10 Best Chop Saws: Reviews and Buying Guide

Many renovations involve many tasks that require the use of a chop saw. With its sturdy and robust saw blade, it saws boards such as planks or laminate in the desired length and is also suitable for cutting smaller pieces of wood. Whether garden fences, stylish furniture, wall coverings or the construction of a terrace – with the chop saw or miter saw you can do such work easily.

Top 10 Chop Saws

What is a chop saw? A comparison to the circular saw.

A chop saw is a generally electrically operated sawing device. This leans optically most of the similar to her table saw and circular saw, where there are serious differences, especially in the field of functionality and applications. In the commercial circular saw, the saw blade is located directly in the engine area. Below sits a most flexible and adjustable in angle of inclination worktop, on which also the adjustment of the piercing and sawing depth is made.

For longer cuts with the circular saw, you absolutely need a guide cuts. Depending on the saw blade used, the circular saw is ideal for sawing metal (mainly light metal such as aluminum, but also steel) as well as wood and plastic. Also, the mobility of the saw should be mentioned. The circular saw brings a low weight to the scale and can be used almost anywhere.

The pros and cons of a chop saw

What the chop saw can do in contrast to a circular saw: The circular saw is primarily suitable for straight cuts. This means vertical and horizontal sawing work. With the chop saw you also have the opportunity to cut according to the set angle. Depending on the model, the tilt setting and the swivel range are made directly on the turntable or on the saw head.

You should pay attention to this when buying a chop saw

  • Location and fixation of the workpiece

Before you buy: Be aware of the work to be done and the space available to you. The location plays an important role. Did you saw big longboards with the chop saw? Then not only the saw needs space. Right and left also a larger work surface is necessary. In this way, the board to be cut experiences stability, which makes cutting easier.

By the way: To increase the comfort, a clamp is recommended. With some chop saws, this is already installed. Other manufacturers deliver their model with an additional clamp bracket. If the saw has no device for clamping the workpiece, then a screw clamp will help you.

  • The depth of cut and why carbide saw blades are better

After fixing the angle, you can easily make miter cuts. For the drawing of grooves, it is important to view the cutting depth before the chop saw purchase. It is variable, often in the range between 90 and 100 millimeters and should be tailored to your personal needs. The same applies to the size and quality of the saw blade. The quality of the sheet is not strictly dependent on the material.

However, since a high degree of hardness leads to even more areas of application, carbide is recommended. The saw blade usually has a saw blade bore of 30 millimeters. The diameter of the saw blade is different. Often it is between 20 and 30 centimeters. A larger saw blade usually has more teeth and that benefits the sawing process. The optimal number is between 33 and 45 teeth.

This can be processed by a high-quality carbide saw blade:

  • Wood such as roof battens, laminate, boards, planks
  • Aluminum like pipes, profiles
  • Metal (heavy metals like steel)
  • Plastic like pipes, thicker cables, and plates, Plexiglas
  • composite materials

Other important features:

  1. Speed: Between 4,500 and 5,500 revolutions per minute are ideal
  2. Performance: The minimum value is 1,400 watts
  3. Application: Professional or DIY
  4. Cutting width (usually +/- 300 millimeters)
  5. Tilt angle adjustment optional right and left side
  6. Protective covers included

What many buyers do not consider

  • The pull function and the grab handle

A chop saw with pull function is very handy, but not every device has this capability. With the pull function, your saw blade floats over the workpiece. A built-in ball bearing makes this possible. Practical side effect: The cutting width increases and usually reaches higher values than 30 centimeters. To make it easy to pull, make sure to use the attached lever before buying.

The lever is understood as a gripping point. Hold on to it. Without him, a precise guidance of the saw blade is not feasible. If your work often takes more time, look for a model with an ergonomic grip. He is a bit thicker, well-formed, has the typical hand width and is pleasant to the touch.

  • Think about the health

Have you ever worked in a dirty dusty workshop? This is not pleasant for any home improvement! If dirt particles form, the breathing air is impaired. Not infrequently, the permanent stress leads to respiratory problems to the development of allergies. Manufacturers have developed a practical solution to the problem: the dust collector. This is made of textiles and sits above the table behind the saw blade. The movement of the saw blade catapults the chips directly into the collecting container. Once the collecting bag is filled, the emptying is on and that is quite simple.

