10 Best Cat Litter: Reviews and Buying Guide

Cats belong to the clean animals and are very popular as pets. Especially the domestic cats have their own toilet, which is filled with cat litter. With cat litter, the excrement of your cat can be tied and unpleasant smells are suppressed. There are different variants of cat litter, such as silicate litter, lump litter or vegetable litter. Which of these cat litter species is the better choice and what you should look for when buying the cat litter, you can read in our cat litter comparison.

Top 10 Cat Litter

How does cat litter work?

The cat toilet is used for the cat’s toilet. The cat lavatory is an important utensil especially for domestic cats – on the one hand, to “catch” the cat’s urine and excrement and, on the other hand, to prevent the cat owners from having extremely unpleasant odors.

The cat litter box is filled with cat litter, which binds the excrement and the urine as well as the odors. It is important to buy the right cat litter. Because some cannot bind the odors or lack of clumping, so you can make the cat toilet very difficult to clean.

You see, cat litter is not the same as cat litter.

In our cat litter comparison, we would like to inform you about what you should look for when buying the cat litter and what are the differences in the filler for the litter box.

The different types of cat litter

The cat litter differentiates between different species, such as:

  • Mineral cat litter
  • Nature trust
  • silicate litter
  • litter
  • cellulose litter
  • Cat litter with additives and
  • non-clumping cat litter
  1. Mineral cat litter consists of clay minerals mixed with quartz sand and lime. For the moisture binding of cat litter, Betonit is used. In the case of the mineral cat litter, in some cases, the odor binding is less good. However, the mineral cat litter easily absorbs large quantities of urine and as soon as the cat buries its excrement, the smell is also bound. Mineral cat litter is available in fine and coarse grain, the fine cat litter is more comfortable for cats. This type of cat litter is also quite cheap, the weight of the cat litter is very heavy. Another disadvantage of the mineral cat litter is that the moisture binding is very high is. As a result, the lumps adhere to the bottom of the litter box, are difficult to solve. The color of the cat litter ranges from light to dark gray and just the fine-grained cat litter tends to high dust formation. Therefore, filling the cat litter box is not exactly comfortable. This mineral cat litter is not recommended for allergy sufferers. In these cases, natural eco-friendliness is the better choice. The mineral cat litter is disposed of in the residual waste bin.
  2. Natural litter, as the name implies, consists of natural fibers such as straw, hay, waste paper, corn or wood shavings. The natural litter is an alternative to silicate litter or the mineral litter. The advantage of this type of cat litter is that the weight is very light and the cat litter is very productive. However, the natural litter does not include the urine and feces of the cat as well as the mineral litter, in terms of odor binding is very good again. The lump formation is not quite as good at the natural cat litter. In the natural litter, the litter box must be replaced more often in the week, since the natural litter expires to very fine granules and thus is not so receptive. On the other hand, dusting the natural cat litter quite a little, so that allergy sufferers can use this cat litter. In terms of price, the natural litter compared to the mineral litter is a lot more expensive.
  3. Silicate litter consists of very fine beads. The silica litter contains silica gel, which is also used in baby diapers. The odor binding is very good with the silicate litter. A big advantage of the silicate litter is that not only feces, urine, and odors are bound, but also disease germs are included. In addition, the cat litter of silicate compared to the mineral litter is lighter and more fertile, also has an antibacterial effect. Suitable for allergy sufferers, with very little dust formation, the silicate litter offers many positive aspects compared to other cat litters. This silicate is a mixture of quartz sand, water, and lime. By adding aluminum powder, the mixture is foamed and then cured under heat and high pressure. Due to the lightness of the silicate beads, they are often distributed in the home as they stick in the paws and fur of the cat. However, with a small rug in front of the litter box, you can already find a remedy. Sound-sensitive cats may have difficulty walking the cat litter box with the silicate litter. The beads rustle when entering so that it can happen that your cat avoids the cat toilet. The silicate litter must be taken care of over the bio bin, not in the house toilet!
  4. The lump is, as the name implies, solid lumps. If the litter comes in contact with urine or feces, solid lumps form directly. The lump litter is very productive but should be completely filled weekly with new litter. Otherwise, the lumps can be easily removed from the litter box. The disadvantage of lump litter is that it likes to stick in the fur of long-haired cats. This is due to the binding ability of the litter. Even with kittens with the litter, a little caution is required. Small cats like to try everything and this litter can lead to constipation in the digestive tract of the cat’s children.
  5. Components of the non-clumping cat litter are pressed wood chips, which are in the form of small pellets. The small pellets are about 0.5 to 1 cm long and about 0.5 cm wide. Due to their size, these wood pellets are uncomfortable, quite hard and not too absorbent, which is why many cats are anything but enthusiastic about this cat litter. If the litter box is contaminated, the complete litter must be changed. A very expensive fun, whereby the type of cat litter only very moderately prevails.
  6. The cellulose litter is made of recycled corrugated cardboard and is therefore very light and, above all, absorbent.
  7. The cat litter with additives is simply scented scattered products that smell like spring meadow or baby powder, for example. The mistresses and masters of these cat litter species are very popular because they cover the odors pleasant. But according to the motto: “one joy, the other suffering”, the cats of the cat litter with additives are often anything but enthusiastic. For your fine sense of smell, this fragrance additive is a real burden. This may cause your cat to avoid the cat litter. In some cases, the pet owners themselves suffer from the fragrance because they are very intense and can cause headaches in some people.

