10 Best Delay Pedals For Guitars: Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you looking to spice up your sound with some Delay tricks? The delay pedals offer unique and interesting possibilities when it comes to that, while they refresh your sound, enrich it naturally. 

Feel free to compare all the features offered by our pedals, make your choice according to what you want, whether you like the simplest or most advanced controls, modification options, time variations: we have everything covered. We go with the sample.

Joyo’s D-Seed is a spectacular pedal where you look. What makes it spectacular ?. This delay pedal is built like a tank, comes with controls that give you a lot of play to work, and all this at a very reasonable price. Not only can you set the delay effect within the standard parameters, but this stompbox comes with features such as Tap Tempo and multiple channels.

In addition to that, you can also connect it to an expression pedal and control the delay. Compared to other pedals of this type, the Joyo D-Seed is a very strong competitor. Apart from its hardware solutions and design features, this delay offers one of the most refined effects you can find. At least in this price range.

Top 10 Delay Pedals For Guitars

What type of delay to choose?

If you are looking to buy a delay pedal, I’m sure you have many doubts in your head: do I buy an analog or digital delay? What are the differences? What features do I need? To begin, let’s see the differences between an analog and a digital delay. The first one offers a warmer or vintage sound, while the digital one is cleaner and clearer. On the other hand, the repetitions in the analog delays tend to be slightly distorted, something that does not happen in the digital ones.

It depends on the style that you are going to play, you will have to consider what kind of delay suits you best. For more rock styles in which the distortion is high, it is very likely that a digital delay will fit more, while if you are going to play clean slapback-type sounds, an analog one would be a better choice. It is true that digital delays usually offer more versatility than analog delays and a longer delay, although as I said, the choice will always depend on your needs, style, budget, tastes.

Next, we will see a guide of purchase of pedals of delay by less than 100 € in which I explain all its characteristics and benefits so that you can choose which is the one that better adapts to your needs.

Best cheap delay pedals

Bearing in mind that we are going to talk about cheap delay pedals, we can not demand that they have all the features we would like for so little money. But do not worry, these delays fulfill their function perfectly and have a quality of construction and sound more than acceptable. First of all, I have to say that I have prepared this list according to my personal assessment and the order is totally random.

Buying guide: cheap delay pedals

A few days ago I showed you how to use a delay effect, learning to configure its parameters to achieve unique sounds with the guitar. Knowing all the features and knowing how to modify them, it will be much easier to record a guitar cover of that song that you like so much and you did not know where to start.

Now, if you are thinking about buying a delay pedal because you still do not have one or you want to change your current pedal, here I will show you a guide to buying cheap delay pedals, for less than € 100.

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