10 Best Dog Nail Clippers: Reviews and Buying Guide

If you want to avoid your pet trips to the vet or dog grooming when it comes to cutting your nails, having an electric nail clipper for pets is the solution. With these products you can keep properly clipped the nails of any pet in a simple way, thus eliminating the tips and other unwanted elements in them. To do this, you can rely on products such as the Novatech NG White nail clipper, which has different settings with which to cut the nails of all types of pets easily. All this in a product powered by AA batteries and very easy to use. If you prefer a model powered by USB battery, you can opt for the Ewolee Blanco USB model. A product that includes the usual polishing file with different settings and a good autonomy, so you can use it up to 3 hours with a full charge.

Top 10 Dog Nail Clippers

What is the best electric nail clipper in the market?

The process of cutting the nails of your pets is something relatively simple that you can do at home, as long as you have a nail clipper adapted to the needs of your pet.

If this model is electric, everything will be much easier, because you will not have the risks of manual models. To help you find the most suitable model, we offer you our guide to buying the best electric nail clipper in the market, where we value what aspects have to be considered for this purchase to be successful and safe.

How should they be used?

You should have both the nail clipper and the file on hand in case there is an asymmetric edge. Always choose a time when the animal can be calm; It can be after eating, or when you are half asleep. It is important that you choose a posture in which you are comfortable; The best option is usually to be sitting on the floor next to him. The cut always has to be done following an angle of 45ºC with reference to the ground.

You have to be patient because I’m sure the dog does not like to have his nails cut off; It would not hurt for someone else to hold him just in case. When you are finished, you must remember that this experience has been somewhat traumatic for him, so you should not hesitate to reassure him, play with him or even give him a reward for how well he has behaved.

Shopping guide

Cutting system

Although we speak of cutting, in fact almost all models present in any comparison of electric nail clippers for pets work through a system of polishing and sanding, which is responsible for removing the part of the nail that over, as well as smoothing the tips , which are usually the most problematic part in the different animals we have at home.

This polishing is done using a diamond-based file, which must have sufficient strength and quality to eliminate this part of the nail in a simple way. Check, therefore, the quality of this material, especially if you plan to use the clippers on large animals that, logically, will also have nails harder than smaller ones.

In this sanding system, it is also advisable to check if you have different power levels. In some advanced products, almost as cheap as the others, you can find two levels of speed or power, so if you have different pets at home, this can help each pet have the level of cutting power or proper sanding to what you need.

Comfort of use

As important as the power of operation is the comfort of using the clippers we are evaluating. A comfort that affects both your pet and yourself, so we will see some elements to consider so that the user is comfortable for both, regardless of the design or how much the product itself costs.

Thinking about the comfort of your pet, it is necessary that the model has a reduced noise operation, to avoid that this could affect your pet. On the other hand, it is convenient that the product also has a reduced level of vibration, which avoids unforeseen movements of the product during the process.

To continue fine-tuning this comfort, it is also necessary to have an adjustable cutting system, so that you can choose the surface of the file that remains in the air, thus adapting it according to the measurements of the animal you are cutting the nails.

And to finish, do not forget to check the handle of the product, which should be comfortable and with an appropriate design to facilitate the reach to any part of the nails of your pet, simplifying the process for you and making it more pleasant and safe for you. pet.

Product feeding

To close our tips on what you should consider when buying an electric nail clipper for pets, you need to take a look at the product’s nutrition. One aspect in which we have two main options, such as rechargeable battery power or conventional batteries.

Starting with the rechargeable use mode, these models work with a battery similar to the one carried by many products today, which is charged using a USB cable. In this case, the different batteries offer variable performance, although adequate to use the file for a good amount of time without complications. In general, the recharge is usually efficient, in case someday you need to use it urgently.

If you do not want to depend on batteries and charges, the alternative is the models that work with conventional batteries. In this case, a pair of AA batteries is enough, generally, to feed the product and obtain an adequate yield. The advantage is that if the batteries are used up, you just have to charge them, although if you do not have a house, you will have to make some to finish the work.


The electric nail clippers for pets will facilitate and expedite the task of keeping your nails trimmed to avoid damaging the furniture in the house. If you are interested in acquiring one, the first thing you should study is its design. This model of Novatech can be easily handled with one hand so you can hold your pet’s leg and keep it immobile for safety. It has dimensions of 13.8 x 2.5 x 3.5 centimeters and a weight of just 119 grams, being light and compact at the same time. It works with batteries and has an on / off switch that you can move with your thumb without problems.

In addition, the Novatech nail clipper includes a protective cover to cover the part that holds the grinder, preventing it from getting wet or damaged in case of falling off the device.

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