10 Best Dog Training Collars: Reviews and Buying Guide

Does your dog not obey you or stop barking? Then you need one of the best dog training collars that I’ll show you next or hire the services of a professional. If you are interested in knowing the best necklaces in the market, I invite you to continue reading.

It is our choice to be the best for the vast majority of dogs and owners, good quality, easy to use and economical. It is a very complete necklace, which includes three training modes through vibration, sound, and stimuli. The ideal recipe for a perfect purchase.

In addition, it includes two collars, whose receivers are activated by a single transmitter or remote control. What allows you to train two dogs at the same time or use it as spare if you run out of battery.

 Top 10 Dog Training Collars

Within the wide range of electric collars for dogs, there are several types, with training mode by impulses or stimulations, by vibration, by sound, light or spray (also known as citronella).

We recommend the collars that work by vibration, sound or stimulation since now, after consulting several canine trainers, they are the ones that offer the best results. A well trained dog will enjoy greater freedom, therefore, will have a better quality of life and will be happier. Now, it is your task to know what system is best suited to train you. The purpose of this guide is to help people who use them or are thinking of using them, do it correctly, safely and help you find the best models in the market.

Electric collar for dogs with remote control

These collars are composed of a receiver, which is adjusted to the dog by the collar and a knob or transmitter that transmits a radio signal to the receiver thus activating the training mode. The scope of this signal varies depending on the make and model. Depending on the training mode they can be:

Collar downloads for dogs

It works by means of static electric impulses but contains only volts and no amps. It is not, therefore, a harmful electric discharge, but something more like the cramp we feel when closing a car door, or shaking hands with someone. These electric shock collars for dogs are especially useful for larger and stronger dog breeds or those that are not very sensitive. Its intensity is regulated by levels which allow you to find the optimal level for your pet without causing any kind of pain.

Corrective collar for dogs by vibration

The operation is similar to the current collar for dogs, but the correction is made by vibration, similar to what your mobile does when they call you. The intensity level is also configurable, in order to find the optimal level. It is usually less effective than the collar for dogs with electric shock in less sensitive breeds, but usually, because they now exist with up to 100 levels of intensity it is usually enough to train many breeds.

Training collars for dogs with sound

The operation consists of the emission of a beep when the dog needs a correction. Generally, by themselves, they do not work as an effective training measure, but at the same time, it is the first step you have to use when you start training. This is explained in detail later.

Electric collar for training spray dogs

The operation is similar to the previous ones with the difference that the correction is done by the spray.

This means that the collar, instead of emitting an impulse or vibration, when activated, a dose of odorless, colorless and harmless spray for the animal, is triggered, letting your dog know that he must rectify his behavior. They are also known as antiladridos collars with control or citronella collars. The use of these necklaces is becoming less frequent and now the necklaces by vibration and discharges have gained ground.

Currently, the majority of remote training dog collars usually include the first three training modes in the same collar, impulse, vibration, and sound. Depending on the characteristics of the dog you may need one way or another.

Canine training collar without remote control

It is known as an antiladridos necklace. It is used to avoid the barking of dogs. These collars include a sensor that is activated by the sound that the dog emits when barking, by means of the vibration of its vocal cords.

The electronic training collars are safe and harmless, as long as they are of good quality and the person in charge of the training is trained. It is also essential to read the instructions for use before use. Many dog trainers and veterinarians recommend them. The feeling that your dog receives with the necklace is not painful, it simply puts them on notice.

Collars for training dogs. What you need to know before buying one

Currently, there are many models for the sale of electric collars for dogs. Before buying one, we recommend that you compare the following characteristics:

Safety for the dog

This is a fundamental factor. The collar must have different levels of intensity to ensure that our dog only receives warnings and does not feel any damage.

They also have to be manufactured with high-end materials to ensure their proper functioning at all times.

Battery duration

Another aspect to keep in mind is battery life. A long battery will allow us to train much more efficiently and quickly.

Reach distance

You must have this feature in mind, depending on the customs you have with your dog. If you always let it go in small spaces, this factor is not decisive. However, if you usually drop out in the field or in wide open spaces, make sure the range is appropriate.

Training modes 

Most models have several training modes. The clear advantage is that it will allow you to test which is the one that best fits and works with your dog.

Level of comfort for the dog

Here you must take into account the size of your dog and how it is likely that the collar fits properly. There are training collars for small dogs, for large dogs and for both. You should also consider the weight of the necklace.

Resistant to water and/or submersible

This is a very important characteristic. It is advisable to be resistant to water since it will allow us to use it also on rainy days. If you also live in river or beach areas or if you like to take the dog to these areas, the choice of a submersible training collar is essential.

Number of receiving collars

This feature is only necessary in case you have more than one dog and you want to train them at the same time or you want to use the second collar while charging the first one’s battery. There are devices in the market that allow you to control several necklaces with only one control. This option is very useful since it is not effective to use two transmitters at the same time.

Cheap electric collars for dogs

Currently, there is a wide range of cheap training collars in the market. The prices of training collars for dogs range from € 15 to € 200. You have to be careful with which purchases since some are of very low quality and could stop working quickly, break or even produce some kind of a pain to your dog.

If you have decided to buy another, of which we do not speak in this article, inform yourself well about the company that produces them and try to find out if they are quality products.

Collar for electric dogs. Identify the optimal intensity level

Follow the following steps to find the appropriate level of recognition for your pet:

  1. Start at intensity level 1 and press the vibration stimulation button (or static impulse if applicable) for one or two seconds.
  2. If your pet does not react in any way, repeat point number 1 with the same intensity several times before moving to level two intensity.
  3. Your dog should not bark or be scared when he receives a stimulus from the collar. If this happens, it means that the intensity is very high, so you must go back to the inner level and repeat the process.
  4. The correct level is one in which your pet responds to the stimulus reliably. This means that any slight change in the behavior of your dog, such as looking around with curiosity, scratching the collar or shaking the ears, indicates that the level of recognition is adequate.


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