10 Best Flashlights: Reviews and Buying Guide

A flashlight is your reliable companion when traveling in the wilderness, camping and at home. Even in the glove compartment of your car, you should always have such a mobile light source with you in order to be able to orientate yourself in the dark in an emergency. From the classic flashlight to the headlamp or headlamp, there are different variants. In addition to the popular LED flashlight, you can also grab a black light flashlight or a Cree LED flashlight.

Top 10 Flashlights

What is a flashlight?

A flashlight is usually a small and handy light source, which is not dependent on the power supply and is suitable for mobile use. The name “flashlight” is due to the fact that you can ideally stow the lamp in each bag and carry with you. Whether this is the handbag, jacket pocket or even trouser pocket, depends on the model. There are both mini flashlights and comparatively large versions.

As already indicated, your energy does not come from the socket. It is powered by either batteries or a battery. This means that, for example, it can also be used as a reliable emergency lighting in the event of a power failure. Also, if you have a car breakdown in the dark, you’re a dependable helper. Therefore, a flashlight should not be missing in any glove compartment. It is important that you charge the battery regularly or check the batteries and replace them if necessary.

The flashlight offers a high degree of flexibility and it can be used for all sorts of activities, for example in the outdoor area. It is your companion for night walks, night cycling or climbing. When camping, a flashlight should always be there. But even if you want to perform various tasks in low light conditions, without a fixed light source is in the vicinity, the flashlight is used.

How is a flashlight constructed?

Flashlights are characterized by the fact that they are usually rather elongated. In the front part of the slender device, which is usually cone-shaped, is located behind a roundish glass, the light source. In the old days it used to be a classic light bulb, meanwhile, the LED flashlight is very common.

In the middle part, which is often round in shape, you will usually find the compartment in which you need to insert the batteries or rechargeable batteries. The compartment can be opened and closed using a mechanism that varies from flashlight to flashlight. The opening can be placed laterally, but also at the lower end of the tube. Make sure that you insert the batteries or rechargeable batteries in the correct position.

The switches for controlling the flashlight are normally located on the side of the elongated tube. Depending on the model, the various functions can often be controlled with only one or a few switches. A flashlight can be made of plastic or metal . Especially aluminum is very common nowadays and ensures a high degree of robustness.

How does a flashlight work?

When it comes to the function of a flashlight, it is important to distinguish between the classic version with a built-in light bulb and modern LED flashlights. The bulb is equipped with a conductor and a contact, which is connected by the light panel to the upper part of the battery. The lower part of the battery, on the other hand, is connected to a contact in the lower part of the device. This creates a circuit that you can open and close by pressing the on / off switch on the flashlight. This means nothing more than turning the lights on and off.

A luminous floor beneath the light bulb with a mirror surface ensures even more intense luminosity of the classic flashlight. Depending on the model, you may need to use multiple batteries to ensure operation of the lamp. If you have opted for a modern LED flashlight, then here it is the LEDs that provide a bright, bright light. Here, a special reflection system is used. The more LEDs installed, the higher the luminosity.

Which flashlight is the best choice?

The question of all questions is by nature: which is the best flashlight? When answering them, the deciding factor is undoubted which scales you personally apply to such a device and what your expectations are. While one would like to have a light and cheap flashlight as possible, the other has very specific functions or characteristics. To orient yourself and find out what will be crucial to your buying decision, consider the following questions:

  1. What light output should the flashlight have?
  2. Which lighting range do you need?
  3. How long should the burn time be?
  4. Should the power be supplied by batteries or a rechargeable battery?
  5. Do you want the flashlight to be waterproof?
  6. Should the device be as light and compact as possible?
  7. Do you care about special modes like an SOS or stroboscope function?
  8. What should be the main purpose?
  9. How much money do you want to spend?

Flashlight – which manufacturer is there?

Flashlights are made today by many different manufacturers. The range on the market is correspondingly broad. From very cheap entry-level models to high-priced devices for professional rescue teams, everything is available. Among other things, the following brands you will encounter again and again when it comes to flashlights:

  • anchor
  • MagLite
  • LE
  • Fenix
  • Varta
  • Walther

Other leading manufacturers include Foursevens, Olight, Coast, ThruNite or Streamlight. If you want to buy a flashlight at a very low cost, it certainly pays to look for no-name products that are not necessarily worse.

What types of flashlights are there?

When it comes to flashlights, various distinctions can be made, such as when it comes to the design, the material used or even the light source. Particularly popular are the classic flashlights, which you can buy in all imaginable sizes, designs, and colors. Some have a hand belt, others do not. An alternative to the flashlight is the so-called hand lamps, which are significantly larger and also have much to offer in terms of light output. Characteristic of these devices is a handle for particularly comfortable transport and safe use. Some flashlights can only be operated with batteries or rechargeable batteries – but in most cases both variants are possible.

How much is a flashlight?

As with most products, so is the flashlights an immense price range given. While you can buy simple models already for about 10 euros, there is hardly a limit to the top. Thus, high-quality branded flashlights can sometimes cost several hundred euros. In order to have good quality, however, you do not necessarily have to spend so much money.

Often a low-cost model already fulfills its purpose, whereby of course it always depends on what you want to do with the flashlight. As a rule, the cheapest variants are also used for purely domestic use. If you want a powerful LED flashlight for outdoor activities and more, then you should find in the price range of 30 to 80 € with security.

