10 Best EBook Readers: Reviews and Buying Guide

EBook readers – they are flat, small and handy, are perfect for traveling, but also offer the perfect and extensive reading fun at home. As a rule, the readers are equipped with a rather large memory, so that a number of books can be stored. Smaller than a paperback book, and depending on the size of the paperback, eBook readers are even lighter than their paper-based counterparts.

Top 10 EBook Readers

What is an ebook reader and how is it working?

An eBook reader is an electronic device with the ability to read books. It is, so to speak, an electronic book which, due to its weight and easy handling, is an ideal companion for on the go, in everyday life and when traveling.

The advantage of the eBook reader is that countless books can be stored on it. The devices from Amazon offer the advantage that the books can be stored in the cloud. 
It is also possible to access electronic books from other electronic devices such as the tablet or mobile phone.

There are different formats for electronic books, which are not supported by all devices equally. Therefore, when buying an eBook reader, you should pay attention to which formats the eReader supports.

There are several providers of ebook readers, the most well-known being Amazon, followed by online shops such as Weltbild or Thalia.

The advantage of the eBook reader lies in the fact that the display is specially designed for reading, which of course is more eye-friendly compared to the smartphone. Most readers for eBooks are equipped with the so-called Elnk Display. These have the advantage that no further power is needed after the image has been created. As a result, the battery life of an eBook reader is very long, because only when turning over in the electronic book power is needed.

The eReader stand out through her

  • low weight
  • the changeable font size
  • the adjustable brightness setting and
  • various functions such as text passage search or markers and notes

out. By comparison, most eBook readers are easier than a paperback book.

The eBook readers are characterized by their various functions. With almost all models, the font size can be changed so that it is not even necessary to put the reading glasses on when reading.

Some models also allow the line spacing to be changed so that the book’s appearance allows easy reading. Many eBook readers have built-in lighting so you can read in the dark – without having to turn on the lights separately.

An advantage that brings the eBook reader with it

Foreign words and their meaning, or their translation, can be displayed by the corresponding, integrated feature. The word is simply marked and the translation is displayed.

You can also capture markers and notes about the book, jump to specific passages in the text, and also search for specific passages of text.

But the basic advantage of electronic readers: the very high storage space that most eBook readers have thousands of books can be loaded and stored.

Especially on the road, this is more than pleasant and sensible. When a book is finished reading, you can simply select and read the next one. If it goes on vacation, take the reader with you, have enough reading material. And if this is not enough, you can easily download more book titles over the Internet via WLAN.

In addition, the eReader also offers various sorting functions, so that the books can be sorted and cataloged by genre or author or alphabetically.

Another advantage is the Amazon Fire tablets because they also have the function that they can be used as a tablet. This means that you can go to the Internet or listen to music or make phone calls.

These devices offer users the advantage that eReaders and tablets are combined in one device.

Further advantages of an eBook reader

The big advantage of the eBook reader is quite obvious: by storing thousands of books, bookworms get their money’s worth, so to speak. While you would get a space problem in the bookshelf with real books within a very short time, the eBook reader still takes on more.

Even bestsellers or current titles can be loaded on the eBook reader, here there is no difference to the classic variant, the book.

If you travel a lot, the eReader has the advantage that you do not have to take several books with you to ensure the appropriate reading on holiday, but only the eBook is packed.

The different types of eBook readers

The range of eBook readers is now quite large. So many manufacturers offer the small handy eReader, which often differ in the features. These features make correspondingly noticeable in the price.

The cheap eBook readers already start at 50 euros – as an entry-level model, so to speak to test whether you can make friends with such an electronic reader, these are actually sufficient.

However, you should make sure that the reader has a backlight and also the font size can be adjusted. And if you know in advance that the eBook reader should also be a companion during your vacation, you should make sure that the display is designed so that you can read even in direct sunlight. In this beginner, category falls the cheap reader from Amazon or the Tolino.

The middle price category of the eBook reader offers some advantages, such as the better resolution of the display. eBook readers such as the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite or the Tolino 4HD are among these better eReaders, which then settle accordingly in the price range of over 100 euros.

The expensive eBook readers such as the Kindle Oasis, which is also presented in comparison, still offer some advantages. Internet function or a color display is standard on the higher-priced eReaders.

Reading on these devices is more comfortable, which is just on the display. A high-contrast and clear presentation are decisive for these devices.

And if you want to use the eReader as a tablet at the same time, we recommend that you run the Amazon Fire HD tablets. We have also introduced these eReaders in our eBook reader comparison.

The different eBook formats

When purchasing an eBook reader, you should also consider the eBook formats in advance. While some eBook readers are not tied to specific formats, there are others, such as Amazon eReaders, that only allow a specific format.

The most common format of eBooks is EPUB. This format is recognized by many readers and supported – but not by the Kindle readers of Amazon. These have a very special format, the AZW format. While many e-readers can also play pdf formats, the devices from Amazon can not – only the AZW formats are readable on the Amazon devices.

What should you consider when buying an eBook reader?

When looking for the right ebook reader, you should definitely consider the above points. But other points may also be relevant when making a purchase.

  1. The size of the eBook reader Even if they are mainly intended for on the go – do not buy the eBook reader too small. Common and recommendable are electronic readers with 6 or 7-inch displays. If you choose too small a reader, reading it in the long term can be uncomfortable.
  2. The PPI resolution of the reader The resolution of the eBook reader is an important factor in the purchase. Most readers have a resolution of 300 ppm. If this value is too small, the presentation is blurred and the readability of text is sometimes difficult and exhausting for your eyes. For some eBook readers, the resolution is also given in dpi. eBook readers with an 8-inch display should have a resolution of 1,024 x 1,280 dpi.
  3. With splash protection? If you know that you might also want to use the eBook reader for a relaxing bubble bath, the waterproof version is recommended. And even on holiday at the pool or on the beach, the splash protection in the eBook reader can be beneficial.
  4. The battery life While the classic eBook readers have a battery life of several weeks, the combination devices with tablet function are less powerful. So if you know that you really just want to use the eReader for reading books, you should opt for a pure eBook reader model. However, if you occasionally want to go online and use the call function or other features, you should opt for a combo device like the Amazon Fire HD tablet.
  5. The storage capacity eBook readers, which have a storage capacity of 2 GB, easily hold over 1,000 books. There are also devices that offer 16GB of storage. In addition, some eReaders allow you to expand the memory to 256 GB via a microSD card.

Amazon e-book readers also offer the option to use 3G for free. Whether you have Wi-Fi or not, this feature lets you directly download books from the Internet. Devices without 3G only have the function of loading books or even newspapers and magazines if there is a WLAN connection.

Tips for maintaining the eBook reader

You have chosen an eBook reader? Then you should also maintain and protect him accordingly. A bag or case that protects the eReader is definitely recommended.

It is important before the first use that the ebook reader should be fully charged. Unlike smartphones and co, you should not unload the eReader completely. It is recommended to recharge the battery at a battery level of 30 or 40%.

And not only a nice bag or case is recommended for the eReader – a screen protector in the form of a film avoids scratches and fingerprints. These films are available matching the format of the eBook Reader, are only applied to the display – just like a cell phone.

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