10 Best Dashcams: Reviews and Buying Guide

As a car driver, you can certainly imagine the following scenario well: Two cars turn left side by side. It comes to a crash since the accident cause is in the turn lane of the injured party. He had a dashcam in action and was thus able to record the accident.

According to the Federal Court of Justice, the injured party, in this case, the recordings of the car camera as evidence in court show and thus prevail in a process. Because of this, it is advisable to put on a dashcam, although it is important to pay attention to some basic things, which we will introduce you to later in this guide.

But which dashcams are there and what are the best models? Enclosed we have presented a total of ten car cameras in detail and compared the advantages and disadvantages of the Dashcams. Thus, you will immediately find the right model and can prepare well for any litigation.

Top 10 Dashcams

How much money should you invest in a good car camera?

You can already find solid processed Dashcams for less than 100 €. These models are great for conveniently recording the ride. However, the more features you require, the higher the purchase price of a good car camera. This is especially true for functions such as a vibration sensor, a very high resolution via Full HD and for cameras that have an integrated memory o. Ä. Have.

In these cases, the video footage of a Dashcam is admitted to the court

The use of a car camera in the vehicle can be particularly practical and recommended when it comes to accidents. This is also known to many motorists, which is why the small and often very compact cameras are conveniently clamped behind the windshield, so they can track and capture the traffic immediately. The reason why many motorists rely on such a camera is related to the evidence that can be collected in case of accidents. However, the recordings of such a Dashcam usually violate the data protection law, which will be tightened again in May 2018. However, as the Federal Court ruled now, the images of a car camera can still be used in court in individual cases.

Federal Court has decided that the recordings are admitted as evidence

Lawyers and judges in German courts have been arguing for years whether the use of a car camera is lawful and, above all, to what extent the evidence can be used to make judgments. For the first time, the German Federal Supreme Court has now decided that evidence of this kind may well apply. So this is a positive message for motorists who would like to record their journey with such a camera.

Most recently, the images of a car camera were not used in several court decisions in the district courts of Munich and Heilbronn. This was justified by the fact that the recording may not be admitted as evidence. However, the view regarding the interpretation of these recordings on accident cases has now changed as a result of the latest decisions of the Federal Court of Justice. In a case in which a road user had driven over a red traffic light, whereupon it came to an accident, the recordings were now utilized. It was possible to determine which road user was actually guilty. As a result, this had a fine of € 200 for the offender and a driving ban for one month.

The individual case decides

Whether and in what form the recordings of a car camera can now be utilized in criminal proceedings depends on various factors. The situation is far from clear. This always has to be clarified on a case-by-case basis, with many different interests to consider. In this context, the universally valid personal rights of consumers in Germany must be mentioned. In addition, the courts have an interest in having some security in traffic and exposing traffic offenders. For this, the recordings of a dashcam are very helpful because there is evidence to understand accidents.

Attention: for you as a user of a Dashcam, problems can nevertheless arise!

Although the Federal Supreme Court ruled for the car camera, you should always bear in mind that you violate the data protection laws when you place such a dashcam in your vehicle and use it for recording. In this case, therefore, very high fines can be expected. From a data protection perspective, the use of such a camera is therefore generally not recommended. Basically, therefore, the authority has the right to ask you as a user of a car camera that you should stop filming and also delete the recorded data.

Corresponding fines have also been handed over. So in the case of a motorist is known who has monitored his vehicle around the clock with cameras. After finding out that another road user had rammed the car while parking, the filmmaker went to the local police station with his material. Subsequently, a fine was initiated against him. The police justified this with a violation of the Federal Data Protection Act. Ultimately, the driver who recorded the parking damage had to pay a fine of 150 €.

The alternative: use your smartphone as a car camera

Of course, you do not necessarily have to rely on a classic dashcam to record driving. Surely you also have a modern smartphone, which is equipped with a high-quality camera. If you now align this smartphone as a car camera in the vehicle, you also benefit from an alternative dashcam and therefore do not have to purchase them separately.

For both Google’s Android and the Apple iPhone, there are corresponding apps in the app stores, such as the AutoGuard Dash Cam in the Google Play Store and the program AI Dashcam, which is eligible for iPhone owners. With both programs, you will be able to record traffic with just a touch-click. These apps also integrate many different functions, such as a compass and a current speedometer. However, it may be the case that the individual programs do not combine the data with the stored recordings, so you’ll need to check what you need before using them in the field.

Basically, you should make sure that you have a high-quality bracket both when using a car camera as well as the smartphone as Dashcam version. Finally, the camera should not wobble while driving, as it could make the recorded material unusable and lack the quality that would normally be available.


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