The dust formation in the cat litter – sometimes very uncomfortable

Depending on the grain of the cat litter, it will more or less dust. Especially when filling the cat litter in the cat litter box, it can, depending on the cat litter, dust very unpleasant. Cat litter, which has too much dust, is generally discouraged as the dust also reaches the lungs through inhalation. And especially allergy sufferers can get massive problems with the cat litter here.

What should you look for when buying the cat litter?

As just described, the dustiness of the cat litter is an important factor in the purchase decision – for you and your cat. For this reason, you should make sure to buy high-quality cat litter, because the higher-priced cat litter usually have a low dust formation.

The perfect cat litter is of course very absorbent and also larger amounts of liquids are no problem for the litter. Cat litter, which clumps through the liquid or excreting the cat, is ideal. That is, on the one hand, the cat litter is very absorbent and receptive. The excrements of the cat are bound by the cat litter and trapped by the lump formation.

The smell of cat litter is also crucial in some cases when you buy it. Generally, it is important for the cat litter that the odor binding is very good. Because unpleasant odors, caused by the excrements of the cat and the cat toilet, are anything but beautiful – certainly not in the apartment. For that reason, the cat litter must trap the odor. For these cases, lump litter is very reliable as the excrements of the cat are trapped in the lump. 
Natural litter or belong to the absorbent cat litter varieties, even if they hardly form lumps.

When buying the cat litter fertility is also important. If too much litter is needed to clean the cat litter box, it will be very expensive in the long term. For that reason, you should look to buy a rich cat litter. In many cases, the expensive cat litter is also the rich, so it definitely pays off in the long run.

Sprinkling the cat litter – what is the right amount?

The right amount of cat litter in the litter box is not that easy to determine. Too little litter does not like the cat, because she can not scratch the litter. Since cats bury their legacies, it needs just the right amount of bedding.

In the beginning, you’ll have to try to find out what amount of cat litter your cat feels comfortable with and keep the contamination around the litter box in check.

The correct disposal of the cat litter

For almost all types of cat litter, the disposal applies to the normal household rubbish bin. Only eco-friendly or natural litter, which consist of biodegradable materials, may be disposed of either in the bio-bin or on the compost.

For some silicate cat litter, it also applies that these may be disposed of in the bio-bin or the compost. However, the lumps with the feces and the urine of the cats must first be taken out.

Since only a few make this separation, the recommendation is to dispose of cat litter and the remains of the cat in the residual waste, so the household waste.

When disposing of natural litter on the compost heap in the garden, it may happen that germs may multiply. In addition, it takes a long time until the cat litter has completely composted.

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