10 Best Cat Toys: Reviews and Buying Guide

We already know that for many reasons we should promote and encourage the exercise of our cats, but it is not always easy to find the right toys. There are so many…! Therefore, we have made a collection with the best toys for cats of 2018, so you can take a look, gossip a little and if finally, someone catches your attention, you can buy it.

From toy mice, through food dispensers, claw sharpeners, interactive toys, to balls. Everything exists when looking for a toy for your cats, but, it is important to know that not all toys are for all cats, so it is necessary to know what kind of toy is the favorite of your kittens. Before buying any you must consider certain factors, such as the material they are made of, durability and their size. These should not contain small pieces or plumage that are easily detached, as they can be ingested and result in a health problem.

If you make a comparison of all the products, you will arrive at the perfect for your cat, which is affordable and at a good price. To help you choose among the best options, we leave you with a fairly complete list with suggestions

Top 10 Cat Toys

What are the best toys for cats?

The best toys are those that stimulate, exercise and keep the cat entertained. But since in the market you will find a great variety that fulfills these qualities, the best thing is that you have in consideration a series of details, First of all, a good toy should be safe, you should avoid risks of suffocation with small parts or injuries with ropes and other objects.

It is necessary that it be durable, because of the hunting and destructive nature! Of the cats, you must make sure to take home resistant, robust and durable articles. With a comparison between models, you can make the right selection.

Mobility is also important, you must decide if you will play the game manually, if you will instinctively your cat or if it goes with batteries, the latter are delicate you must operate them carefully and see that the cat does not destroy it If you still do not know what to buy, maybe this list can help you.

Has it ever happened to you that your cats seem to be always in a bad mood, lying on the couch and not doing much more than eating and sleeping?

Well, like everyone else, cats need exercise to stay active both physically and mentally and thus be healthy and happy. As a mother of a pussycat, I’ve found that a good way to keep them moving is with different toy models. Although, unlike dogs that can be months with the same balls without getting bored, cats are much fussier when it comes to choosing their favorite, so it is convenient to know the best options on the market.

And probably you are like me and you are in search of the type of toy ideal for your cat, which allows you to freak for hours and never get bored, so you can not miss this comparative list that I bring you.

These are the 5 steps to choose the best toys for cats

Although it may not seem like it, the fact of buying a cat toy warrants that you follow five recommendations so as not to miss the election. But before entering the subject, I tell you that with the passage of time you will be witnesses of how the likes of kittens tend to change, and, therefore, you will surely have to bet on other toys.

And for the welfare of the cats, never lose sight of the toys worn or damaged because they could represent a risk of suffocation for the pet, either by pieces of the animal and/or by small pieces that could be detached.

Discover what category of toys your cat likes

In view of the fact that kittens tend to be unpredictable, the action of finding them a toy that provides them with full fun is not a very easy task. So be prepared to experiment with different types of cat toys and stay tuned for their reactions.

As a tip and if you want to spoil your pussy to the fullest, start with cheap cat toys. In the store, you could buy several of these without spending 10 euros. I do not guarantee that they are good quality toys, but with them, you will achieve the task. Try several toys in that category and observe the behavior of the cat

Once the category that your cat likes is determined, put at your disposal various models of that group. You will see which of them attracts you the most and from there your future purchases will be less complicated and you will make the cat happy.

Determine what the cat likes

Each toy has specific characteristics that could keep your cat hooked for a long time, and that is where you must sharpen your senses because not only it will be a simple taste, but what really motivates the pussycat.

For example, if you notice that the kitten is moved by toys with lights, it is a fact that the visual stimulus is predominant; while there are felines that are left spellbound by specimens with sounds, and others – usually older cats – that prefer models with smells, because of olfactory stimulation.

Renew toys and continue testing

It is recommended that you go frequently exchanging toys so that in addition to avoiding that the specimens wear out faster, you can diversify the tastes of your cat and it does not get bored in such a short time. Of course, along with the above, it is important to keep in mind that young cats tend to change their tastes.

Inspect the toys before buying them

This is a cat toy of a recognized brand, you need to take a deep look before buying it because any detail could put the health of the kitty in jeopardy. I’m talking about sharp edges, dangerous stuffing and/or some loose or easily detachable piece.

The 5 factors that you should consider to choose toys for cats

Beyond stating that it is an affordable or less expensive toy for cats among the most expensive, there are five factors that you should always bear in mind before buying one or more of them. I mean security, durability, mobility, size, and materials with which the copy has been manufactured.


Before investing in a toy for your cat, think about its welfare. To do this, make sure that the model does not have pieces that can end up in the cat’s throat.

And when they are not in use and could represent a risk, keep them out of reach of the kitten, like, the training sticks -for example- whose string can be easily chewed and swallowed, as the balls or toys in mouse form.


Once the stage of experimenting with cat toys is over, bet on models that guarantee you to be durable, like a ball, for example, which thanks to its simplicity is capable of watering the pussycat’s cane.


For a long time now, the market puts at your disposal electronic toys for cats, equipped with batteries so they can move autonomously and give the cat a lot of distraction.


This aspect is very important, because if it is a very large cat toy and your pussycat is significantly small, then, the copy will bring your life and the least you will achieve is to have fun.

And if the scenario is the other way around – that is, the cat is big and the toy is very small – you run the risk of the toy ending up in the stomach of the cat or in the throat of the cat suffocating it.


Make sure that the materials of the toys, besides being safe, are capable of procuring the greatest stimulation of the senses of the cat.

For example, the fleece, the woo, and the skin, are great for the touch and to act as a scraper ; while bells, curled materials and electronic sounds, go from cherry to the auditory part; and to stimulate smell and taste, there are toys available for cats with aroma and flavor , without discounting the sweets , of course.

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