10 Best Electric Toothbrushes: Reviews and Buying Guide

Electric toothbrushes are best suited for thorough and gentle care of the teeth. With the electric toothbrushes, you can get too difficult to reach places in the mouth. According to manufacturers of electric toothbrushes brush toothbrushes more evenly, signaling in part – depending on the model – when the jaw side should be changed.

What electric toothbrushes are there and what advantages they offer you, we would like to explain in our comparison of the electric toothbrushes. Read what you should be aware of when buying an electric toothbrush – a sonic toothbrush or ultrasonic toothbrush.

Top 10 Electric Toothbrushes

What are electric toothbrushes and what shapes are there?

An electric toothbrush supports the daily cleaning and care process of our teeth. Instead of a manual toothbrush, the electric toothbrush is used, the Aufsteck-toothbrush rotates.

Electric toothbrushes are rechargeable, have a battery. This is either charged via the normal power plug or – which is more often – via USB cable. Of course, this can also be connected to the power outlet with the appropriate adapter, but the USB cable has the advantage of charging the toothbrush to the computer, laptop, and co. Especially if you travel more often, this is a good option – because who goes today without USB cable traveling?

The first electric toothbrush was launched in 1954. The company Broxodent laid the first milestone in the field of electric toothbrushes. However, the first toothbrushes often had complaints that the toothbrushes were constantly broken. This was related to the fact that the movements of the toothbrush were elliptical rather than rotating as it is today. However, over the years, both the functions and the brushing techniques have been improved, so that more and more people were convinced of the dental care with the electric toothbrush.

The different types of electric toothbrushes

Anyone who wants to buy an electric toothbrush today will almost be killed by the large assortment. In addition to the toothbrushes of the known manufacturers, there are also many electric toothbrushes lesser-known manufacturers, which, however, hardly differed from the others. But electric toothbrush is not the same as an electric toothbrush.

We distinguish the following variants:

  1. Rotary Electric Toothbrushes This type of electric toothbrush usually consists of a round brush head that rotates. By the rotations, the teeth are cleaned accordingly, the brush gets into the spaces between the teeth, cleans there thoroughly. Some models of these rotating toothbrushes have a brush head that also pulsates.
  2. The sonic toothbrushes By name, one should think that the teeth are cleansed by sound. However, this is not the case, but it is the vibrations that the toothbrush creates to clean the teeth. The rotational speed of the initially presented rotating electric toothbrush is about 4,000 vibrations per minute – sonic toothbrushes come there with 15,000 to 20,000 vibrations per minute, therefore. This speed alone suggests that the cleaning results with the sonic toothbrush are much better. According to the motto “quality has its price”, the sonic toothbrushes are slightly more expensive than the rotating electric toothbrushes. These already start at 20 euros in the purchase, while the price of sonic toothbrushes is a lot higher.
  3. The ultrasonic toothbrush This type of electric toothbrush is, so to speak, the increase of the sonic toothbrush. Some models of ultrasonic toothbrushes can handle up to 96,000 vibrations per minute. The teeth are not only superficially cleaned with the ultrasonic toothbrushes, but cleaning with this toothbrush also has an antibacterial effect. While the superficial cleaning of teeth is referred to as macro cleaning, the cleaning mold with the ultrasonic brush is called microfabrication. However, the ultrasonic toothbrushes are not as common among the electric toothbrushes.
  4. Alternative and classic: the manual toothbrush manual toothbrushes are still available and in the meantime also in different versions. These toothbrushes are completely powerless, do not need to be recharged and work, as it were, always and everywhere. And they also differ in price from the electric toothbrushes, as they are available for a few euros.

The accessory for the electric toothbrushes

The brush heads of the electric toothbrushes are available separately, can be purchased later. There are different brush heads, from sensitive to medium to somewhat harder versions. Also in the form differ the brush heads – there are round brush heads for the electric toothbrush and there are elongated brush heads. The latter resembles the shape of the manual toothbrushes.

Electric toothbrush or manual toothbrush?

The electric toothbrushes assert themselves more and more in the private bathrooms, is used more or less frequently. It means that the electric toothbrushes cleanse more effectively and thoroughly than the normal manual toothbrushes.

In addition, the electric toothbrushes are always cheaper in their purchase– sometimes it starts under 20 euros.

Especially the electric toothbrushes, which have a timer and communicate the achievement of the recommended cleaning time, have the advantage that you do not have to look at the clock when the 2 minutes are reached.

