10 Best Drones: Reviews and Buying Guide

It does not always have to be an expensive helicopter or helicopter to finally the fulfill your dream of flying. With your own drone, you come to this dream just as close and save on top of that a whole lot of money. Because many of the drones or the quadrocopter, as we should actually call you, in this comparison on gmomf.org are for cheap prices to have and still convince with great flight characteristics and a variety of helpful features. Just drones with cameras give you a whole new perspective on the world that surrounds you.

So you do not lose track of the jungle of offers on the ever-growing drone market, we give you in this drone comparison on gmomf.org a buying guide, so you always find the perfect quadrocopter for your needs.

Top 10 Drones

What is a drone or a quadrocopter?

They fly like weird-looking giant insects over forests and meadows and often provide for one or the other “Oooh” in observers and the owner: The speech is of course by the increasingly popular drones or quadcopter, as the coveted flying objects actually should be called, The term “Quadro” stands for the number “four” and thus refers to the number of propellers of a single aircraft.

You can already see why the term “drone” is often misleading since it also includes aircraft with three (“Tricopter”) or six (“Hexacopter”) propellers. Since the word has crept so much into the German usage, you can confidently continue to call quadrocopters as drones and is not looked at skew for that. Not to be confused are quadcopters, as they like to be called, but with helicopters, which happens to happen once. The reason is that all rotors of a quadrocopter point downwards – unlike those of a helicopter, which always have a side-mounted tail rotor.

Some drones are already available for relatively cheap money, while for some other quadrocopter you can also dig deep into your pocket. Prices of several thousand euros are absolutely not uncommon. between products for advanced drone owners and those for bloody beginners. While more advanced drones with 4K cameras, GPS function, and ultrasonic sensors lure, many of the entry-level drones are mainly intended for the playful learning of handling a drone.

The different types of drones: An overview

As we have already mentioned, the term “drone” encompasses a wider range of species than just quadrocopters or mini-quadcopters. To enumerate all the different variants in all details would be beyond the scope of this guidebook text. Therefore we try in the big drone comparison on gmomf.org to give a small overview of the most important drone species and thereby also go into their advantages and disadvantages. So you can form an opinion yourself before you buy you own drone.

1. The quadrocopter

The quadrocopter or quadcopter is the best-known and most popular drone species and also the reference item on this page. They convince above all with their compact design and good flight characteristics. A quadrocopter, as the name implies, is powered by four rotors and is therefore usually designed in an X or a plus shape when looking down at the drone from above. Almost all quadrocopters now have a camera that does not always have to be of high quality and that of course also influences the weight of the drone.

2. The mini quadrocopter

A mini quadcopter is often not much larger than the palm of your hand. Since they require less space when flying than their “big brothers” they are very well suited for indoor use indoors. The biggest advantage of the mini-quadcopter is its low price of only 20 € sometimes – because you can take away a potential total crash but already much easier. You will often find these very compact drones under the name Nano Quadcopter.

3. The hexacopter

The Hexacopter comes with its construction and design significantly more impressive than its four-rotor colleagues. As you may have guessed, the Hexacopter is powered by six rotors. Such a drone is the right choice if you want to transport heavy loads – especially in the commercial sector. But even for unique aerial photography with a camera, this drone species is excellent, as it flies very smoothly and without jerking. The price of these aircraft is also elitist.

4. The Octocopter

The eight rotors of the Octocopter ensure neat performance under the chassis. Octocopter can once again lift significantly heavier loads than the hexacopter with its six rotors and are in great demand in the commercial sector. These elite devices are also predestined for aerial photography, as they can transport SLR cameras without any further problems and provide breathtaking pictures with their impressive maneuverability. To properly steer an Octocopter, you have to be an advanced and experienced pilot.

5. The multi-copter

Multicopter stands as an umbrella term for all drones that have at least two rotors. So while the quadrocopters, hexacopters, and octocopters described above fall into this category, helicopters do not count as they do not have their rotors – as mentioned above – on one level (all below on multi-copters). If you like tinkering, drone kits made by different multi-copters are definitely a good alternative for you.

Which drone is suitable for you?

As you can see, drones are now available in different designs and price categories. But which drone is suitable for which needs? First of all, you have to be clear what you want to use the drone for. Especially for beginners and beginners, the Quadrocopter is perfect, which is easy to use with its four rotors and on top of that relatively cheap to buy. Many very good models are already available from 100 euros. This is not a matter of course, especially in a cheaper price category. Many quadcopters can also be retrofitted in case of doubt.

Now that does not mean that a quadrocopter is just for bloody beginners. On the contrary: The more expensive models in our comparison (Advanced) are ideal if you want to take beautiful aerial photographs with the drone. All you need is a quadcopter with a high-quality camera, which is exactly what drives the price up. Nevertheless, good shots have their price. But if you need recordings for the commercial sector or want to transport loads with your drone, we would rather advise you to a hex or octocopter.

Buying the Right Drone: The Most Important Purchase Criteria

When buying the right drone, no matter which model you choose, it’s not just about the design, even if the look is still (too) important to many buyers. After all, the quadrocopter should look cool too, say most of them. However, there are many more important criteria that you should consider when buying a drone. We introduce you to this guide:

1. Quality of the camera

Of course, if you just want to fly around a bit, you can, of course, do without a camera. Since the majority of users on gmomf.org but interested in a drone with a camera, we have included this point. After all, it is not uncommon for the quality of the camera and the lens to decide how expensive the purchase of a drone is. Although most manufacturers lure with bold statements such as “HD Camera” or “4K Camera”, but it is worth to take a closer look at the lens and the number of megapixels.

2. Type of control

Most of the drones or quadcopters in the big drone comparison on gmomf.org can be comfortably controlled with the help of a remote control. There you can see everything that matters at a glance: current speed, battery status, current altitude and much more. For most drones, you will need to download an application (app) for the smartphone, which is almost always available free of charge in the AppStore or PlayStore. Practical smartphone mounts on the remote controls ensure that the controls remain simple. Another widespread type of control is the controller with a controller, which is included in the delivery package of the drone. With good manufacturers, you can choose between both options.

3. Accessories: propellers and batteries

A particularly exciting question in the drone comparison is the after the accessories of a quadrocopter. Absolutely essential and urgently needed accessories are of course the propellers as well as several rechargeable batteries. Most manufacturers do not supply more than two batteries, which are often empty after about ten minutes of flight time. So who wants to enjoy a longer flight pleasure should call at least three or even four batteries own.

Since the propellers for flight units are often broken or can not be found, it is also worthwhile to always have a few in the back of your hand – only for emergencies. So pay attention to the availability of this important accessory if you want to buy a particular drone

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