10 Best Coconut Oil: Reviews and Buying Guide

Within the new trend of innovative products for health and personal care, coconut oils are one of the latest developments. An oil that provides all kinds of benefits to both your health and your kitchen, having multiple applications on the skin, hair, body and much more. An oil that, provided it is of quality, will only bring you good things both inside and outside of your body. For this you can resort to products such as Sanct Bernhard Extra Virgin oil, which is obtained directly from mature and unrefined coconut pulp from organic farming, to obtain the highest quality. A process similar to that of Organic Naturseed oil, which comes from organic sources, is useful for both cosmetic and cooking uses, even counting with awards for oil with better taste and quality of the market.

Pure coconut oil is a vegetable product extracted directly from coconut pulp, which provides a high amount of nutrients to your body, whether you use it in a cosmetic or culinary format. Something that covers almost all oils, although some have more specific uses. In any case, the important thing is to have quality oils, preferably of organic origin and that has been extracted safely, to maintain their nutritional properties and taste in culinary uses. We speak of oils like the Naturseed Extra Organic, of mixed origin but recommended especially for culinary uses, which stands out for its pleasant taste and for the ecological seal that certifies its origin. A stamp that shares with the Naturale Extra Virginia extracted directly from pure coconut not refined and cold pressed, to maintain a pleasant aroma and all the nutrients inherent in the product.

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What is the best coconut oil on the market?

There are many benefits that coconut oil has on our body. Currently, it is common to find coconut oil in its different presentations in any house. However, some people buy this oil just because they were told it is good for the hair or skin, regardless of the composition it has and what it is used for in each case, so we have prepared this guide to buy the best coconut oil of the current market. The idea is that you can make a comparison of coconut oils and choose a good, but an economical one.

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What type of coconut oil is best?

This depends on the use that we are going to give because not all coconut oils are the same, each one has its applications and price. But before reviewing how much coconut oil costs, let’s see what are the currently available options.

The first classification we can make is between “virgin” coconut oil and “refined” coconut oil. Those less familiar with these terms might think that one is processed and the other is not, but in reality, any coconut oil is necessarily processed, since it is not about opening a coconut and finding the oil inside. To extract the oil, a process must occur that in most cases has nothing to do with any type of chemicals.

The so-called virgin coconut oil is a little less processed than refined, bleached and deodorized coconut oil (RBD), but when extracted, all coconut oils are refined. It is not that the refining is harmful and the virgin is healthy, but that the refining loses some nutrients during the process, for example, virgin coconut oil has more antioxidants than the RBD.

Refined coconut oil

Among refined coconut oils, the extraction method used by the manufacturer must be taken into account. The oil is extracted from the so-called dry coconut or “copra” and the most important thing is that no type of solvent is used in its extraction. Avoid oils with hexane, which are offered as a cleaner, but have been chemically processed. We also recommend avoiding any hydrogenated coconut oil, because, in the process, the natural oil of good saturated fat is converted into trans fats harmful to health.

The most recommended is the refinement that uses a press and an ejector to remove the oil from the dried coconut and then it is passed through a natural clay filter, which leaves it much cleaner, without the need to use dangerous chemicals.

You will also find liquid coconut oil, which is nothing more than coconut oil without one of the most important components and which benefits the body the most, which is lauric acid. It is true that liquid remains, which would make it more practical for some people, but we must know that their medicinal qualities are greatly reduced.

Virgin coconut oil

This type of coconut oil is obtained in the most elementary way, that is, by pressing and compressing the dried coconut until the oil is extracted. There is also the so-called “wet milling” in which it is not necessary to dry the coconut, but the milk is extracted and then the oil is separated from it.

The good thing about these processes is that the oil retains most of its nutrients and especially that does not include the addition of any chemicals. This is the type of coconut oil we recommend, so it is necessary to review the specifications of the product very well. Where does the oil come from? How was it extracted? Some of the best manufacturers guarantee the use of organic coconuts, this is a point in favor.

Organic farming is widely used in countries that export coconut raw material, thus reducing the impact on the environment and by not using insecticides in the crop, a purer oil is obtained. This type of oil is used for cooking and can be a substitute for butter.

But depending on the use that you are going to give the oil, there are some refined ones that are not suitable to ingest and yet they are very good as a hair conditioner or as a skin moisturizer, as long as a chemical agent has not been used pollutant. Remember to check in detail that the label says if it is “fit for human consumption” or, on the contrary, of “external use”.

What is the best coconut oil of 2019?

Coconut oils have many properties that make them one of the main ingredients in Asian and Oriental cooking in general. In addition, its natural and beneficial characteristics of vitamins and minerals also allow it to be used as a basis for the care of the skin and hair. If you are interested in knowing which is the best coconut oil of 2019 to make the best use of your investment, check out our great selection:

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