And the quadrant timer is also helpful for brushing teeth and brushing. In addition, experts have proven that an electric toothbrush can remove plaque much better than a manual toothbrush. With the electric toothbrush, more areas are reached where it is sometimes harder with the manual toothbrush.

For whom are the electric toothbrushes suitable?

The electric toothbrushes are suitable for almost anyone – small or tall, young or old, a woman or a man. Those who value good dental hygiene and dental care are definitely well advised with an electric toothbrush.

Also for children, there are specially designed electric children’s toothbrushes. More details can be found in our next section.

Anyone who suffers from severe discoloration due to tea, coffee or nicotine can use an electric toothbrush to fight discoloration. Due to the fast vibrations per minute, the cleaning effect of the electric toothbrush is many times better.

Due to the ease of handling, just about anyone can handle the electric toothbrush. And thanks to the various brush attachments, the electric toothbrush is just as flexible as the manual toothbrush.

Electric toothbrushes for children

Especially with children, brushing teeth play an important role. Already from the first, it says: do not forget to brush your teeth. Parents are required to do this initially and later introduce the offspring to brush their teeth.

The electric toothbrushes for children are beautifully colorful and often animate for cleaning. Usually, these toothbrushes also have a timer, in part, the toothbrush plays music when the 2 minutes have passed.

With the appropriate toothbrush as an attachment and the right toothpaste, the teeth of children can be cleaned and maintained in any case. Children should try for themselves and decide which toothbrush they can handle best.

What should you look for when buying an electric toothbrush?

The purchase decision for the right electric toothbrush is guaranteed not easy with the large offer. Therefore, you should check the individual functions of the offered electric toothbrushes before buying.

What technology should the electric toothbrush have?

As you have already read, there are sonic toothbrushes, ultrasonic toothbrushes and rotating electric toothbrushes. Which toothbrush is the best for you? What do you expect from your “newcomer”? That is, you should differentiate yourself for one of the different types of electric toothbrushes.

An electric toothbrush with or without a timer?

Most electric toothbrushes have the 2-minute timer integrated as an integral part. Some have, as already described several times, also the 30-second timer, which signals a change of the jaw quadrant.

It makes sense to buy a toothbrush with timer function, which saves you from having to constantly watch the clock.

Are there any change possibilities of the brush attachments?

Not all teeth are the same and therefore the different brush attachments in toothbrushes are generally so important. You should look before buying if the manufacturer offers different hardnesses of toothbrushes because so you can specifically buy the toothbrush attachments to your needs.

Toothbrushes with a power cord or USB cable to charge?

This question may also be relevant when buying an electric toothbrush. If you travel a lot or travel, a toothbrush that is charged via USB cable can make sense.

Proper brushing – that’s how it works

Of course, being in possession of an electric toothbrush is not enough to get healthy teeth. Very important is the right brushing technique to brush the teeth effectively and thoroughly.

For this reason, the rule says ” from red to white !” This means that the toothbrush is set at an angle to then be guided by the gums towards the tooth surface. This method is so important because when you brush your teeth in reverse, the bacteria that are on your teeth would be transferred to the gums. However, if one brushes from “red to white”, the bacteria are stripped off accordingly.

The pressure you exert on the toothbrush and thus on the teeth and gums also plays a role in brushing your teeth. You must not apply too much pressure as this will put a strain on your teeth and gums. In the worst case, parts of the enamel may be lost due to the enormous pressure.

Experts recommend that you follow the KAI principle when brushing your teeth. That is, first the chewing surfaces, then the outside of the teeth and then the inside of the teeth are cleaned. It should be careful on the inside and outside to clean each tooth after another. Also, do not neglect the back molars – even if it is very difficult to get there.

The interdental spaces – give you a lot of care and time. Because here too many bacteria accumulate. Since some toothbrushes have a problem getting into the interdental spaces, one should, for example, access dental floss or dental sticks to thoroughly clean the interstices.

These dental brushes – also known as interdental brushes – are available in different sizes. With their help, the teeth can be maintained very conscientiously. You will usually need different sizes of dental brushes, as the interdental spaces are not always the same size.

Before use, the brushes are moistened with water and dabbed with toothpaste if necessary. Even flossing is a good way to clean between teeth. Especially with small tooth gaps flossing is the better cleaning solution. Rinse out all dissolved dirt, do not leave it in the mouth.

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