10 Best Contact Grills: Reviews and Buying Guide

Tasty barbecue does not have to be limited to the summer months, because even at other times, sausages and grilled meat taste good. With an electric contact grill, convivial barbecues in closed rooms can be organized even in bad weather, and dinner or a quick snack can also be prepared quickly with this versatile appliance. A good contact grill is, therefore, a true all-rounder in the kitchen, which impresses with its versatility and ease of use.

Top 10 Contact Grills

This makes grilling with the contact grill a pleasure

Summertime is barbecue time and from many gardens in the warm season, the smell of delicious grilled sausages and other delicacies penetrates. But why limit yourself to a season with the barbecue? The contact grill provides delicious grilled food 365 days a year, completely independent of weather and season and is still fast, versatile and healthy. But let’s take a look at what constitutes the contact grill.

The special feature of the contact grill, which is a handy small electric grill, is the fact that the food can be drilled from both sides at the same time. The contact grill can be opened and closed and has heated grill plates on both sides, which often consist of non-stick coated cast aluminum. Meat, steaks, and sausages can, therefore, be grilled without turning in one go from both sides. The two-sided contact with the hot grill plates, the pores close quickly and the meat gets a delicious crust outside, while it remains tender and juicy. But that’s not all the practical contact grills can do. The top and bottom heat also make them ideal for preparing paninis or hot sandwiches, and some appliances also offer the option of Toast toast or other grilled food. Unlike the classic gas, charcoal or electric grill, a contact grill is, therefore, a very versatile kitchen appliance that is often even used on a daily basis.

You should always pay attention to these factors when buying a contact grill

Regarding their applications, the different contact grills are quite different, so you should decide before purchasing which features are particularly important for a contact grill. The bilateral grilling of meat, fish or vegetables, as well as the baking of paninis or hot sandwiches, are standard features of a contact grill, but some appliances offer more.

  • The table grill function
    Many contact grilles have a 180 ° hinge so that the grill can be completely folded out and can also be used as a table grill. This makes it easy to relocate a cozy barbecue evening with family or friends to the local kitchen and even if it rains or snows outside, you can enjoy delicious dishes from the electric grill inside.
  • The oven function
    To use the contact grill as a small oven with top and bottom heat, it should have a height-adjustable and lockable lid. This makes the preparation of paninis and sandwiches easier because the lid can be fixed in the appropriate height and the delicate grilled food is not squeezed together and on the other can be easily baked toast or other foods with cheese.

But not only the possible uses are important when acquiring a contact grill. Also, very important factors in choosing the right contact grill are performance, temperature control, and cleaning options.

  • The performance of contact
    grills contact grills usually have a power of 1,500 to 2,000 watts. However, some smaller devices only provide 700 watts. These small devices are primarily suited for occasionally sandwiching, while contact grills of 1,000 to 1,500 watts are to a limited extent suitable for contact grilling of meat. If you expect optimal grilling pleasure and also want to use the device as a table grill, you should opt for a model with 2,000 watts or more. Only from this performance, the contact grills have enough power to meet all the requirements.
  • The temperature control
    Above all, small and cheap contact grills often offer no way to regulate the temperature and adapt to the particular food to be grilled. A steak, however, must be grilled at a different temperature than a sensitive fish, vegetables again set other requirements and paninis and sandwiches need a certain temperature. You should, therefore, keep your hands off devices that only work with a universal temperature, because it is not uncommon for the food to be cooked to look perfect on the outside, but still raw inside or burnt from the outside due to excessive heat. Some contact grills offer adjustable temperature levels, but even these levels are sometimes not ideal for every type of food, although three or five adjustable temperature levels are in any case better than a predetermined one. It is best, however, to choose a model in which the temperature can be adjusted continuously. So you can choose the optimal setting for each food and prepare all the dishes individually. The minimum temperature and the maximum temperature should always be kept in mind. For example, the minimum temperature varies between about 150 ° and 220 ° C, while the maximum temperature is usually between 250 ° and 270 ° C. Here, the larger the span between the minimum and maximum temperature, the more versatile the contact grill can be. Do you primarily like to grill meat,
  • The cleaning
    The contact grills also differ in terms of the possibility of cleaning. The non-stick grill plates allow for all devices a fairly simple cleaning, but some contact grills also offer the opportunity to remove the grill plates and easy to clean in the dishwasher. If the grill plates cannot be removed, always allow the appliance to cool sufficiently before cleaning and disconnect the mains plug before cleaning. A slight angle of inclination of the grill plates and an integrated oil drip tray into which barbecue juices and excess grease drain also ensure that the appliance is cleaner overall and that leaking grease can be absorbed accordingly. With the grease drip tray, you should always make sure.

What makes a good contact grill?

If you buy a contact grill, of course, you want to decide on the best device, but which is the best contact grill? Best contact grill is always the grill that best suits your needs and ideas. So someone looking for a Gastro contact grill or a professional contact grill will set other priorities than someone who only occasionally wants to use the appliance to prepare a sandwich or panini at home. However, you should always pay attention to some criteria, because they make a good contact grill:

  • As high as possible from 1,500, better 2,000 watts
  • 180 ° hinge, which allows use as a table grill
  • Stepless temperature control
  • Lockable lid for baking and cooking
  • Easy to clean thanks to removable grill plates
  • Slightly inclined grill plates so that barbecue juices and excess fat can drain into the drip tray
  • Good non-stick coating
  • Heat insulated handles
  • Good workmanship and secure stand

Whether it’s a contact grill for the hospitality industry or a home, a Panini contact grill or a contact grill for meat, these factors that make for a good contact grill always remain the same and you should consider them in your purchase decision.

