10 Best Golf Shoes: Reviews and Buying Guide

Walking with comfort is the main thing when we go to practice golf; This is a sport that requires that we travel a long distance and that we stand for a long time, so having a pair of comfortable shoes is paramount. For this practice there are specific models that help us stay comfortable and there are features that you must take into account before choosing the right one, and among them are the materials with which they are manufactured, the types of soles and their cleats or staples, which are the ones that will allow you more grip in the field. When reviewing the different brands and the best models of the market, we can highlight two of them: Ecco Biom Hybrid 2, which are very comfortable and provide great stability in the field of play and Freestyle FootJoy, which has an exclusive design and grip clips for more control of movements.

Top 10 Golf Shoes

What is the best golf shoe of 2019?

Golf shoes are diverse, there are many brands and models, so you should try to have the best to be really comfortable when you do this sport that is very popular all over the world. These are used by both beginners and professionals, because they help you to have greater stability in the field, for their designs and among the best golf shoes of 2019 in the market you can find these five models that we present below to help you with your decision.

What are the best golf shoes on the market?

For those who play golf, nothing is more important than having comfortable shoes that allow you to travel the countryside with peace of mind, forgetting about the inconveniences that traditionally use.

In the market, you will get them from different brands and models, which will offer you various benefits, but to choose and know which is the best golf shoe in the market, you must analyze certain main characteristics before buying it, as is your sole. Most come with studs for a better grip on the pitch; these can come out of the last or come discreetly included. The materials of confection, that will help you to know if you can use them in humid places or not, and its design, on which the comfort with which you walk will depend are other important characteristics.

These points to take into account we have compiled after making a comparison of golf shoes and their characteristics, to help you always choose the best for you.

Shopping guide

Why buy a golf shoe?

In order to play with great stability when making your strokes, without worrying about your feet slipping on the playing field when applying your maximum strength, you must have special golf shoes for the sport.

This guide to buy the best golf shoe will give you the keys so that your choice is much simpler and you do not end up disappointed in your acquisition, because before buying it you will have studied the basic parameters to choose the best one and you will know which one fits what you really need and are looking for.

It is important to know how much the most suitable shoe for the practice of these sports costs. In many cases acquiring it can represent a great investment, but thanks to the variety there are different prices in the commercial world, that is, you may find some good and economic model.


It is essential to analyze the shoemaking materials before buying your pair. These should give your foot a great fit for greater comfort when walking and also allow the foot to have air intakes and not produce much perspiration that could harm the user and prevent it in the game.

Most of them tend to be between a mixture of rubber or plastic and natural leather or leather. In addition, these materials help the flex lines that bring in your design adjust to the movements you have to make.

The most common areas closure design the use of laces that adapt better to the foot and you can adjust the pressure you want. Others have Velcro, which, however, is less used for its wear.


The sole is another aspect that you must study before buying a golf shoe. This will help you to have more stability and grip the field; thus your foot will not move through the field when performing the swing, as the movement of the player is called when hitting the ball in the professional world.

These usually come with tacos or staples included in the anatomy of the sole. They can be large and different shapes to anchor to the grass or sand where you have to position to play, or they can be small and fit the playing surface with great ease. They are mostly rubber to make them lighter.

There are also metallic ones, but these are less commercial and in some places they are prohibited because they cause damage to the lawn and give more weight to the shoe.


The design of golf shoes tends to be as anatomical as possible to give greater comfort when walking. These come with a low cut of the ankle so as not to bother the step and the blow of the athlete; in that area, they usually have a pad to avoid rubbing and possible injuries.

Most of them have a suitable length and width, in this way, the fingers will be in the correct form, the foot will be left with enough space to move slightly in the different points of flexion.


Before purchasing your golf shoes, you should take into account that these are usually expensive and the investment to be made may be high, but keep in mind that it is not a traditional footwear, but specialized with high levels of comfort and comfort, for that you practice the sport at ease and without worries.

These prices may vary depending on where you buy them, the brand and the model you want to buy. According to the latest reviews made to Amazon.es, you can get golf shoes from 100 euros in the cheapest and simplest of the market, to more than 450 euros the most specialized.

It is important to remember that if they are cheap does not mean that they are of poor quality, on the contrary, there are very good and cheap models.

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