10 Best Gas Grills: Reviews and Buying Guide (2018)

Gas grills are characterized by easy handling and offer the advantage of greatly reduced smoke development. Because of this, more and more barbecue friends are relying on such a model.

If you are also wondering which gas grill is best for you, you will find the big STERN.de comparison here on this page. This contains the 13 best gas grills of the top brand manufacturers.

In addition, we have put together an extensive buying guide to the gas barbecues and gas barbecues for you, which you can easily orient yourself if you have any questions about the application, cleaning and other topics around this grill.

Top 10 Gas Grills

Which models were able to prevail in the large gas grill test consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest?

If you attach particular importance to the opinion of the consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest, you will find attached some interesting information from the last review of the gas grills. Remember, however, that this comparison was published in May 2014 and is therefore outdated. Nevertheless, you can take some information from this.

As the winner of the test of gas grills, the Stiftung Warentest awarded the model Weber Spirit E-320 Classic, which was then available for purchase for a total price of 650 €. If you would like to read and retrieve this test of gas grills Stiftung Warentest, just visit this website from the consumer magazine.

These grills could prove themselves in the large gas grill test of selbst.de

Much more interesting than the test results of the Stiftung Warentest are the results, which could ensure the DIY magazine self.de in a comparison of the best models. In this case, a comparison was made with TÜV Rheinland. The technical test criteria, such as safety and general corrosion resistance, have been studied among others. But this also applies to the gas connection, the commissioning of the device and everything important to the general barbecue practice.

The gas grill test by selbst.de could bring a test winner to light. This was the model Weber Q 200, which revolves around a compact table grill. In addition, the gas grills of the brand manufacturers CADAC, Sterling, and Outdoorchef also performed quite well. If you should be interested in the test results of this test gas grill, you will find here on this site all the information.

Purchase guide to gas grills: Everything important for handling, cleaning and accessories

high-quality equipped gas grill offers numerous advantages for the user, such as a greatly reduced smoke and a much more comfortable handling, because with a few simple steps the necessary heat is available to prepare the food. If you have any questions about the requirements of a good gas grill and what distinguishes the best models, be sure to read this guide before making a purchase to answer all your questions.

What advantages does a gas grill offer compared to a normal grate?

When using a gas grill, it is important to remember that you are using gas as the fuel, which can ensure very high heat within a very short time. This heat will persist until you finally stop the gas supply by pressing appropriate controls. So you benefit from a constant heat development and can usually work much more comfortable when it comes to the preparation of steaks or sausages. In addition, gas grills are very popular with many barbecue fans, as some models have an integrated side burner. This accessory has the advantage that you can, for example, keep the already prepared grilled food warm. In addition, it is therefore also possible to easily heat sauces or side dishes better.

An additional advantage of gas grills is the easy handling, since, for example, no classic charcoal needs to be used. So you do not have to worry about disposing of the coal if you use such a grill. Furthermore, gas grills are particularly low in smoke due to the gas supply. Quite comfortable is also the general operation. Similar to a traditional gas stove, you regulate the gas supply with practical controls that are basically self-explanatory. Accordingly, you can also adjust the heat exactly as it is best suited for the grilled food.

Overview of the key features that a griller with a gas supply should have

A well-equipped gas grill is characterized by numerous different features, which are more relevant depending on the application and Grill round or can be dispensed with. In the following overview, we will provide you with important criteria in detail that will help you with the purchase decision.

  • Grill area

The available grill area is of course very important for a gas grill. For most models, the manufacturers opt for a rectangular design of the grill surface, so here enough can be laid grill food. There are models that offer an area of 50 × 30 cm or up to 100 × 50 cm. Keep in mind how much food to cook in parallel and then decide on a suitable size of grill area that will be easy to handle.

  • Dimensions

Not only the actual barbecue area should be of interest to you, but also the dimensions offered by the gas grill. So are particularly heavy models, which may even not even have roles, not so easy to transport, which is a disadvantage. Therefore, pay attention to an acceptable weight and the availability of practical wheels, if you want to store the grill optimally in the shed.

  • Power of the burners from the gas grill

In addition to the grilling surface and the general dimensions, you should, of course, pay attention to the performance and the number of burners that are available with your gas grill. As a rule, classic burners produce between 2 and 5 kW. In the models from the upper class, however, several burners are used, so that therefore also increases the performance. Keep in mind that with several burners, the grilling surface of the gas grill can be heated much more evenly, which also benefits the grilled food. So, for example, cook vegetables, fish or meat particularly gently or prepare the food individually, as you imagine.

  • features

Of course, depending on the gas grill, manufacturer and price range, you can count on different functions that the model has. So many manufacturers integrate convenient drip trays for the dripping of fat, which can also be taken out. This makes cleaning a lot easier and is definitely recommended as an equipment feature if you want to ensure comfortable handling and cleaning. At least as interesting are drawers in which you can store all the utensils you need for a barbecue. In this context, for example, baskets, barbecue skewers or the classic barbecue cutlery to mention.

Which gas grill is the best for you?

Now that you’ve got an overview of the most relevant criteria and features that a good gas grill should have, you’ll find enclosed help with suitable models that are recommended for each user. Read through the paragraphs below and find out which gas grill you can handle best.

    •  Gas grills for users who rarely want to grill

The majority of consumers rarely use a grill. Because of this, it does not make much sense if you resort to a gas grill from the professional department, which beats with a high price and is never used as often. Because of this, for occasional activities, it is much more advisable to buy a gas grill from the entry-level department. These models offer the advantage of the basic product category of gas grills, but are far from expensive and can usually be operated quite easily. Solid entry-level models are available for just over € 100, of which we have already presented a few details on this page.

    • Large gas grills suitable for families or groups

Of course, there is also a difference between the number of family members or the size of a group who would like to enjoy the barbecue food. If you often plan a barbecue for sociable groups, so you have to put on a model that offers a correspondingly large grill area for you. It is best to choose models with a grill area of at least 60 × 40 cm. Of course, these gas grills will cost a few euros more than the models that are suitable for beginners who would rather not resort to a barbecue.

    • Particularly professionally equipped gas grills for gourmets

With a gas grill from the entry-level segment, real grill professionals will never be happy. So if you already know that you like to grill a lot and enjoy all the benefits that such a gas grill offers you, you will definitely choose a model that offers many extras for you and a great taste experience of particular intensity for you She makes sure. Genuine professional models are available from just over € 1000 for you, offer a much better heat insulation and are usually also equipped with a thermometer, so you can dose the heat so well. Other features of such a gas grill are an infrared burner and sufficient drawers, for example, to store the barbecue cutlery well.

How many burners should the gas grill have exactly?

We recommend that you choose a gas grill that has at least two burners. This means that you can ensure that the corresponding grill surface can really be heated.

Are side cooking plates really necessary with a gas grill?

This is very common question users who are interested in a good gas barbecue. Basically, you should make sure that aside cooking plate can of course always be used well and is a prerequisite for many users. However, the side cooking plate is only necessary if you also use them accordingly. If you also like to prepare side dishes or sauces, then pay attention to the availability of such an accessory.

Which accessories do you really need for the gas grill?

The selection and variety of accessories for gas grills are generally always given. So you can spend hundreds of euros here, if you want to and have a budget. Especially important is a basic equipment, in which of course a good barbecue tong should not be missing. Keep in mind that the barbecue tongs are long enough and can be handled well in the hand. But a thermometer is also very important if your gas grill does not have this accessory. Reasonable grilling gloves that make sure you can handle hot items yourself, but you should always buy yourself when you put together an accessory kit for your gas grill.


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