How many lumens should the flashlight have?

An important aspect when buying a flashlight is the brightness. This is stated in lumens. A good guideline when it comes to a LED flashlight for home use is around 500 lumens. This value should be sufficient even for some outdoor activity. If you want to be on the safe side and make no compromises when it comes to outdoor use, then choose a model with at least 1000 lumens.

Which lighting range is recommended?

A basic answer to the question “which light range is recommended?” Can hardly be given. As always, what matters most is what you plan to do with your future flashlight. If the device is to be used only in your own four walls, a low light range is sufficient. On the other hand, if you want to use the flashlight for outdoor activities such as hiking or even cycling, then you should already see that the lighting range is slightly larger. With a range of 200 to 500 meters headlamp range (also known as beam width), you are already in a very good range. Some models even shine up to 700 meters.

Battery or batteries – what’s better?

When it comes to the power source of a flashlight, basically only two variants come into question: either the device is equipped with one or more batteries or with a rechargeable battery. But which of these alternatives is the better choice?

It depends on what is most important to you. If you want to get a particularly good light output, powerful batteries offer. If, on the other hand, you would rather consume less power and do not burden the environment more than necessary, then rechargeable batteries are the best choice for you.

When choosing the flashlight, you should pay close attention to the power source that the device can be operated with. Because some devices work only with batteries or a battery. However, today there are more and more flashlights where both are possible and you can make your own individual decision.

Online or in retail – where to buy the flashlight?

You can buy your new flashlight in many different ways. Either you go to a specialist store or electronics market in your area, or you look around the Internet, what the numerous online shops in this regard for you. Even in the supermarket or discounter, you can sometimes find it, if there are just appropriate offers and special sales promotions.

The more money you want to spend on your flashlight, the more important it is that you inform yourself in advance and deal with the matter. You can do this on the one hand in the specialized trade, where ideally a competent salesman or a competent saleswoman will assist you and explain the advantages and disadvantages of individual models in detail. However, you have to assume that you will usually pay a slightly higher price in the store.

However, if you prefer the Internet, you have the best options for making a comprehensive flashlight comparison. we present you some selected models and you will find the cheapest price online in a jiffy. So if you know exactly what you want, the online shopping option is definitely more time-saving, convenient and almost always cheaper. Also, the advice and the service in the net have become steadily better and many shops offer you support by E-Mail or even on the telephone.

What is a blacklight flashlight?

In addition to the classic torch for everyday use and special models such as professional rescue teams, there is also a very special variant: the black light flashlight. It is also referred to as a UV flashlight. But what is such a device suitable for?

Above all, the black light flashlight is used in geocaching. But there are other uses. Here we have briefly summarized the most important fields for you:

  • ideal for geocaching
  • for pet owners
  • for checking documents

Especially for geocachers, a UV flashlight is virtually indispensable. It should be as robust as possible for outdoor use and, above all, waterproof. If you have pets, you can use such a lamp, for example, urine traces of animals visualize in order to eliminate them better. When buying, pay attention to the so-called wavelength. Generally speaking, blacklight flashlights are reasonably priced but limited in their applications.

What is a focusable LED flashlight?

Another special case is focusable LED flashlights. The main thing here is that the light beam can be precisely adjusted or focused. If you are interested in a focusable LED flashlight, you can choose from the following model variants:

  • Thrower
  • Flooder
  • Allrounder

A thrower is a flashlight that is designed to illuminate distances as large as possible. The spot of the light cone is therefore comparatively small here, but all the more focused. Headlights of 300 meters are not uncommon in a Thrower. Often the lights shine even further. The disadvantage is the rather narrow beam of light. Even the near range is lit rather poorly in such a model.

If you opt for a flooded, you will receive a flashlight that will illuminate wide areas evenly. The focus here is, therefore, more on the near area, which should be illuminated as far as possible on a broad front. The disadvantage of this variant is the rather poor range in the distance. For example, a flooded flashlight is perfect for work or walks in the dark.

If you are not sure, just choose an Allrounder Flashlight. With that, you get a middle-thing. Both in terms of width and width, these models provide a decent result.

Who invented the flashlight?

As self-evident as the flashlight is nowadays part of our everyday life, it was so revolutionary at its market launch. But who actually invented this practical utensil? As the inventor of the flashlight, the Englishman David Misell applies, as the year of the invention is 1899 specified. Mizell sold his patent to the American Electrical Novelty and Manufacturing Company, now known as Energizer. In 1906, the German Paul Schmidt also filed a patent for a battery-powered flashlight.

Flashlight apps or classic flashlight?

Whether for Android smartphones or the iPhone – in recent years, flashlight apps have spread at breakneck speed. But what is to be kept? Are these applications really a serious alternative to the classic flashlight? Or do you have to consider it as a gimmick? It is probably ultimately a question of faith and the truth is somewhere in between, as always.

For easy, occasional home use, the apps, many of which you can download for free to your mobile device, are certainly sufficient. Especially if you are looking for a reliable light source for outdoors, keep in mind that such a highly sensitive smartphone is anything but sturdy. Here you should definitely put on a “real” flashlight. Another aspect is without question data protection. Here you never know exactly which apps are used by the developers and what they are used for. With an “old school” flashlight you drive safer in this regard.

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