10 Best Cheap Makeup Brushes: Reviews and Buying Guide

Makeup is an art, an art that requires the best tools to achieve sublime results. Each element counts, each product is essential, and there is no doubt that in this sense the makeup brushes play a fundamental role. Many women make up, either daily to go to their workplace, for special occasions, or when they leave as friends on weekends, for this reason having at home the necessary equipment becomes indispensable.

We have carried out a 20-hour investigation, comparing and analyzing 20 products on the market and we have selected the 5 best cheap makeup brushes for you.

Top 10 Cheap Makeup Brushes

In this complete guide we offer 2 useful sections that will help you to make the best decision:

  • 1. The best cheap makeup brushes of 2019
  • 2. What to take into account when buying some makeup brushes

1. The best cheap makeup brushes of the moment – Purchase Guide

Best brands

The world of makeup is truly extensive, that is why it is convenient to know some of the brands with the best reputation in the market so that the results are sublime:

  • EmaxDesign: This professional brand of makeup products is presented as one of the star brands that you can find in the market. Its products are characterized by offering a good price combined with design, functionality, and quality. Highly recommended
  • Luxebell: Another of the most recommended brands is Luxebell, a brand of makeup accessories that focuses on quality, elegance, design, price, and effectiveness. Its products are durable, easy to use and manageable. 
  • USpicy: This brand specializes in the sale of products designed for the care and beauty of women, products that take care of even the smallest detail to ensure the maximum satisfaction of those women who are committed to this brand. 

2. What to take into account when buying a makeup brush

When buying the best cheap makeup brushes it is important to take into account a series of recommendations to get the right decision:

  • Brand: Choose only recognized brands in the sector, because otherwise your skin could be damaged. It is important that the bristles are soft, durable, high density and of good quality, that do not release hairs.
  • Hair: As is evident, it is advisable to opt for natural hair bristles and discard artificial hair, since the natural ones are usually softer and get better finishes, although in recent times the results obtained by the artificial ones have nothing to envy to the natural ones
  • Case/bag: It is convenient that you choose a product that includes a case or bag that allows you to keep and keep your brushes and brushes well protected.
  • Brush sets: If you are going to opt for the set of brushes make sure you are choosing that model that best suits what you need since there are models for all tastes and needs. A number of pieces, price, brand, other complements, etc., all counts.

Now that you know what are the best cheap makeup brushes, do not hesitate to bet on these products. Whether it’s for you or for a gift, these sets of makeup brushes will be up to the standard for very little money … and boasts a face.

What is the best set of makeup brushes on the market?

Identifying the best set of makeup brushes is not a simple matter, especially since each user has specific needs. In any case, we must be aware that the product has been manufactured according to the highest quality standards since they are tools that will be in contact with the skin of the face, so their suitability must be guaranteed. The offer is extensive, so we are going to help you with this guide to buy the best set of makeup brushes. These are the aspects that you should consider.

Shopping guide

The hair of the makeup brush

As with the brushes that are used in painting, makeup brushes can be classified into two types depending on the nature of your hair. This can be natural or synthetic. Then, you should know what are the advantages and disadvantages of each type before selecting sets of makeup brushes.

Natural hair brushes are made, as the name suggests, from the hair of an animal. In general, they are castor hair, Marta Kolinsky, pony, etc. The advantage of this type of brushes is that they do not irritate the skin and tend to be softer than synthetic ones. These brushes are ideal for the application of powdered cosmetics, such as sunscreens, rouge, etc., but not so much for those cream makeups, since the result can be somewhat sticky.

On the other hand, synthetic hair brushes are usually made of nylon or polyester and are usually the most frequent. Of course, there are brushes of this type so well made that they have nothing to envy to those of natural bristles.

Hair is generally harder, hence the application is more precise and clean. For this reason, they are indicated for use with cream cosmetics, such as makeup foundations, concealers or lipsticks.

The shape of the makeup brush

In a comparison of sets of makeup brushes could not miss a reference to the shape of these brushes, because, depending on the desired result, you will need a format or another. The scope of these tools is very broad, so you will need to know well the different forms and their applications.

As you know, the shape of the brush is what determines its usefulness. First, we can talk about brushes for backgrounds, which you will recognize by its thick handle, round cut tip and flattened hairs. These are perfect for the application of makeup bases. The brushes for powders, generally, are of natural hair, since this is the appropriate one for this class of products. They are large brushes with long bristles.

Another typology is the diagonal brush, whose format is easily recognizable and jumps at the sight. This is ideal for applying blushes, as it slides down the cheekbone more effectively and accurately.

Finally, we must mention the brushes in the form of a fan, also very striking. In this case, they serve to remove remains of makeup, for example, if a little shadow of eyes fell out of this area. Generally, they are made of natural hair.

The length of the bristles

Another detail to take into account is the length of the bristles. Sure you are interested in finding a set of cheap makeup brushes, but you should also pay attention to factors like this. The short hair brushes are designed to provide a more accurate result. For example, are those indicated to make up the eyes or lips? On the other hand, longer bristle brushes provide freer movements and are ideal for blending.

The inclusion of a case to store the brushes

Finally, you can consider that the set incorporates a case to store the brushes when you are not using them. This will depend on the model, since there are sets that only include makeup brushes, while others do incorporate a small case to store them and, moreover, it is very practical to take on a trip, for example.

If you are wondering how much a set of makeup brushes costs, it is possible that the price is a bit higher if you include this extra. However, on many occasions, brands could give this box without additional cost to capture the interest of consumers. In any case, what is clear is that the inclusion of a case on the set is a good point in its favor.


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