10 Best Epilators: Reviews and Buying Guide

Anyone who regularly strips their legs, underarms and bikini line knows how time-consuming and laborious this can be – especially when the hairs regrow fast. Good that there are ways to stay hair and stubble for several weeks. One of these possibilities is the epilation, so the plucking of body hair directly to the root.

Below we want to introduce some good epilators and perform a detailed epilator comparison. In the guidebook, you will then learn all sorts of trivia related to the epilation and find out how to find the best epilator for your individual needs.

Top 10 Epilators

Hair removal has a long tradition

The fascination of smooth skin that shines through the absence of hair is not a new phenomenon. Already in ancient times, people have found ways and means to get rid of the unpleasant hair. Of course, the methods of that time had nothing in common with today’s possibilities, but even then people were very creative in this regard. The earliest shaving tools included, for example, cut stones, knives made of rock or sharpened shells and shark teeth.

In South America, there were finds that prove that the people of the past not only scraped their hair but plucked it on a large scale. The ancient Egyptians shaved with knives made of copper or even gold, and the Greeks and Romans use shaving stones to make shaves.

Over time, the methods of hair removal have become more diverse and mature. It has been a long road to today’s epilators and it is to be expected that development is far from over in the present day.

How do epilators work?

The functioning of epilators is explained quickly. Instead of cutting off hair like shaving, epilators pluck the body hair directly from the root. Visually, many epilators are reminiscent of electric razors, but they work completely differently. Inside an Epilierkopfes several rollers are arranged side by side, which are brought by the engine of the device to rotate.

Each roller consists of a system of springs and discs that rotate. As you know it from tweezers, the hair is raised and plucked out individually. Since there are many such tweezers inside an epilation head, numerous hairs along with the root are removed with one passage. The wider the attachment is, the more hair is eliminated per pass and the faster the user is done.

What types of epilators are there?

Even if you may not imagine that with such devices – there are many variations of epilators and just as versatile is the equipment of such devices. Here is a brief overview of the possibilities:

  • Battery or AC adapter: Not all epilators are battery-powered – and those who own a battery are not all suitable for underwater use. This is one of the most striking differences in the epilators because in this regard there are clear individual preferences for the users.
  • Legs or bikini area: Not every epilator is equally suitable for every body region. Especially wide attachments are best used for large epilation on the legs. Narrower epilator heads with smaller tweezers, on the other hand, are intended for the bikini area and the hair under the armpits. As far as such epilators are concerned, they are available both in the form of an attachment that you use instead of the broad epilator head and in the form of separate mini-epilators.
  • Epilation and massage at the same time: Many of the higher-quality epilators are equipped with massage heads that massage the skin when plucking the hair and make the procedure more pleasant. Other options for such devices include scrubs, pedicures and deep massages that stimulate blood circulation. 
    Additional lighting complacent? Some epilator models are equipped with a light that illuminates the skin area. So you can be sure in all lighting conditions that you do not overlook the smallest hairs.
  • One or more speeds: differences between epilators are also that they have either one or two-speed levels. At the touch of a button or with a slider, the user selects between the fast and slow rotation of the rollers. Professionals should reach a stage, while for beginners and people with sensitive skin, two stages are beneficial.

Epilators for Men – Are There Differences to Ladies Epilators?

Even if it often seems and even if the advertising gives us something else, there are not any special epilators for men. Or. These do not differ in their functionality and performance of the devices that are referred to as ladies epilator.

The design, however, is usually significantly different from the devices for women. Pink, purple and floral patterns will probably be less common among male epilators. In addition, men usually attach greater importance to trimmers and shaving attachments, so that this accessory is present in the vast majority of male epilators.

How painful is epilation?

How unpleasant an epilation is depended on different factors. There is, for example, the individual pain sensation or the tolerance threshold for the Zipper. Of course, you can feel the removal of the hair more clearly than it is the case with wet shaving, for example, but not everyone feels the same pain.

