10 Best Electric Razor For Women: Reviews and Buying Guide

Although you can find a lot of web with a huge list of electric razors, we have compared the most outstanding and sold. We have finished with a classification that as always, will help you buy one of these razors at the best value for money. Before watching our favorites, let’s look at those electric razors that our readers voted as favorites. These were the 4 winners after they voted for a week the models they had and what they gave him.

This model shows a bit of its limitation when you have a 3-day beard. More than anything because as I said it took a lot longer and I had to spend more time in some areas, besides that in this situation he threw me a little lip in passing. But it is a common problem of similar products around this price. The thicker your hair is, the more you need an advanced model.

For me, I would need to shave with one of these electric shavers every 1 or 2 days to have the best results with the Braun Series 3. But logically your situation may be different, but from my experience, if you have a rough beard you will not fare as well as Series 7. The 3 will go perfectly if you shave only a few days a week.

Top 10 Electric Razor For Women

Option to buy a cheap razor

We will look at this option in a more detailed way for those who want to buy one of the cheap razors. In this case, we recommend buying the Braun Series 3. We believe that it has also done a very good job. Personally, I have been satisfied using it on a regular basis because shaving on a daily basis has given me better results.

We have been able to notice the difference compared to more expensive and advanced models of electric razors but the result has been more than satisfactory in shaving. If you have facial hair similar to mine or a little thicker, you will find that it may take you a few more minutes to remove it compared to the Series 7 and if you have very fragile skin maybe it can lead to a little irritation.

On the other hand, if you do not need to shave daily you will be happy with what this one offers you. Any man with a medium and light beard of a few days would have to like this shaver.

I have not mentioned it but I do not like to shave wet, but if you are looking for a Braun electric shaver that you can use wet, this model is for you. All you have to do is do everything you would do with a blade, but wash your face (in case you’re asleep …) and the beard area with warm water and shaving while doing the work.


For what it does the design has the type of the brand. Not very different from Series 7. It fits perfectly in the hand and has given us a feeling of quality in the materials. It is bright and looks like plastic, but it looks to be durable what is surprising. There are two blades and a blade that pivots side by side to make shaving comfortable. More than the other models that do not have this feature.

Just remember that right now we are reviewing the model 340 and that if you update the 380 and others you will have a feature that blocks the sheets in place. Personally, I think that in this case, you would pay something that is not necessary, and the only difference you can find between Braun 340 and 380 is this.

Cleaning and loading

In Series 3, loads can be made with the charger or directly connected to the electric cable. You can not turn it on while you are connected. The first load should take about 4 hours and give you about 45 minutes of operation like us. The next load you will have enough with 1 hour so it is much more comfortable. By the way, for the health of the electric razor, we recommend that every few months empty the battery completely and reload it completely..

To clean it, the same method is used as most Braun models. Remember not to submerge the razor completely since they are not totally resistant to water. Simply wet the head under the tap. You can have it both on and off. In the same way, if you want you can put some soap from time to time. Remove the sheet and rinse a little. Then shake it a little and let it dry. You can also clean the razors with a brush, but do it carefully and do not bar the blades directly.

Guide to buying electric razors

The only thing we have said about the Series 3 model of how to clean is interesting. Now we want to give you some more indications to finish and if you want to increase your knowledge of shaving to get the most out of the shavers you can have throughout your life.

To get a comfortable shaver, you will need to remember that it will not cut as much as a blade. Electric winches will not be as effective in this regard. Still most offer advice for an optimal shave (just sound like an ad).

Summarizing no matter what time of day you shave, each man will have his own technique, but in any case, do not overly press the machine against the chin or cheek. Instead, guide the sheets around your face slowly but forcefully. Recommended using circular movements, with “hits” rather dry that go against hair.

The electric razors that we have recommended as a head shaver, so maintaining a proper angle are easy. However, if you use these shavers with the head fixed, make sure that this has the right angle when you pass through the skin. Almost every razor maker recommends that you first attack the harshest hairs first. But what we do is use a manual razor to remove these at the end, in fact, we combine both.

Recommendations, conclusion, and evaluation

Now that we have seen the technology in the Braun machines, we would like that in the near future we could see this technology at a lower price. In any case, as always, we will keep this publication updated.

We also hope that the lines of electric razors continue to be diversified to further confuse users who want to buy cheap online. As in most cases, you tend to benefit from what you pay, the trick is not to overpay, and that’s why we serve.

We would like to see shaving razors that have a more beautiful design. But we want something that does more in less time. I do not know if we dream but for the moment the Series 7 of Braun does a very good job. It is compact and minimalist and works well.

It is also efficient and easy to maintain but well, the design we might have liked more. For efficiency buy it. And if you want to be even more use the offers that we have linked so you do not have to search all online stores to find the best price.


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