Contact grills convince above all by their versatility

One of the most convincing buying arguments for a contact grill is its versatility. The charcoal grill is usually used only in the summer months and the use of a table grill or a pure sandwich maker is often limited. A good contact grill, on the other hand, combines the possibilities of using an electric grill, a charcoal grill and a sandwich maker in one appliance and is therefore very versatile. So you can use the contact grill for panini and sandwiches as well as for meat and vegetables and with the appropriate plates can also be prepared eggs or waffles in the contact grill. The contact grill is suitable for baking, it can toast and some devices even offer the option to thaw the food.

These versatile applications ensure that a contact grill is actually often used in practice instead of being left unused in the cupboard most of the time like many other kitchen appliances. Such a versatility hardly offers another kitchen appliance, so it is not surprising that the contact grill is often used professionally in the gastro. Who wants to buy a contact grill cheap, should not only look at the price but also on the uses, because the more frequent and versatile the device can be used, the more it pays in the end.

Skeptics may now ask the question, what can the contact grill, what the good, old frying pan can not? With regard to meat, the contact grill can cook the grill food, for example, without turning from both sides at the same time. As a result, the cooking time is much shorter on the one hand and on the other hand, the meat remains wonderfully juicy and flavor and aroma remain trapped inside. The same applies to fish and seafood and delicious grilled vegetables can be prepared in a short time. Baked dishes such as the popular toast Hawaii can be prepared much easier, faster and more energy-saving with the contact grill than in the oven and even with delicious sandwiches or paninis the contact grill is clearly ahead of the game. When you buy a contact grill, you buy a small kitchen all-rounder, especially in terms of high-quality appliances, which is hard to beat in terms of versatility.

Grill meat is unhealthy? Not with the contact grill

Barbecuing is sociable and tasty, and when the food on the charcoal grill starts to sizzle, your mouth water quickly. However, despite all palatability, grilling over an open fire is more and more blemished because it is not good for your health. Here are often the ghosts at the contact grill, electric or charcoal, what is the better barbecue? In terms of health, this question is very easy to answer, because here cut contact grill or electric grill significantly better. When grilling with charcoal, the fat that is released during cooking drips directly into the embers. This causes toxins that can settle on the food and damage the health. This danger is not given in a contact grill so that it allows a much healthier way of grilling. On the other hand, it is not necessary to use oil for grilling in most cases due to the non-stick coating of the grill plates. Only in exceptional cases may it be necessary to add a very small amount of oil. This makes the food in the contact grill particularly light, low in calories and gently prepared, which of course is very beneficial to the health.

These dishes are particularly suitable for the contact grill

The food that you can prepare with the appliance is just as varied as the possible uses of the contact grill. The imagination and creativity are virtually limitless here and on the Internet, you will find many delicious recipes that can be prepared with the contact grill. Among the classics that are ideal for preparation on the contact grill include

  • Steaks of beef, pork or poultry
  • Burger
  • Grillspieße
  • hot dog
  • fish and seafood
  • Crunchy Bacon
  • Vegetables like eggplant, potato, peppers, zucchini, carrots, fennel etc.
  • Panini and sandwiches with delicious filling
  • Baked foods like toast Hawaii
  • Desserts and waffles
  • egg dishes

Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, delicious snack in between or a tasty vegetable garnish can be made with the contact grill many different dishes.

Frequently asked questions about the contact grill

  1. Are exchangeable plates necessary? Some contact grills are supplied with exchangeable plates, while others can be used to buy replaceable plates as accessories. Absolutely necessary they are not, but they are practical to increase the versatility of the contact grill, because on a smooth grill plate, for example, eggs can be fried and made with a special waffle plate delicious waffles in the contact grill.
  2. Which different non-stick coatings are there? All contact grills have a non-stick coating. In particular, the professional Gastro contact grill has often grill plates made of cast iron, for domestic use, the contact grill with cast iron but rather the rarity. Grill grills made of cast aluminum are usually used here, or the contact grill has a coating made of ceramic or Teflon.
  3. How long does the contact grill need to preheat? Preheating is very quick with the contact grill and the grill is ready to use within a few minutes. While the charcoal grill is still waiting for the necessary temperature, you can already serve the first grilled steaks or sausages with the contact grill.
  4. May the contact grill be used on the balcony? If you do not have your own garden, but only a balcony, you should not drill there with a charcoal grill, as the typical smoke is a nuisance to the neighbors. In a contact grill, however, there is hardly any smoke. Although it comes with the use of a contact grill to the typical grill smell, for example, the grilled sausages spread, but this smell must be accepted in the opinion of most dishes from the neighbors. Nevertheless, you must always take a look at the house rules, before you use the contact grill on the balcony because the barbecue on the balcony can certainly be completely prohibited. Sometimes, however, an explicit permission is given for electric grilling and the ban applies only to charcoal grills.
  5. Is grilling with the contact grill indoors harmless? A charcoal grill should not be used indoors, because it threatens to poison with carbon monoxide. The odorless gas can cause unconsciousness and then died in a short time. However, a contact grill, which is always electrically operated, is absolutely harmless indoors and can not lead to the formation of dangerous carbon monoxide in the breathing air. It can, therefore, be used indoors without restriction.
  6. Does the preparation with the contact grill really save time? Grilling with the contact grill does not require any turning, as the pieces of meat are cooked by the two grilling plates from both sides at the same time. The barbecue time is reduced considerably and the food is ready in a short time ready.


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