10 Best Deck Sealer Stain: Reviews and Buying Guide

Seven Trust offers a variety of composite wood products, such as WPC pallets, WPC Fencing, Decking Tiles, WPC Planter Pots, etc. Learn more about our products here and create your beautiful and durable outdoor space.

Composite wood is a new type of construction material that has become increasingly popular in recent years. This is a sustainable building material, made of recycled plastic and wood chips, which means that the use of our products can help reduce environmental pollution and prevent further deforestation. The cost of wood may be lower in the stage initial, but the cost of maintenance will obviously increase in the later stage. In the long term, using composite materials will be more profitable, so more and more people are replacing traditional wood with composite materials.

Composite wood is different from traditional wood in appearance, durability, and cost. In color and appearance, we provide 6 types of conventional color selection and different grain patterns, its unique surface treatment technology, makes our composite material more beautiful and safe, does not twist or fracture, and has an anti-slip ability, you can walk on it with bare feet.

With the unique processing technology, Seven Trust composite wood can effectively combat mold and natural erosion. It is not necessary to dye or polish. Composite materials are not attractive to insects. You do not have to worry about termites. It keeps looking new after many years of use. No cracks, no rot, which is widely used in outdoor floors, fences, and other purposes. All composite decorative materials we sell are very easy to install and can be used for a variety of home decoration and commercial use.

Top 10 Deck Sealer Stain

What’s on the composite platform?

The composite material used in Seven trusts Composite Decking is a mixture of wood and plastic. Approximately 50% wool, 40% recycled plastics and 10% glue and dyes, etc. they are mixed and then extruded to form a hollow or solid deck board.

The benefits of mixing these 2 groups of products are obvious, you end up with the durable, wear-resistant, maintenance-free elements of the plastic and the beauty, look and feel of the wood, giving you an excellent looking product that will last for years and years.

Easy to clean and maintain

Our WPC parquet is resistant and easy to maintain. The composite material used in its construction means that the boards do not rot, chip or deform like many traditional wooden boards.

Also unlike many traditional wooden boards, our boards do not need to be sealed, painted or waterproofed regularly. They are easily cleaned by sweeping and occasional use of a jet hose.

● Do not chip, split, rot or deform

● It is not necessary to seal, stain or paint regularly

● Low water absorption rate, does not attract mold or fungi

● Resistant to insect attack

Easy to build

Quickly build your deck. The boards can be worked with normal tools for woodworking and are easily fastened to a suitable supporting beam substructure with our stainless steel screw and the nylon T-Clip system. The installation page and our downloadable PDF brochure provide general information on how to build a deck using our WPC platform tables.

There are different types according to the components and uses:

Acrylic Sealer

When there is an open space between the wall and the frame of the window or door, an excellent sealing option is an acrylic. Its easy application with a caulking gun allows sealing cracks in plaster and joints in construction materials.

Polyurethane sealant

Adhesive with strong initial grip, high performance. It forms permanent elastic joints, has resistance to UV rays and repels water. It can be painted and sanded.

Multi-purpose sealer

Adhesive for all types of materials and environments. Highly resistant to weathering and external agents. It can be painted and absorbs vibrations functioning as a thermal insulator.


Plastic texture material similar to clay for molding used to fill or seal. Among the possible alternatives, you can choose:

  • Joint mastic, ideal for joints between asphalt layers or for welding assemblies.
  • Retape putty that fills cracks and holes in the wood.
  • Epoxy putty that has great resistance to water.
  • Refractory putty suitable to repair cracks without movement, subjected to high temperatures (1100 to 1500ºC).
  • Polyester mastic that is composed of resin and hardener, among its features emphasizes its flexibility and ease of sanding.


As the name says, when you need to cover leaks covering cracks or fissures in the ceiling, this is the ideal choice. In addition, you can choose between different alternatives such as:

  • Zapatera asphaltic used for asphalt mixtures with asbestos and mineral filler seals against water and protects against corrosion.
  • Acrylic tapagotera a transparent sealant that solves filtrations in flat roofs.
  • Butyl tapagotera that is composed of rubber and used in unions of sheet metal, ducts, roofing, chimneys and walls.
  • Tapagoteras Tape, ideal for joints between asphalt layers, sheet metal or for welding assemblies.


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