Another factor is the question of how often one has already epilated. The first epilation usually hurts the most. With each treatment, the Ziepen decreases as the skin gradually get used to the procedure more and more.

Furthermore, the skin type also plays an important role. Someone with sensitive skin will find the epilation process more painful than the one with less sensitive skin. In addition, depending on the sensitivity of the skin, redness can be seen on the epilated areas. However, these disappear after some time and are less visible with each procedure.

Importantly, of course, the quality of the epilator. As you can see above, depending on the model, there are differences in the number and nature of the tweezers, as well as in the selection of features that ensure that epilation is as gentle as possible.

You should pay attention to this when epilating

There are many things that you can consider before, during and after the epilation procedure to make hair removal particularly effective and painless. We have compiled the most important tips at a glance.

Before epilation:

  • Most high-quality epilators can hold hair from a length of 0.5 mm. However, the most accessible are hairs from a length of 2 mm. So if you want a particularly long-lasting smooth skin, wait until the hair is long enough.
  • Especially with the first treatments with the epilator, redness can occur on the depilated body regions. Therefore, it may take a while for these regions to be socially acceptable. Keep this in mind when choosing the time to epilate.
  • Even if you feel more relaxed after showering or bathing, it is best to cool the skin before starting the procedure. Cold ensures that the skin is less sensitive to the pulling out of the hair and that the procedure is much more painless than with warm skin.

During epilation:

  • It is best to slowly pull the device over the skin, avoiding jerky movements.
  • Hold the epilator at 90 ° to the point you are currently epilating. This ensures that the maximum number of hairs per pass can be recorded.
  • Tighten the area of the skin that you want to epilate with your free hand so that the device can easily glide over it.
  • Always move the epilator up against the direction of hair growth. In this way, you ensure that the treatment is effective and painless.

After epilation:

  • To minimize redness or even prevent it, apply a nourishing and soothing lotion to the skin after epilation.

The alternatives for epilation in the overview

Body hair can not only be removed by epilation – and there are many other ways to get rid of the annoying hairs. Let’s take a closer look at the alternatives to hair removal and find out what advantages and disadvantages these have over epilators:

wet shave

Using a wet shaver, cut off the hair on the top of the hair root using the sharp blades of such equipment. Unlike epilation, wet shaves are painless right from the start. However, the hair grows noticeably after the next day. Such hair removal is thus much more necessary and therefore much more time to consume than the removal with an epilator.


Who removes his hair with wax, as well as the epilation ensures that they are pulled out together with the root. However, heating the wax is much more complicated than using an epilator, and the wax, which sticks to the skin, has to be removed at times laboriously. Basically, after the hair removal with wax, a wash is needed, which is not necessarily the case with the epilator.

depilatory creme

The hair removed with cream are gone a little longer than with wet shaving, but not as long as in the epilation. After just a few days, the first stubble is noticeable. In addition, the creams often smell unpleasant and can cause skin irritation.

Light impulse epilator

Epilators that work with light can cause the hair to disappear permanently. Such devices work painless, but are expensive and must also be used several times, as it is not done with treatment.

Find the best epilator? – Purchase criteria in the overview

Already in our epilator comparison, you could see that you have many options to choose from when looking for a good epilator. So, not every model will suit every requirement, and you can not get around an individual product comparison if you want to find an epilator that will keep you satisfied for a long time to come.

But how does an effective, individual product comparison succeed? One way is to define your own requirements and use these criteria to find a product that best meets your needs. So ask yourself the following questions and find an epilator model that’s made for you:

