10 Best Flea Collars For Dogs: Reviews and Buying Guide

Enjoying pets at home is much more enjoyable if you can be sure or confident that they are well cared for and free of parasites. Therefore, in this guide, we bring you the most up-to-date information so you can discover the best flea collars.

Ticks, fleas … pets are exposed to a lot of parasites, no matter how clean they are and even if they never leave the city. Preventing them from having infections of this type is good for them as well as for humans who live with animals. Precisely for this reason, we are going to present you the best flea collars. What will you find in this guide?

So that you can forget the risks posed by mosquitoes, fleas and other insects on your pet, the flea collars offer reinforced protection against all these types of risks. Products that have evolved to offer more effective protection and that even avoid the problems that usually occur with some products of the previous generation, capable of causing allergies. If we search the market we will find products such as the MagicHome Antiparasitic necklace. A product with high effectiveness that lasts for six months and that protects your dog against any threat it may face. If you are looking for a natural alternative you can choose the model Zotal 25970-01, which has 100% natural products, without PVC or other toxic elements, is ideal for dogs of high sensitivity, which may be affected by other traditional products.

Top 10 Flea Collars For Dogs

What is the best flea collar of 2019?

Protecting your pet against any aggression is the key to good health. A task in which to fight against insects and other parasites is still important and in which cheap models may not be enough.

Since we all want the best for our little furry ones, knowing which is the best flea collar you can offer will surely be interesting to you. A job in which the wide range can hinder the process, so knowing the best flea collars of 2019 will surely make everything much easier.

How to choose a flea collar? Characteristics to the value before buying

The presence of fleas and ticks in pets is harmful to both them and humans. That is why it is important to keep the animals protected during the times of the year when these parasites are most common. But to achieve good protection results you have to take into account several things:

1. type of insects against those that protect.

2. Feature 2   to keep in mind: necklace dimensions.

3. Feature 3   to be taken into account: protection time.

Types of insects against those that protect

Fleas are a great enemy for dogs and cats, but they are not the only parasites that can attack them, others like ticks are also quite frequent and can even be dangerous. That is why most collars of this type offer protection against several insects. Some models even offer protection against mosquitoes to prevent the spread of leishmaniasis.

Dimensions of the necklace

The collar must adapt well to the neck of the animal both in its length and in its thickness. If it fits too tight it will hurt you, while if it is too lose it can be removed and you could even get intoxicated with it if you can bite it.

Most of the models that are on the market are adjusted to various measures, the only thing that must be done is to cut the collar to the desired dimensions. However, if you have a large dog you have to make sure that the collar is long enough to surround your neck.

Protection time

The flea collars offer protection for periods that usually go from six to eight months. But in the case of collars that protect against several insects the protection is not the same in all cases, so you have to be vigilant. A collar can offer protection against fleas for six months and against ticks for four months, all depends on the active ingredients and their rapid release on the animal’s coat.

What is the best flea collar on the market?

The protection of our pet is a key issue, both for your own health and that of our family. And it is that although it does not seem it, the diseases of our dog or cat can happen to the humans, so it agrees to take extreme precautions to take care of our animal. A job in which having the tips of our guide to buying the best flea collar is a smart decision. Let’s see what issues we should look at.

Shopping guide

Basic functions of the product

For a long time the antiparasitic collars had been raised, almost exclusively, to fight against fleas. Luckily today any good and economic flea collar have a much more advanced system that improves protection against other threats such as mosquitoes, which are the main vehicle transmitting leishmaniasis as well as other serious diseases for your pet.

To perform this task of protection we can have all kinds of formulas, separate for dogs and cats, so it should be careful depending on the type of pet we have and its measures, as we will see below. Something important not only for comfort but because the doses of these products are adjusted depending on the size of the pet.

In any case, these are the basic functions that we can find in any product, regardless of how much it costs or its exterior design, so basic protection is guaranteed. If it is true that some models incorporate elements of additional protection that can be practical in areas with high intensity of mosquitoes or other threats, although as we will see in the last section, it is convenient to also take into account the formulation of the product and its intensity.

Measurements and dimensions of the collar

Since not all dogs have the same dimensions, when looking for a collar it is necessary that we bet on models adjusted precisely to the specific needs of our pet. Something that is simple among other things, because we can have all kinds of measurements and dimensions or sizes when choosing.

In this case, the usual measures tend to range from size S collars to those of size L. S size models have a diameter of around 40 centimeters, being suitable for small dogs. The medium models extend this size to 50 centimeters, while the larger products have a diameter of about 60 centimeters.

As is usual in all pet products, it is convenient to bet on next size models if you have any doubt, since it is always preferable to bet on larger sizes to have a product that is too small and could harm the pet. In any case, the products are adjustable, having some margin when choosing the most appropriate model and offering comfort to our pet.

Formulation of the product

Although it is the last aspect that we are going to comment, the formulation of the product is really important for both you and your pet. Partly because the formula of the product affects the environment, being necessary to bet on safe products for you and your family. And also because some animals have some intolerance to the most common substances against pests, being in this case necessary to bet on different products.

In any case, it is true that, if you can choose an antiparasitic collar with a natural formulation, it will always be better for everyone. The boom of this type of products is considerable, as more and more owners are concerned precisely about the effects of the old models. Therefore, the prices of these products have dropped, keeping in parallel the necessary security for the product to be effective.

Another important aspect of this formulation is the effectiveness or the time of use of the product. In any comparison of anti-parasitic collars that we read or do, we will see how the effectiveness time is talked about.

A period in which the product maintains its capacity to take care of your pet and that can go from a couple of weeks or a month to three or even six months in the most intensive products. Be that as it may, it is key not to forget the time of effectiveness so that you can change it when necessary.


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