10 Best Garden Hoses: Reviews and Buying Guide (2018)

For your perfect equipment for your hobby garden, a garden hose is essential. Whether you want to water your garden or use a high-pressure cleaner, a flexible garden hose is needed in the garden in many situations. From the length of the hose to the maximum pressure it has grown, there are many things to consider when buying. So that the constant rolling, unrolling and bending as well as adverse weather conditions cannot harm your garden hose, you should not save at the wrong end. But what distinguishes a high-quality garden hose that can provide you with outstanding service in your garden?

Top 10 Garden Hoses

What is a garden hose?

A garden hose is a flexible hose. This is used as a conduit to transport water to the desired location. A flexible garden hose is compatible with various connections. Thus, you can use a water hose not only for irrigating your garden but also together with your pressure washer. At the end of the hose, you can either attach a nozzle or a showerhead.  Accordingly, the water jet is bundled or distributed as a fine mist over a large area.

To connect your irrigation hose to a faucet, you need a tap connector. Also for a water connection outdoors such an essay is needed. In general, garden hoses are not only flexible and flexible but also extremely resistant and resistant to abrasion. Finally, your garden hose should not break instantly if you accidentally step on the hose in the garden.

Which garden hose to buy? Detailed garden hose purchase advice

Whether in green, yellow, orange or black, garden hoses are available in a wide variety of design variants. The look of your new garden hose is above all a matter of taste. Whether you purchase a garden hose to use for your square sprinkler or for your high-pressure washer, we’ll tell you below what quality criteria are important when buying this handy accessory for your garden:

  • As flexible as possible and yet resistant
  • UV-resistant, to counteract the formation of algae
  • The highest possible maximum bursting pressure to minimize the risk of unexpected bursting
  • The price of garden hose (per meter) – best to consider in garden hose comparison with the models of the competition
  • The length of the garden hose (also available as a garden hose in stretchable with a variable length)
  • Whether the garden hose can be cut flexibly
  • A drip-proof processing
  • The mark
  • A long life as possible
  • Customer opinions and independent test reports for the respective garden hose
  • Protection against knotting and kinking (resistance to twisting)
  • As abrasion resistant and sure-footed as possible
  • Pollutant-free – especially free of heavy metals and plasticizers
  • The type of material from which the garden hose was processed inside and outside (for example PVC or latex)
  • What accessories are included or separately available to match the garden hose – for example, a spray head or a useful garden hose cart
  • The length of the manufacturer’s warranty
  • The connection diameter (to suit your needs)

Also, pay attention to the hose diameter. While a 1 “diameter garden hose is the exception rather than the rule, a 1″ diameter water hose can be worth your while. Which garden hose diameter you should choose depends mainly on the desired application. It is best to keep the following rules of thumb in mind:

  1. An inner diameter of ½ inch is usually sufficient to better green areas in the hobby garden
  2. The larger the inner diameter, the harder the garden hose becomes
  3. In the case of large green areas, a tube with an inside diameter of the ¾ inch is recommended
  4. A garden hose with an inner diameter of 1 inch is mainly used in agriculture
  5. The larger the inner diameter is sized, the more water can flow through the garden hose

If you are concerned with the question “Garden hose – what to consider when buying?”, You should also keep in mind the temperature range for which the garden hose is approved. After all, you want to make sure that your garden hose cannot be damaged outside in the scorching summer heat and in icy cold winter temperatures. After all, it can quite happen that you forgot your garden hose in adverse weather conditions in the garden. This must not be a disaster just because your garden hose is not up to extreme temperature conditions.

Which garden hose size is recommended?

Most garden hoses for the home garden have an inside diameter of 12.5 to 13 millimeters, which corresponds to ½ inch. For the outer diameter of the common garden hoses on the market, there are greater differences because the different hoses of the leading manufacturers consist of different numbers of material layers. This will affect the outside diameter of your new garden hose accordingly. In terms of length, on the other hand, you can benefit from far more options. The length of your new garden hose should match the size of your garden and your needs. The following lengths are usually available:

  • 10 meters
  • 15 meters
  • 18 meters
  • 20 meters
  • 25 meters
  • 30 meters
  • 50 meters

You can also opt for a Flexi garden hose. As the name implies, a Flexi Wonder garden hose with a flexible length can impress you. For example, a stretchable garden hose is five meters long without water. If water flows through the hose, the length of such a hose widens up to 15 meters. This is very convenient for space reasons. Finally, you can save the garden hose in a flexible space-saving way. However, a Flexi Wonder hose is usually not as durable as a garden hose that can not change its length.

