10 Best Cat Nail Clippers: Reviews and Buying Guide

If you do not want to go to the hairdresser and you prefer to save that money, buying one of the best hair cutting machines, we advise you to pay attention to this online listing with the comparison of the most professional hair clippers and with better functions of the market, so Do not tease your hair when it comes to skinning.

If you are one of the people who have little time available to go to the barbershop or work in one and want to acquire the best instruments for the performance of your work, obtaining an excellent clipper machine can be the solution. Before deciding to buy a particular model, keep in mind some aspects that will allow you to acquire the best option. In the first place, regarding the quality of the blades, notice that they are made of stainless steel or with titanium or ceramic coating, to guarantee a precise cut. The engine is also important because if you need the most power, rotary or oscillating are the best alternative. Having compared the characteristics of best-selling hair clippers, we can recommend the Panasonic ER-1611, as one of the most outstanding models, for its ergonomic design, powerful motor and a capacity of autonomy of up to 50 minutes. Another remarkable team is the Remington HC5810 Pro Advanced Ceramic, for its variety of accessories that includes 10 different cutting combs, scissors, brush for the neck and lubricating oil, also has LED indicators and sharp blades with ceramic coating.

Top 10 Cat Nail Clippers

Shopping guide

Some of the aspects you should pay attention to when looking for a good clipper machine :

With cable or without cable?

Some people, when they read that a machine is for wireless use, think that it is better just for that. While it is true that this condition greatly facilitates the use of the hair clipper, the autonomy of them is usually not very long and if you are looking to buy a cheap one, probably good wireless hair clippers will be out of your budget.

If you choose a wireless one, evaluate:

Charging time: Some may take up to a day to charge.

Time of autonomy: This is the time that you can use wirelessly the hair clipper machine.

The possibility of using with or without cable: This is very important when it has no charge can you use it with cable? If you opt for a cable, it is important that you look for a cable that is long enough, so that it is easy to use, but not so long that you find it uncomfortable.


The hair clipper must have a powerful motor to achieve its function efficiently, this is especially important if you are going to cut very thick or very thick hair.

There are three types of engines in regard to the hair clipper: pivoting (oscillating), rotary and magnetic. The rotators are the most powerful, but usually, the machines that have these motors are larger and therefore a little more difficult to handle.

On the other hand, the magnetic motors are faster but less powerful and the pivotantes, although they are powerful enough to cut thick hair and even wet, tend to be slower.

Size and weight of the machine

Try to buy a machine that has been ergonomically designed, that is, it is easy to grip and handle. Size and weight are important because the lighter and more compact, the easier it is to handle.

Quality of the blades

The quality of the blades can be the difference between buying a good clipper machine or wasting money.

Most manufacturers currently use self-sharpening blades, which is very important in the long-term use of the machine, but it is also important whether they are made of stainless steel or coated with titanium or ceramic.

With these last two, you can get better finishes, but whatever the material, it is very important, after each use, to give the maintenance that the manufacturer indicates in the user manual. In some cases, it is necessary to wash the head to remove any traces of hair or dust and in many cases, it is also recommended to lubricate the blades.

Laser guide

Yes, there are models of hair clippers with laser guidance. As you can guess, they are the highest-end models, so they are not available to anyone. However, if you are a demanding person (or simply a good professional), they are your best option.

Naturally, you have to ask yourself if you need an extra of this type for the haircuts you usually do. If you do not need it, it’s not worth spending that extra money. But, in some cases, it comes very well.

For example, when you have to trim the sideburns, the nape hair or the one behind the ears, it is good that the machine indicates the most suitable areas with a laser line.

On the other hand, mention that the machines that have this property, are usually very useful to trim beards, too, so, if you are going to use the machine for both parties, it may pay you to spend that little extra money.


Finally, you have to look at whether the machine is waterproof or not. This is not especially important, because, normally, they are used with dry hair. But you may be interested, and, therefore, it is important that you check it.

As in the previous case, the machines that are waterproof are of high range, so they imply a higher price. And, generally, people who are interested in water-resistant hair clippers are also using them to trim their beards.

Therefore, if, as in the previous case, you are thinking of buying a machine that allows you to do both jobs (and this saves you buying a beard trimmer and have two devices), you may be interested in having this property.


Naturally, you will also have to keep an eye on the brand behind it. You may think that looking at the marks is superficial, but I assure you it is not. Good brands are always a guarantee.

When a brand is known, it means that it has done its job well. Otherwise, I would never have had that recognition. In general, a popular brand is a good brand.

Therefore, we recommend that you opt whenever possible for the best brands. In this way, you will have certain quality guarantees. It is an easy filter to apply and very effective.


It could not be otherwise: The price must also be taken into account to make the best possible purchase. There is nothing more natural than searching for the best product at the lowest possible price. This is how you have to do it, but keeping in mind the following:

The first thing is to try to find discounts and offers available. In this way, you can buy products of a higher quality than you expected. You may not find offers or discounts, but it’s worth a try.

Second, remember not to sacrifice quality to find a better price. Buy fixing only on the prices is the best way to make mistakes in your purchases. It is better to spend a little more. In the long term, you will get a better price.


To finish, I recommend that you always look at the opinions. In the end, this is the filter of common sense. It is clear that if someone who has already made the purchase does not recommend doing it, you should not do it.

You may find products with good prices and good brand, but the opinions of the people are very bad. If so, my recommendation is that you do not make the purchase. There is no need to take risks.

In the end, a bad review is a bad purchase made by another person. If people give you that information for free, you have to take it. Do not fall into the same mistake that another person fell into!

As you can see, this is the best guide to buying hair cutters. We hope you found it useful and helped you with your purchases. And, now, if you want to help us … It would not hurt us to recommend this guide to your friends!



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