  • Which body parts do I want to epilate? If you are looking for a facial epilator, you may consider a completely different model than, for example, epilating the legs. No matter if big or small – a swiveling epilation head is definitely an advantage because it follows the contours of the body and makes the epilation fast and uncomplicated.
  • How well is the device processed? This aspect says something about the longevity of an epilator – and how pleasant and effective a procedure will be. The best way to find something in the reviews of other buyers and in comparisons like ours out.
  • How many tweezers does the epilator head have? Compare the number of tweezers included in the attachment. The more they are, the more hair they get rid of with each pass and the faster you are done. The material from which the tweezers were made also plays a role. There are specially roughened tweezers, which grasp the hair even better and eliminate more of them per run.
  • Do I want to use the epilator underwater? Basically, epilation in the water is painless, but the devices with the power supply are equipped with all sorts of features that reduce the pain when pulling out. Thus, this aspect mainly depends on the personal preferences of the user.
  • Do I need extras like scrub and massage pads? Of course, such extras are quite practical, but the more of them are present, the more expensive is usually an epilator set. So weigh up what you absolutely need and how much you want to spend on such a device.
  • Do I need a trimmer and razor? Such essays can be very useful, especially when it comes to not epilating the bikini area, but just trimming it. Also for the face can be used such an equipped device and thus offer a very wide range of possibilities.

How much should a good epilator cost?

This depends not least on what you expect from your epilator. As mentioned above, the price also depends on how many features and extras such a device is equipped with. In the lower price ranges, there are already models from 20 euros. However, we do not recommend this because, due to their low quality, such designs usually do more harm than good and generally break down quickly.

Of course, there are also very cheap models, which also have a lot to offer. However, in these cases, you should restrict yourself to manufacturers who have made a name for themselves by the high quality of their products.

If you want to play it safe, opt for a model that costs about 40 euros. Of course, there are much more expensive designs, and these are often accompanied by a whole army of extras and accessories.

Care and Cleaning – So the epilator remains in top condition for a long time

It is very easy to maintain epilators and cleaning is also done quickly. For most epilators, the manufacturer adds a small cleaning brush. With this, you brush off the little hairs easily from the attachment. Alternatively, it is possible to clean the articles under running water.

A cleanser is usually not required – and should you use one, make sure it is a gentle remedy that will not damage the tweezers or attachments. Also wet the rollers regularly with a little oil, making sure that the device is still as good as new.

These manufacturers offer good epilators

There are numerous manufacturers who promise only the best results and the most functions with their epilators. But not all of them can meet the ever increasing standards of hair removal. Some manufacturers, on the other hand, are known for the high quality of their products, and some of them are a little closer to you:

  • Braun: The name Braun has always stood for quality and performance. This is no different with the epilators of the manufacturer, which is already known worldwide for its shavers. Not only the high quality speaks for the brand Braun, but also the diverse selection in all product categories. For example, you will find epilators for beginners, as well as multipart sets for professional epilation. For every budget and every need, there is the right Braun Epilator.
  • Philips: Philips is another quality brand. The Dutch electronics company has also launched a portfolio of high-quality epilators. The palette ranges from small bikini epilators to sets in which a variety of essays are available. Together, all models have flawless functionality, effective hair removal and long life.
  • Remington: Remington is a US manufacturer specializing in hair care, styling and hair removal products. This expertise is also evident in the manufacturer’s products. Impeccable workmanship, uncomplicated and safe handling, and a host of features at an excellent price are the hallmarks of Remington epilators. The price range of the Remington epilators is between 39 euros and 99 euros – so there is plenty of flexibility in this regard as well.
  • Panasonic: Also the Japanese electronics concern Panasonic should be mentioned at this point, as well as the devices of this manufacturer have much to offer. The provider currently has five models in the range and with prices starting at € 69.95 they are among the more expensive models. In return, users get products that deliver on their promises and serve well for a long time.
  • Rowenta: Rowenta epilators are likely to appeal to Epilier starters. They are very easy to handle and offer a high level of safety during the procedure. However, this does not mean that professionals will not be amazed by the many possibilities of epilators.
  • Grundig: The German company Grundig specializes primarily in consumer electronics of all kinds and is popular with its own products all over the world. Recently, the manufacturer wants to enter the personal care segment and also offers an epilator, which not only looks good but also does its job properly.
  • BaByliss: When it comes to personal care products, of course, the manufacturer BaByliss must not be missing. The company manufactures devices primarily in the luxury class and equips them with everything that the user needs to rid the hair of the skin and also to take care of it.
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