10 Best Chainsaws: Reviews and Buying Guide

A chainsaw can be optimally used for the care of your property as well as your garden. With this device, it is possible to cut branches, cut down trees and remove storm damage. In addition, a chainsaw is ideal for making firewood. If you have a chainsaw license, you can use the chainsaw to work in addition to working on your own property as well as forest work and work on the property of third parties.

Top 10 Chainsaws

What types of chainsaws are there?

The gasoline chainsaw

The classic chainsaw is the gasoline chainsaw. It is significantly more expensive than other chainsaws. But it offers a lot of advantages because a gasoline chainsaw is particularly powerful and often offers a long cutting length.

Due to the high cutting performance, you can use such a model perfectly as a chainsaw for tree cases. Likewise, a chainsaw with a petrol engine is very suitable for other coarser forestry work. You can use a gasoline saw in good as well as humid weather conditions. For example, such a chainsaw can also be used in the rain. On top of that, you can use such a cutting device mobile.

Many gasoline chainsaws are suitable for the private as well as the semi-professional sector. Part of such a device can be used as a professional chainsaw. As a gasoline chainsaw runs on fuel, it emits exhaust gases. That’s why you can only use the petrol chainsaw outside.

In advance, it is necessary to mix the gasoline. In addition, you have to wait for the gasoline engine every now and then. Before you buy such a chainsaw, you should bear in mind that this device has a high volume and quite a heavyweight.

The electric chainsaw

An electric chainsaw is ideal for you if you want to perform finer work. Many electric saws perform less well than gasoline chainsaws. Since an electric chainsaw is operated via the mains current, you can not use it mobile. Therefore, it is less intended to work trees on a large property or in the forest. Instead, such a device is especially suitable for work on smaller properties.

One of the advantages of these laws is the lower weight and lower volume. On the other hand, most electric chainsaws are associated with a lower purchase price and with less maintenance. In addition, electric chainsaws are easy to operate. Always pay attention to the cable. This can be disturbing and involves dangers. For example, you run the risk of accidentally cutting the cable.

The cordless chainsaw

A cordless chainsaw is characterized among other things by their mobility. However, a chainsaw with battery is usually not intended for work in the forest. This is due to the often low power as well as the limited battery life. Partial holds the battery only for about 25 to 30 minutes. For this you can use a cordless power saw, for example, to cut off disturbing branches in a small garden.

Before buying a cordless chainsaw, keep in mind that these models should not be used in damp weather. Furthermore, many cordless chainsaws are quite expensive. It is advantageous that they are neither equipped with a cable nor fuel dependent. In addition, many models of this type are easy to maintain and provide low volume and low weight.

What is important with a chainsaw? 10 relevant purchase criteria at a glance

Finding a suitable chainsaw is not always easy. Finally, the choice is very large.

  • The chain speed.  The manufacturers usually quote the chain speed in meters per second or in meters per minute. Higher chain speed means you can cut faster with the chainsaw. Some models offer a chain speed of 20 meters per second. For many chainsaws the speed is between 12 and 16 meters per second. Other saws only reach a speed of fewer than 10 meters per second.
  • The performance.  Power is expressed in watts or performance is sufficient for you depends on the scope of application. If you need the circular saw for forestry work or work on larger land, a chainsaw with a power between 1,500 and 2,500 watts is recommended. If you use the saw for smaller plots of land, a chainsaw with a slightly lower power of, for example, 1,400 watts is sufficient.
  • The volume.  Many models have a volume of more than 100 decibels. Therefore, when using a chainsaw, it is best to wear ear protection. In addition, due to the high volume, it is not allowed to use chainsaws during rest periods and on rest days.
  • The weight.  Too much weight can significantly reduce handling. Therefore, it is advisable to check the weight when buying a chainsaw. Note that many manufacturers specify the weight without the chain, saw blade, oil and/or fuel.
  • The sword length.  The sword length is sometimes referred to as rail length. It shows what diameter the branch may have maximum to cut it with the saw. It makes sense to use a chainsaw with a sword length of 35 centimeters or more. If you want to cut larger trees with the chainsaw, the sword length should be about 40 to 50 centimeters.
  • The chain brake.  A chain brake is an important safety mechanism. This ensures that the chain stops immediately after you have turned it off. Thus, the chain does not run due to the chain brake. This mechanism helps to prevent accidents.
  • The tool-free chain tension.  Every now and then it is necessary to tighten the chain. This is important because if the chain is not properly tensioned, there is a higher risk of accidents. On top of that, the chain can wear out faster if it is too loose. Mostly the chain tension succeeds easily. Many models allow tool-free chain tensioning as well as tool-less chain changing.
  • The oil tank.  Each chainsaw is provided with an oil tank. The larger this is, the heavier the chainsaw becomes. The nice thing is that refueling is not so often required with a larger tank. Also, check to see if the saw has an oil tank view window before purchasing. This makes it possible to easily check the amount in the oil tank.
  • The fuel tank capacity.  If you want to buy a gasoline chainsaw, you should pay attention to the capacity of the fuel tank. Just as with the oil tank, a larger tank means a higher weight and less frequent refueling.
  • The catalyst.  If you are looking for a gasoline chainsaw, the catalyst is another important factor. This filters the pollutants from the exhaust gases and thus ensures a lower exhaust emission.

