10 Best Eyelash Curlers: Reviews and Buying Guide

Do not you still have this beauty product in your bag? The eyelash curlers are an easy-to-use instrument that allows us to curl the eyelashes, in order to obtain more curved but also higher eyelashes.

Eyelash curlers are a must with which you can turn your look to make it bigger and your eyes are more highlighted, especially very useful for people who have rather short eyelashes. 

In The Best 5, the only intelligent recommender of Internet products, we want to save you time in the search and money in the purchase, so that you can make your purchases online with just one click. Thus, thanks to artificial intelligence and big data, our algorithm is able to read in real time the opinions on the Mac tabbed curler or other brands of hundreds of users who have bought this product before you. 

In this way we can offer you a comparison with the best eyelash curler so you can choose between the 5 most valued, as well as in which online stores you can get them at the best price. In this purchasing guide, we will see some features that you must take into account before choosing yours, including the rubber or the opening, in addition to the types of eyelash curlers that exist and some tricks to use them correctly. We start!

Top 10 Eyelash Curlers

How to choose a good eyelash curler?

Eyelash curlers are a must of beauty that cannot be lacking in your dressing table, so you should always opt for a quality product before launching yourself to buy any Mercadona eyelash curler or another non-specialized commercial surface.

But is it bad to use an eyelash curler every day? There is a false belief that curlers spoil lashes, however, if they are used well the health of our lashes is not in danger. You can never curl the lashes after applying the mask, even if it is the best mascara that exists since it hardens them and with the curler, they could split.

Before we see how we should use the eyelash curler, we will look at some factors or characteristics that we must consider before buying the Full or Half Lash Curler from MAC or another model that we have heard about.

Types of eyelash curlers

In the market, we can find a curler eyelash Mac, Kiko, or Sephora among other brands recognized in the world of beauty and makeup. It is important that we take into account some elements such as rubber, responsible for giving the curved shape, and opening, which will be important in terms of ease of use. The most common types of eyelash curlers are: 

Metal eyelash curlers

They are manufactured with a metallic filament and a rubber that will be responsible for applying the pressure with which to curl the lashes. They are the most common and known, being their appearance similar to that of scissors. 

Plastic eyelash curlers

Its operation is the same as that of metal, although instead of being a metal edge the handle is more ergonomic to be made of plastic. This material does not confer better or worse curvature, but it can be more comfortable at the time of use. 

Clip-type eyelash curlers

This type of curlers are also made of a metallic material, but unlike the model that we have already mentioned, these clip-type curlers are used to curl the eyelashes located on the outside of the eye and thus lengthen the look. 

Thermal eyelash curlers

If you are looking for the best thermal eyelash curler you will have to read in your instructions that the temperature never exceeds 37 degrees, or that when it reaches the optimum temperature, keep it warm and turn off when it is higher than the recommended temperature. 

With the new models of thermal eyelash curlers, it is no longer necessary to wait for a long time, but in just half a minute the appliance will have reached the necessary temperature to achieve a much longer lasting curling effect. 

Permanent eyelash curler

In this case, it is a small flexible sheet or curler on which a special product of fixing or treatment for eyelashes is applied. Thanks to this type of permanent gel eyelash curlers we get an effect that lasts about a month. 

Size of eyelash curlers

Although you do not believe there are curlers of tabs of different sizes and is that the fundamental thing is that the curler takes all the tabs. You can get better usability but also avoid and the most common problem of clamping the eyelid during the process. 

To curl the straight and uniform tabs you just have to choose one that has a sufficiently wide slot to fit all the tabs with ease, so there is no other alternative to compare between the technical specifications of each product and brand.  Also agree that you fix the angle of inclination of the clamp since not only the look but the expression of the whole face can change with an unfortunate angle of eyelashes. 

Grip or handle of eyelash curlers

As we have seen most of the eyelash curlers that we found are of the metallic or scissor-shaped type. These have two holes like the scissors where you put your fingers and grab the curler. 

Others like plastic eyelash curlers do not have this type of grip, designed so that the curling iron does not escape and we can hurt the eyelid or eye. However, some have an ergonomic area or an anti-slip pad on their handle to prevent precisely this type of accident. 

In this sense, it is also worth evaluating the angle of opening of the curling iron since there are some models in which it is more difficult to put the hand to handle them easily and comfortably. 

Eyelash curler rubber

Lashes for eyelash curlers are like the seat belt for the car since without them there would be no protection between the metal part and the eyelid. To not feel uncomfortable with the curling iron you should choose a rubber that is neither too hard nor too soft. 

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