10 Best Gel Pens: Reviews and Buying Guide

It is impossible to predict at what point you will have to sign a document, leave a note or write an address, so you must make sure you always have a pen between your belongings. The current market offers very varied models, but to choose the most appropriate according to your needs, you must first know the basic characteristics, such as the type of stroke you make, your design and the ink you use, which should be the color of your liking and allow writing fluently. To facilitate the task of choosing among all the pens available, we want to mention some of the most outstanding. The Montblanc Bohème Bleu is a retractable model, which has a turning mechanism but also stands out for its elegant design that incorporates silver rings and a synthetic sapphire stone. On the other hand, Bic Cristal Original is a box containing 50 blue ink pens, each with an average writing length of 3,000 meters, depending on the manufacturer.

Top 10 Gel Pens

What is the best pen on the market?

Although currently the writing of documents is done more frequently through keyboards or other technological devices, the importance of handwriting cannot be underestimated, since it is a simpler method that you can execute anywhere and whenever you want.

To do this you will not have to make complicated connections, you will only need paper and a writing instrument, that is why we have prepared this guide to buy the best ballpoint pen on the market, with the objective of selecting the model that best suits you.

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If you are doing a comparative pen, it is good to check the ink they use. This can be black, blue, green or red. But it is not only about color but also about type. Of this characteristic will depend on the fluency that you will have when writing.

Oil-based inks are vicious, this prevents the pen from losing liquid. Due to the fluidity that it provides, it is used by several manufacturers in the elaboration of its products. On the other hand, the gel ink is not too viscous, so it takes less time to dry and is easily released, so it provides more fluidity and guarantees a more pleasant writing experience.

Some pens also contain erasable ink, which can be removed by a continuous friction process or disappear if exposed to high temperatures. It offers a great advantage because it allows correcting any error that has been committed.

In this same order of ideas, it is good to remember that the type of ink will depend on the use we are going to give this product. If it is official documents, signatures or important forms, we should not use an erasable pen, but one with gel or oil ink.


Another feature to consider before buying a pen is the tip or ball. This can be of different diameters and, depending on its size, varies the thickness of the strokes they make.

The most used models are what allow to make fine strokes; This type of pens are medium typographic and have a tip that measures between 0.7 and 1 mm thick.

There are also products that are suitable for writing with strokes of medium thickness. To choose the right model, you must first consider the type of result you want to obtain when you write.

In addition, there are pens that have retractable tips. They are so called because they can be hidden inside the product. The retractable models are designed with a turning mechanism or have a button on top; To remove or save the tip, only a simple movement must be made.

Those that are not retractable have a cap that prevents the tip from being exposed, thus reducing the risk of the ink spilling. Regardless of the model you choose, the idea is that you find one that fulfills its functions fully and at the same time is economical.


Surely you’re already wondering how much a pen costs, but before consulting prices, we should know more about its design. This feature is important because it makes the difference between these products.

Some models have a very simple design, with a body made of different types of plastic and are transparent. Thanks to this it is possible to observe the internal part and monitor the levels of ink that are left so that it is easy to know when it is time to replace it.

On the other hand, those with a solid color are easy to use because manufacturers produce them in the same tone of ink they contain, in order to guide users and avoid any confusion at the time of writing.

Some are more striking, with drawings or tribal. This type of pens may be suitable for young users or those who have a modern and particular style. But pens are not just for writing; In certain cases, they are an accessory that determines the style and personality of the person who uses it, that is why there are models that are very elegant.

On the other hand, when writing, you can not leave aside your comfort. There are manufacturers that make lightweight pens and even incorporate a rubber design that contributes to a softer touch and prevents you from slipping while writing.

What is the best ballpoint of 2019?

Pens are one of the most used tools in offices, shops, study centers and even in the home. Having one is essential because you always need to write down some information, write files or sign a document with them, so you can not stop having one.

But as we know that there are many models and brands in the market, we have prepared this list with the best pens of 2019, so you can choose a model that meets your requirements and you can use it when you need it the most.

Main advantage:

Due to the elegance and fine finishes provided by this ballpoint pen, it may be the most recommended model to be used at important moments. It also offers smooth and readable writing because it is mid-point.

Main disadvantage:

It is possible that some people prefer a fine point, in these cases it would be necessary to look for an appropriate option, but it is not a major problem. In addition, its efficiency and elegance is not put into discussion.


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