10 Best Chairs: Reviews and Buying Guide

From incredible products we will try to clarify all the doubts you may have about the chairs for gamers or special to play. For this, we have selected the 10 best gaming chairs that are currently on the market in this 2019.

For obligation or entertainment, we usually spend hours in front of a computer screen sitting in a chair, worried about meeting deadlines, raising levels to our characters or which component to buy later. The problem is that we forget the device that most interests us: our body.

If your lower back, neck or entire back hurts, it’s time to retire the wooden chair or the IKEA office chair that is falling apart and think about acquiring an ergonomic office or gaming chair to pass the time that you want in front of your computer or console with one less worry.

Top 10 Chairs

How to choose the gaming chair that suits your needs?

You have to know how to correctly choose the chair of our dreams, because some companies taking advantage of the tug that e-sports are currently having, the competitive game and the increase in popularity of the game on PC, raise the price too much to what would be a chair of aerodynamic office.

Without realizing it you will end up spending a fortune on your battle station and one of your favorite areas of the house will end up looking like the bridge of a spaceship. But if you have a budget to spend and you see no problem in sitting in a comfortable armchair or chair gamer as a captain at the controls of his star destroyer we also have a solution for you.

How are we going to value the chairs?

In this article, I will value the comfort, the durability, the price, materials, and characteristics together to guide you in the best way possible in the decision and purchase of one of these products.

Many of these chairs are made of different qualities of leather, which is a nuisance in areas of excessive heat. Put a towel, a blanket or some breathable fabric between you and the chair is a homemade solution to avoid discovering that your seat and you are now one.

We also find two different types of chair, the gamer chairs, and the racing chairs, being the first most basic, simple and cheap and the last ones more complete, aggressive and expensive that seem torn from a sports car. Although they are labels that are used quite lightly. As a personal recommendation, these chairs sometimes have large discounts, if you are interested in any item on the wish list and wait at a discount of 30% or more, because it is worth it.

Before buying a chair to play, tips to keep in mind

Before going through our ranking, we tell you where to start choosing your chair. What characteristics and brand to choose?

Let’s see it in the following sections.

The best brands


It is a brand with headquarters throughout the world (United States, China, Australia …) and has become one of the most reliable sellers of Amazon online store.

Although it is not dedicated solely to gaming products or chairs, but to household products in general, its gamers’ chairs have become quite popular for their good quality and reasonable price. The best option if you are looking for an affordable chair, with good materials, but without great benefits.

Mars Gaming

The firm of the Spanish company Tacens, formed recently, has already made a gap among users. It is geared only to the gaming world, so its designs and features are usually specific to play. This increases the price and does not always offer the best value for money option, but very attractive and advanced products, which will not leave you indifferent if you are a demanding gamer.


A brand that is dedicated solely to chairs, steering wheels, pedals, and peripherals for driving games. So much so, that his name is the same as that given to the famous driving chairs, which emulate the seat of a racing car. Something so specific also raises the price, but you will not regret it if yours are the car simulators.

Robas Lund

This brand sells chairs from the well-known firm DXRacer. The variety of models is small, but the chair we analyzed from Robas Lund has already become an Amazon bestseller. In general, their chairs are very adjustable and comfortable, although of low height. This requires making piston changes or, if you measure enough, opt for another brand. We go with the characteristics to consider:


The most important part of any chair, whether for gaming or not. If you are of medium height, you will not have problems when adapting to most chairs. However, if it is not, it is advisable that you check the height of the backrest especially. That way, it will not be short.

In addition, some chairs introduce lumbar and neck support cushions. The latter can not always move from place, and your height is important at the time of fulfilling its function and not be a hindrance that you have to withdraw. The width and overall design of the chair are also relevant. We tell you in the next point.


For greater comfort, especially if you are big or you weigh a lot, look for broad designs that pick up the body. That way, you will maintain a correct posture and you will not subsequently have pain and discomfort.

Especially if you are a fairly intensive gamer or you are going to use the chair also for other uses (work, studies …), which will be the most usual. As for aesthetics, it depends almost entirely on your personal tastes.w.

Manufacturing materials

The most common finishes are those made of synthetic leather and textiles. Both have their positive and negative points.

In the case of leatherette chairs, cleaning is simpler. They also tend to pick up less dirt. On the other hand, it is less breathable and can give you heat in summer, make you sweat … Synthetic leather is also more prone to cracking, scratching and deterioration in general.

The textile finishes, on the other hand, are more difficult to clean and tend to get dirty (especially with dust, lint, hair …) However, there are fabrics that are very breathable, comfortable and comfortable. Much more accomplished than synthetic leather. You decide that it adapts more to your tastes or needs.

Adjustment systems and armrest

The gaming chairs, like the generic ones, will be able to adapt more or less in height and inclination according to their price range.

Price range

If your use is not very intensive, maybe you can save a few euros and go for a mid-range chair.

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