Finally, a flexible water hose must be disconnected from the tap after each use. Therefore, consider carefully whether you can really imagine a flex hose in the garden or better with a heavier, longer standard garden hose. If you opt for a Flexi garden hose, you can usually do without a horse cart or a hose reel.

How much is a garden hose?

The price of a garden hose depends on the length. You have the choice whether you want to grow a garden water hose by the meter or buy a water hose with a standard length. However, most standard garden hoses can be shortened later. As a rule, when buying a garden hose, you should expect to spend between € 0.75 and € 2 per meter of hose. Naturally, higher prices per meter are due for a reliable premium garden hose.

When does a garden hose burst?

Which garden hose can you use for high-pressure cleaners? Even if you ask yourself this question, you have to deal with the burst pressure of your garden hose. Not only for a spiral hose in the garden, but also for a hose for your high-pressure cleaner, the higher the bursting pressure, the more you can be sure of safety. The so-called burst pressure refers to the maximum pressure that your garden hose can withstand without it tearing or even bursting. Therefore, the burst pressure is also called Burst pressure indicated. The pressure is given in the bar. A bursting pressure of 20 to 30 bar is common.

Why should you necessarily buy a pollutant-tested garden hose?

Not all garden hoses were tested for harmful substances . Especially in households with children or pets, which are also in the garden on the road, but a pollutant-free garden hose offers. Only then can you fill drinking water with such a garden hose, for example in a paddling pool. That the drinking water is not contaminated by the pollutants of the hose is very important. After all, you will hardly be able to prevent your children or your dog from drinking the water from the paddling pool from time to time. It is also important in the irrigation of vegetables and fruits in the garden that no harmful substances on the hose into the soil and thus in your home-grown food reach. The only drawback: Pollutant tested garden hoses are usually more expensive to buy.

Well-known garden hose brands

The list of manufacturers offering solid garden hoses for you is extremely long. We would, therefore, like to help you with your individual garden hose comparison. For this reason, we have listed the most important garden hose manufacturers in the following for you:

  • bauhaus
  • Gardena
  • Flexi Wonder
  • Kärcher
  • Magic
  • jewel
  • Hornbach
  • Continental
  • jumbo
  • Carat
  • Carrera
  • QVC
  • Jardin
  • Norma
  • Neptune
  • Coop
  • Climax SMT
  • OBI
  • Conti From flex

Tips for handling your garden hose

In general, you can assume that about 1 8 liters of water per minute come out of your garden hose. Accordingly, you can figure out how long it will take until you have watered your entire garden with your garden hose. The larger the inner diameter of the hose, the more water flows through the hose. However, you should remember that you should always use a pollutant-tested hose for drinking water.

Most garden hoses are not suitable for transporting hot water. This should not be a problem in your garden in general. However, you may want to use your garden hose to fill your waterbed after a move with water. Therefore, it is extremely important that you either do not set the water temperature too high or use a garden hose that is also suitable for hot water.

How best to store your garden hose?

hose cart has been proven in most gardens to store a garden hose from a certain length. While this accessory may be negligible with a garden hose that is ten meters long, you can hardly handle a 50-meter long hose without the right retractor. In addition, the following tips have been proven in practice:

  1. Keep your garden hose in the winter best protected from frost inside, so that it can not become porous
  2. Store your hose protected from direct sunlight
  3. Always roll up your garden hose without any kinks or knots, otherwise, they would strain the material too much
  4. Practical garden hose holders can be easily mounted on a wall
  5. Corner scooters are available so that you can easily pull garden hoses around the corners of houses as well as various other obstacles without damaging the hoses

If you want to roll up your garden hose as quickly and easily as possible, it is best to lay the hose on the floor without twisting and kinking. Lay the hose in a spiral house shape. Now you can pick up the hose and hang it in the appropriate place or lie down unless you have a special garden hose reel.

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