The chainsaw in use – What should I watch out for when using a chainsaw?

Chainsaws are dangerous tools. Be careful when cutting firewood or other work with a chainsaw. Accidents happen quickly. Among other things, concentration, a secure footing and suitable protective clothing are relevant.

The equipment for your own safety

When using a chainsaw, it is the necessary safety equipment in advance. These include:

  • Protective gloves
  • Padded protective clothing
  • safety shoes
  • helmet
  • Safety glasses or protective mask
  • ear protection

12 tips for dealing with a chainsaw

In addition to the safety equipment, there are many other aspects that you should not disregard when working with a chainsaw. These include:

  1. Be focused and prudent throughout the work with a chainsaw.
  2. It is important that neither clothing nor hair or the like can get caught in the chainsaw.
  3. Do not carry the chainsaw above the shoulder level and do not hold the saw overhead.
  4. Spread your legs and slightly move your feet so that you stand securely and firmly.
  5. For a higher balance, it makes sense to keep the chainsaw close to the body.
  6. Hold the chainsaw with both hands on the corresponding handles and enclose the handles with your thumb and your fingers.
  7. The handles should be able to hold you safely. Before working with the chainsaw, check if the handles are dirty and/or oily. If this is the case, you should clean it.
  8. If you would like to prevent a kickback of the chainsaw, you should not cut into the workpiece with the tip of the sword.
  9. It is usually not necessary to push the chainsaw into the workpiece.
  10. Many chainsaws have a claw stop. which you should always use if possible.
  11. Make sure that the oil tank is not empty. The chain should always be well oiled. Otherwise, it can heat up quickly and wear out.
  12. It is not recommended to use the chainsaw on a ladder.

Store a chainsaw correctly – this is how it works!

Before you store the chainsaw, you usually need to make some preparations:

  • Clean the chainsaw before storage. To do this, remove the sword and the saw chain. Then clean both parts and spray them with some protective oil. Also, clean the remaining parts of the chainsaw carefully.
  • If you are using biological lubricating oil for the chain, filling up the tank is useful. This will prevent the oil from becoming gummy.
  • If it is a gasoline chainsaw, you must drain the fuel tank. Do this in a place that is well ventilated. The disposal of the remaining fuel should be environmentally friendly. Afterward, it is important to let the chainsaw run until there is no fuel left in the tank. Now you can clean the fuel tank.
  • If you want to store a cordless chainsaw, you should remove the battery in advance.

Pack the chainsaw dust-free. Store in a location away from direct sunlight or the weather. The room should be well ventilated, dry and cool. In addition, you should store the cutter protected so that, for example, children can not access it.

Chainsaw – When is it required?

Using chainsaws, it is possible to cut trees, cut branches, and cut firewood. But who is allowed to operate a chainsaw? Sometimes a so-called chainsaw is required to operate a chainsaw. You can do this if you are at least 18 years old and physically and mentally healthy.

5 questions and answers about chainsaws

  • When is it possible to work with a chainsaw?

According to the Federal Immission Control Ordinance, you may use chainsaws from 7:00 to 20:00 from Mondays to Saturdays. It is not allowed to use the chainsaws on public holidays and on Sundays.

In addition to these regulations, it may be that your own community has set additional restrictions. If you are not sure when to use the chainsaw, it is advisable to ask the local public order office.

  • When is a chainsaw dull?

When a chainsaw is dull, you can tell by different hints. If smoke develops during the sawing process or if the saw chain bounces or rattles, it is very likely that you need to sharpen the chainsaw. The same applies if you have to apply pressure during sawing and you require longer than usual for the sawing work, or sawdust is produced instead of chips in the sawing work.

  • How do I sharpen a saw chain?

It is important that the saw chain is sharpened regularly. If you want to sharpen the saw chain yourself, you can use a file or a special sharpening device. Sharpening with the file usually requires more time and effort. It’s easier with the chain sharpener. Nevertheless, you also need practice for this.

Unless you want to sharpen the chain yourself, you can have the chainsaw sharpened. This costs partly only 3.50 euros to about 5.00 euros. Sometimes the sharpening services take much more. In part, it pays more to buy a new saw chain, instead of having a saw chain sharpened.

  • Which gas can I use for a chainsaw?

If you want to use a gasoline chainsaw, you need fuel. Mostly you have to mix the gas in a ratio of 1:25 or 1:50. Accordingly, 25 or 50 parts of gasoline and a part of oil are necessary. Which fuel mixture is required reveals a look in the manual.

  • Which oil can I use for a chainsaw?

It makes sense to use a special chainsaw oil. You can choose from mineral, vegetable, and organic chainsaw oils. These can be filled in the chain oil tank if necessary.


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