10 Best Gaming Keyboards: Reviews and Buying Guide

Gaming keyboards are for real gamers – and those who want to be – an important tool. These keyboards are the connection between the gamer and the gaming computer. Computer gaming is about milliseconds and precision – and that’s exactly what the gaming keyboard brings.

Although many think that the keyboard is the same keyboard – it is not – at least in the gaming field. Gamers expect their keyboard to have configurable macro buttons and lighting that can be adjusted flexibly. Some of the gaming keyboards offer some additional features that delight the gamer world. What makes a good gaming keyboard and what differences there are in general with these gamer keyboards, we would like to introduce you to our comparison.

Top 10 Gaming Keyboards

What should a gaming keyboard do?

Of course, gamers have to make certain demands on the gamer keyboards – and they’re not that low. What does gamer expect from their special gaming keyboard?

  • A good gaming keyboard should be compatible with different computers and operating systems.
  • The gaming keyboard is characterized by the individual assignment of the keys.
  • At least some keys of the gaming keyboard should be individually programmable – with appropriate software from the manufacturer or directly from the keyboard.
  • As previously described, gamers expect high keyboard longevity in general. Many manufacturers also guarantee that the lettering on the buttons does not detach – even after many thousands of clicks. Mechanical gaming keyboards make it easy for 50 million attacks and more.

What types of gaming keyboards are there?

Gaming keyboards are available in various designs, with the mechanical gaming keyboard being the most popular keyboard among gamers.

With the mechanical gaming keyboard, each key has its own spring. This spring triggers the pressure point and then moves the button back to its starting position. It is not even important for the mechanical gamer keyboards that the key is completely depressed. The mechanism on some models works so well that the key only has to be pressed down halfway and it already reacts accordingly.

The advantage of mechanical gaming keyboards lies in the fact that several keys can be pressed simultaneously. The software registers every single key press, regardless of the number of concurrent commands.

The term key rollover has fallen on one or the other product description. So some of the gaming keyboards have a key rollover of 6 – that means 6 keys can be pressed simultaneously.

However, keyboards connected via USB only allow up to 6 simultaneous inputs. On the other hand, gaming keyboards with PS / 2 ports can process an infinite number of inputs. However, this type of connection is one of the older connection versions.

The technology of the mechanical Gamer keyboard is much more durable than the classic PC keyboards. Mechanical gamer keyboards are priced more expensive than, for example, the semi-mechanical gaming keyboards, which are also available in the gamer market.

These semi-mechanical gamer keyboards have no springs. On these keyboards, a rubber or silicone dome causes the key to returning to its original position after operation. These gaming keyboards are cheaper to buy but have some drawbacks to the mechanical gamer keyboards.

Another disadvantage that comes with the semi-mechanical gaming keyboards: the so-called key-ghosting. It is not possible to press several keys at the same time because neither the hardware nor the software is provided.

What should you look for when buying a gaming keyboard?

The quality should come first when buying a gaming keyboard. Just playing the keyboard requires a lot and that’s why you should bet on the right gaming keyboard right from the start.

In addition, the keys of the gaming keyboard should be individually assigned, so that you can react to certain games by pressing the appropriate key. The high-quality and good gaming keyboards can be individually programmed – partly by means of supplied software or directly via the keyboard.

Very good gaming keyboards give you the ability to swap key functions – such as the Logitech gaming keyboard, the Orion Spectrum G810, which we introduced as the last of the keyboards in our comparison.

The connection from the computer to the keyboard is – with the “real” gamers – over the USB cable, because of the reaction time by the direct connection opposite a cordless connection functions smoothly and without interruptions.

Purchase criteria such as the pressure point or the material can of course also play a role. Especially the pressure point of the gaming keyboard is often an important point when it comes to playing. Can the keys be pressed well, do they feel good and do the keys reliably return to their starting position?

The lighting, which is so typical of the gaming keyboards, can usually be adjusted and adjusted as desired. Whether this is to be called purchase criterion is the question. 
For some of the gaming keyboards, it is possible for each button to set the illumination, while for others it works only in blocks.

The gaming keyboards with RGB lighting have LEDs built in to support the individual keys. However, when purchasing the gaming keyboard, be sure to illuminate the keyboard key icons. In some keyboards, the spaces are illuminated, which is not really useful.

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