10 Best Futons: Reviews and Buying Guide

The futons carry it! Everyone is talking about them lately. And with the increasingly smaller departments, we need functional furniture, which serves more than one thing and hopefully can adapt to different environments or decorations if we want to change them from one space to another every so often. 

The futon fits perfectly into this description, but there are some important issues to keep in mind before choosing a futon because beware! They are not all the same.

The first thing to consider is that there are two types of futons. The original and genuine is a traditional Japanese bed that consists of a kind of cotton mattress, about 5 cm high, which is placed directly on the floor to sleep. In fact, the word “futon” means “bad” in Japanese. During the day the mattress is aerated, rolled up and stored in a closet so that the piece can be used for other things.

Top 10 Futons

What are you going to use it for? 
Obviously, if you are looking for a futon, it is because you have the idea of using it at some time to host guests. However, it is important to evaluate how often you are going to be a bed and how often you will be a couch. Depending on the main function that you establish you will have to choose a futon with some characteristics or others. If you want your futon to be mainly a sofa, you can choose, for example, a capstone-type design or an armrest to make it more comfortable when sitting.

However, if you are mainly fulfilling the function of a bed, you should look for a futon with a solid and comfortable structure to rest better, with sheets on the bottom and padded padding, not very hard.

Where will you put it? 
The futon can be installed anywhere in the house, from the living room to the children’s bedroom, even though the entrance hall.

Depending on where you are thinking about placing it, you will have to consider two things above all: size and color. If you want to have the freedom to move your futon from one room to another I advise you to opt for neutral colors that are easy to combine, such as the range of white, black or gray. You can always give it life with some fun cushions or even with a cover or a blanket. for many people, futons are simply utilitarian furniture, however, it does not have to be that way. There are futons with a lot of styles, with very careful designs and bold colors that make them the center of attention, why not? If you do not look at this one:

Do you want temporary furniture or for a lifetime? 
Your futon can become a base piece of your furniture and accompany you for many years. Choose simpler, timeless prints so they are easy to match and do not go out of style. It also prefers solid and durable materials, such as wood or leather. If, on the other hand, you look for temporary functionality, that is, a futon that helps you get out of a hurry, choose simpler, neutral and economical options that use lighter materials, such as aluminum and synthetic textiles. You can also dare a little more with the prints and colors.


Buying at FutoniaShop is easy and safe. It is not necessary that you create an account in advance or that you register anywhere.

Our website has been designed with you in mind, to provide you with simple, intuitive and pleasant navigation.

1) Browse the web and choose the products you want to buy.

All our products are designed so that they can combine with each other. Let yourself be guided, the page will show them to you. To know the “Price” of an item, you must first select the size. The page will guide you and show you how to select the “Type of wood” and the “Cover”. By opening the window “See colors of wood” you can visualize the different possibilities and finishes of wood.

By opening the “Fundas” window a sample of the available fabrics will be displayed. As you choose your futon and your bed, a series of suggestions about suitable complements to your selection will appear. Just one click and the add-on is yours. Relax and enjoy the process

2) Select your product and add it to the “cart”.

We make it very easy for you. Choose the measure that suits you best in your bed and futon and with just one click, it’s yours. The page has been designed to provide simple, intuitive and pleasant navigation. As you choose your futon and your bed, you will see a series of suggestions on suitable complements to your selection and a link that will take you to the corresponding section. Your comfort is our priority.

3) Enter your contact information.

Fill in the form with the requested information and we will send you your order. No need to register, or sign up, or use passwords. We want to make it very easy for you. Enjoy the process Include your phone number and the address where you wish to receive your order.

4) The payment process:

You can choose the payment method that best suits your needs:

Credit or debit card


Wire transfer

If you choose a card or PayPal we will automatically receive authorization for payment and process your order by sending you a confirmation email and an approximate delivery date.

5) On-line security:

Your card and your personal data are protected when they are sent over the Internet. While you are making the payment you will deal directly with the bank. This interaction is protected with the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology standard.

6) Shipping conditions:

Our delivery time is between 7 and 15 days after the order confirmation. When your order is ready we will contact you by phone or email to confirm the address and delivery date. Beds and sofas are delivered perfectly packed. They are accompanied by clear instructions for a simple and quick assembly. The approximate assembly times are provided on the website in the information of each model.

The futons are delivered folded inside a plastic bag. Other mattresses, by their characteristics, come unfolded and packaged in plastic bags.

7) Transportation costs:

All shipments are free with the following exceptions: Up to € 199 of purchase will be paid an extra € 10 for the Peninsula and € 20 for the Balearic Islands for shipping. Up to € 399 purchase will be paid an extra € 20 for the Peninsula and € 40 for the Balearic Islands for shipping. For orders over € 400, postage is free with the exception of the Balearic Islands where an extra € 50 will be charged for each € 500 purchase.

Once the delivery date has been confirmed and the items leave our warehouse there must be a person to receive the order, otherwise, if we had to repeat the delivery on a new date this could generate additional costs.

8) Promotions and Discounts

The products presented in our online catalog can be part of an offer or promotion that have reduced prices for a specific period of time or until the end of the stock. Futonia.com does not commit to process the order if the purchase is made outside the deadline for a certain promotion or when there are no more stocks.

9) Shipping tracking:

At any time you can send us an email requesting information about the status of your order. You can also call us during business hours.

10) Damages during transportation:

Our packages are conveniently reviewed before proceeding with their delivery. If upon receiving it you find significant damage to the package, do not accept it and ask the courier to return them to us. Any damage discovered after opening the package must be communicated by e-mail or telephone immediately since we only have 24 hours to make the claim to the carrier. We can not accept liability for claims made after that time.

11) Returns:

The intention to return any of our items must be communicated to us within 7 days after delivery. All returned items must be packed to the same standard. You must also include a letter specifying the reasons for the return. If having received your order in good condition and for any reason, you decide to return it will be subject to the following expenses: The cost of collection and transport to our warehouses. Futon will organize the collection by messenger and will specify the day of collection. The refund of the purchase will be processed after receipt and inspection of the returned product and will be notified by phone or email.

For the type of product, we can not accept the return of mattresses that have been used, and only a defect in its manufacture will be accepted as a reason for return.

12) Guarantee:

All our products have a two-year warranty.

In Homy there are futons for all tastes. Take a look around the site, you will surely find one for you!

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