10 Best Coffee Beans: Reviews and Buying Guide

Fully automatic coffee machines have been in vogue for many years. Why not offer them the opportunity to prepare delicious coffee with crema, latte macchiato, cappuccino or other delicacies? So that your coffee from the local fully automatic machine offers a certain aroma and good taste, the right coffee bean is essential. And this is exactly where the variety of possibilities opens up – Café Crema, coffee beans with the full-bodied aroma, espresso coffee beans, coffee beans with caramel notes and many other types of coffee beans will help you to find the tasty beans. Anyone who owns a coffee machine knows that the quality is important for the taste and the cream of the coffee. Of course, other factors such as the degree of beating of the beans or the pressure with which the water is pressed through the coffee machine play a role.

Top 10 Coffee Beans

Worth knowing about the coffee bean

The term “coffee bean” is actually not right, because the basic ingredient of the coffee is the seeds of the red coffee cherry. The basis of the coffee beans is red drupes whose seeds are arranged in pairs and lie one above the other. The cherries grow on the coffee trees. The beans are green when harvested and after processing – only by roasting do they become darker. The coffee bean is, therefore, to be seen as a misnomer, which has “shaped” over the centuries, so to speak, and is more likely due to the visual appearance of the coffee beans.

Because after fermentation and roasting, the end product is comparable to the appearance of a bean. To make coffee beans, the drupe seeds are dried and fermented, followed by roasting. Coffee – without the cup of coffee in the morning, many people can not imagine a start to the day. The true coffee connoisseurs among us swear by freshly prepared coffee from sieve carrier machines or the coffee machine. The coffee beans are freshly ground just before the coffee is brewed and then used to prepare a café crema, milk coffee, cappuccino or latte macchiato.

It is for the taste of coffee on the one hand

  • the coffee bean variety or the coffee bean mixture
  • the roasting time and
  • the roasting process


For coffee lovers and coffee lovers are certain – rather whole beans rather than ready ground coffee. The reason is quite simple and quick to explain: the aroma of the ground coffee evaporates quite quickly, the cause is the contact with the oxygen in the air. If a package of coffee beans or coffee powder is opened, something of the aroma evaporates. With whole coffee beans, this process takes much longer than with ground coffee. The coffee powder attracts the oxygen through the larger contact surface, which causes the aroma to fly faster. If the coffee beans are freshly ground in the coffee grinder or in the coffee machine, the loss of flavor is only very low.

What types of coffee beans are there?

There are countless varieties of coffee beans worldwide – but in Germany, the varieties Arabica and Robusta have established themselves as the most widely purchased varieties. This popularity is due to the fact that the coffee beans are the closest to the taste of Europeans and the economy of these beans is best.

  1. The Arabica coffee beans: This coffee bean variety is fruity and mild, but also generally more expensive.
  2. The Robusta coffee beans: They are a bit bitterer in taste and not as full-bodied as the Arabica beans.

Of course, there are other varieties of coffee beans that are not as widely known and well known as Arabica and Robusta. So there are the exclusive coffee beans “Kopi Luwak” or the “Excelsa”, which are traded as a rare delicacy. Their taste takes some getting used to, it tastes like earth. The Kopi Luwak coffee beans are the world’s most expensive coffee beans because their production is extremely exceptional. These coffee beans are also known as “cat beans” and that’s the reason: The cherries go through the intestinal tract of stalking cats. This gives the cherries their very own, characteristic aroma, which is earthy and chocolaty.

What should you look for when buying coffee beans?

Coffee beans are not equal to coffee beans – due to different roasting times and degrees of roast and due to different mixtures of coffee beans, the coffee beans, or the result, taste very different. A result of the longer roast are the espresso beans. They unfold by the dark and longer roasting a full character and are very aromatic. That is why the espresso beans are used in addition to the production of espresso for milk specialties such as cappuccino or latte macchiato.

For the preparation of a good cup of coffee crema, it is recommended to use a pure Arabica product, which is mild and aromatic in taste.

Other points to keep in mind when buying coffee beans:

  1. High-quality coffee beans have no trays and no break beans in the pack. For example, a coffee bar that has some air on top may be an indication that break beans and trays are in the package.
  2. The sealing of the packaging A high-quality coffee sometimes has up to 800 different flavorings. When you open the pack, it’s exactly these aromas that should arrive on your nose, the scent should be pleasant and full-bodied. As a rule, the packaging is provided with whole coffee beans with an aroma valve.
  3. The acidity of coffee beans Generally, coffee beans contain tannic acid – whether it’s the coffee beans from the discount store or the coffee shop in the city. It is important that the proportion of tannic acid is not so high. Coffee beans with a high content of tannins can cause heartburn and be poorly tolerated.
  4. For coffee lovers, the mouthfeel the coffee develops in the mouth is very important. The different coffee beans also cause very different oral sensations. While some of these beans are strong, aromatic and full-bodied, others leave only a watery, thin taste sensation. By roasting the coffee beans get a certain sweetness, which provides a certain taste experience.
  5. As with wine, there is also the “finish” with the coffee. A good coffee, so coffee with high-quality coffee beans, offers you like a good wine a good finish.

What you should know about roasting, roasting time and roasting strength

For the taste and use of coffee beans, the type and duration of roasting are crucial. Thus, the Arabica coffee beans are roasted extra long, making them accordingly dark. These dark roasted coffee beans are then offered as espresso beans. Coffee beans with a shorter roast time are suitable for making cappuccino, milk coffee or coffee crema.

Organic coffee beans and fair trade coffee beans – you should know

The work on the coffee plantations is really hard and the yields are often not lush, the payment bad. To honor the work and make the coffee trade fairer, many manufacturers have now committed to trading their coffee beans and coffee under fair conditions. That’s what the fair trade seal stands for. Manufacturers who trade fairly may print this seal on their coffee packaging. This makes it immediately obvious to you, the customer, whether these beans come from fair trade.

On the other hand, many manufacturers rely on organic coffee beans. For organic coffee beans, the use of pesticides is prohibited, indicating a more ecological version of coffee cultivation. Coffee beans made from fair trade or organic coffee beans are a lot more expensive compared to conventional coffee beans, but the commitment behind them is more sensible from an ecological and social point of view.

How do I prepare a good coffee from coffee beans?

The preparation of a good coffee or other coffee variation is already associated with a certain art and requires some experience. Whereby the coffee machines make it immensely easier for us to prepare coffee and co. The basis for an aromatic and good coffee is the coffee beans. High-quality coffee beans are already the way in the right direction. However, it depends on the degree of grinding of the coffee machine and the amount of water. Too coarsely ground coffee beans make an aqueous or acidic coffee, while finely ground coffee beans make the coffee bitter. The amount of water controls the amount and strength of the coffee.

Which coffee beans are good?

Well, this question can not be answered flatly. So each person has a different taste sensation, so this shows up on the coffee. To find the best coffee beans, it just needs to be tasted. Test different coffee beans from different manufacturers and experiment with a grinding degree and water quantity as well. This is the only way to find the best coffee beans for you.

How long are coffee beans?

If the coffee beans in the packaging are hermetically sealed, they will last for several years. As a rule, manufacturers specify a best-before date on their coffee packaging so that consumers can use it. If the package is open and comes into contact with oxygen, the coffee beans should be used within a few weeks. Due to the oxygen, the coffee loses aroma, so that after a few weeks the aroma is completely gone.

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