  • The lighting and the lines

Surely you know that good work is always associated with excellent lighting conditions. When sawing it depends on very precise cuts. Once looked away for a short time and already waste has arisen. Unfavorable lighting conditions lead to the same result. Therefore you use workshop lighting. Nevertheless, this is not always enough. It does not adequately illuminate your object to be processed and so the error rate increases. In professional construction site operations, the consequences cannot be imagined.

Light also helps elsewhere, namely when it comes to sawing itself. The scoring of the workpiece is usually troublesome. If the number of lumens is low, the gray line of the pencil is barely visible. Here, your precise eye is in demand and frequently even the best eyesight is not enough. That’s why you rely on devices with a laser line! The laser indicates the cutting line. Due to its high luminous intensity, it is easy for you to work on the workpiece accurately.

What is better chop saw or table saw?

The question of whether a chop saw or a table saw is better, cannot be answered so easily. Compared to the table saw, the chop saw is much smaller and lighter. Although she has her own turntable. Its size, however, is much smaller. Ergo: The table saw needs more space in any case. In terms of its function, it is more like the circular saw, the saw blade comes from below as opposed to this.

Even with the table saw, you set the height of the saw blade – as well as the chop, saw – comfortable so that different cutting depths are no problem. The swiveling saw blade of the table saw is also able to make miter cuts. In the table saw, guide rails are either included in the scope of delivery or even built quickly. The tension of the table saw is either 230 or 400 volts, in the chop saw it behaves as well.

In plain language: at 230 volts, the household electricity is sufficient. If you want a professional saw for the joiner’s needs, you need a high current access. As you can see, table saws and chop saws have a similar functional range. Biggest difference: In terms of price, the table saw is well above the cost of the chop saw. At the table saw is to be expected with at least 200 euros. There is hardly a limit to the top. The best devices have prices in the 5-digit range.

How much can and should a chop saw cost?

The prices of crosscut saws are related to their functions. The possibilities of tilt adjustment play a role here, but other equipment features are reflected in the price. Cross-cut saws are already available from 40 euros. At this price, of course, they have a lower functionality. If you plan to use the chop saw more often, it is advisable to buy a better-equipped product, which is between 150 and 1,400 euros. Above average equipment is already available from around 160 euros.

To buy a cut-off saw on the Internet or from a specialist dealer? These are the advantages and disadvantages.

With the advent of online commerce, many buyers argued that advice in brick-and-mortar retail was better. The situation has changed since then because more and more online shops offer comprehensive advice on various communication channels. In addition to a live chat, there is a service number, which you can often even use free of charge. In addition, the web stores provide extensive product descriptions and customer reviews are a big plus. You also do not have to travel or search for a parking space. Another advantage is the delivery because the logistics service provider delivers your chop saw directly to your home. This often happens the next business day after your order.

The best manufacturers for crosscut saws at a glance

There are some manufacturers who have established themselves in the field of chop saws. You will find the best manufacturers of crosscut saws here:

  • Einhell: Einhell is headquartered in Germany and has been dedicated to the production of tools and machines of all kinds since 1964. Its chop saws not only impress with their visually appealing design. As an ambitious DIY enthusiast you will find multifunctions such as three types of saws – pull saw, miter saw and miter saw – in just one device. Of course, the functionality of the Einhell chop saw determines the price. So this is in the relatively upscale range.
  • Metabo: Metabo is also a giant in the home improvement sector. The foundation dates back to 1924 and the company is still based in Baden-Württemberg. Metabo offers a wide range of angle grinders, hand drills, cordless screwdrivers, impact drills, and chop saws. Its chop saws are located in the higher price segment. However, the initial costs are usually below 300 euros. For this, you get full power and an all-rounder in a compact form.
  • Bosch: The German company Bosch shines in numerous areas and stands next to the long-standing tradition in the field of the production of technical devices for the professional employment and the domestic workshop requirement also for an unmistakable quality. In the field of chop saws, you will find devices from Bosch that have a comprehensive range of functions and are extremely durable.
  • Makita: With Makita, we are now moving abroad – to Japan. The company focuses on power tools of all kinds. Although the production site is not located here, Makita convinces above all by its many years of experience and expertise. The chop saws of the manufacturer bring high-quality properties that leave nothing to be desired.



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