a display, however, beat at least 1500 € to book. Here are recommended panels from 15-inches.


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