10 Best Cat Foods: Reviews and Buying Guide

The little friends among the pets are sometimes very picky when it comes to their cat food. Wet food, dry food and treats are on the market, the offer is more than versatile.

Many cat owners want to feed their pet with the right and appropriate cat food. Cat food for small cats, for older gentlemen among cats and animals with allergies – for many species there are special foods . In our cat food comparison, we would like to show you what varieties are available and what makes each type of food.

Top 10 Cat Foods

What is cat food and what are the differences?

As the name “cat food” suggests, this is food for cats. There are different dosage forms, such as:

  • Wet food for cats
  • Dry food for cats and
  • Special food for sick or allergic cats and
  • Special food for certain breeds
  • Treats for the four-legged friends

The first two species are suitable as a complete food for the cat, while the treats are considered as a supplement to the daily food. The cat food is characterized by high nutritional content and high meat content.

The supply of food for the beloved pet is more than big and the ingredients partly different. So you can find cat food, which is enriched with sugar, so you probably inevitably ask the question, why sugar is processed in the cat food.

Generally, one should be aware that cats are carnivores. Consequently, a cat food with high meat content is important when it comes to the welfare of keeping the tiger. However, in the search for food or feed, the health of the cat is crucial – and also the age.

In our comparison, you have seen that often information was given to the breed and the cat. So there is special cat food for baby and young cats, for adult cats and for the elderly among the pets. Therefore, the nutrient content is important for the cat, since the cat does not produce the nutrients themselves and must, therefore, take with the food.

Three nutrients are very important for cats. These are:

  • Taurine:
    This is an amino sulphonic acid that is of great importance to the cat’s conduction and nervous systems. Taurine is not found in animal tissue, so your cuddly tiger needs to absorb the taurine via the cat food. Too little taurine can cause your cat to become seriously ill, especially heart disease or brain damage. 
    In small cats, a taurine deficiency can lead to growth disorders.
  • Arachidonic acid:
    This is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that is important for the cat to produce tissue hormones. Arachidonic acid plays a major role especially in the reproduction of the cat.
  • Vitamin A:
    For your cat to feel well, healthy eyes and healthy skin are important, and that’s what vitamin A does. Especially in the liver, this vitamin is found in greater quantities.

They ensure a good bone structure and in order to maintain it, it is important that your baby food is also supplied with phosphorus and calcium. As a rule, all cat foods that the market offers have balanced nutritional content.

The different types of feed for your baby tiger

Wet and dry foods are the two species with which mum and dad feed their little darlings. Meanwhile, there is also fresh cat food, which represents an alternative to the two mentioned. However, this fresh cat food is usually a lot more expensive than wet or dry food for the cat.

In general, it is possible that you feed your cat with wet or dry food. However, this variant is not recommended, since each of the feed types brings their advantages and disadvantages. Due to the firmness, dry food is naturally of great importance and importance to the cat’s teeth. However, the disadvantage is that the dry cat food contains a lot of carbohydrates. For some varieties, this makes up even half of the cat food.

These carbohydrates can be badly digested by the four-legged friends. The result: the cats get fatter and in the worst case even overweight. And it is clear that being overweight in cats – and also in humans – involves certain risks. Joint problems threaten, but also liver problems or diabetes can be the result.

In contrast to dry food, wet food has many advantages. The main advantage: the cat food is mainly made from meat, whereby the amount of carbohydrates is usually very low. In addition, the cat is supplied with liquid by the wet food. With dry food, it can happen that the cat, despite always supplied with water, simply drinks too little. This is due to the nature of the cat because originally it is a desert animal and thus comes out with little water.

What should you look for when buying cat food?

Whether wet or dry food – pay attention to the ingredients and composition of the cat food. As already mentioned, the high meat content in the cat food is very important and thus the main focus when buying cat food. You will often read the term “animal by-products” on the table of contents. This is not an indication that refers to the actual meat content in the cat food. Animal by-products are mostly slaughterhouse waste. Of course, these can also contain ingredients that are important for the cat.

But there are other criteria that you should look out for when buying cat food. These are for example:

  1. The age of your cat: Small kitten, as the baby cats are also called, need a completely different diet than the adult cat. While the little ones are supplied with broth and milk, cats between the ages of 6 and 8 months already need solid food. And the cat food for adult cats is served from about a year accordingly. As a senior, the cat is classified when she is eight years and older. She has quite different requirements to the cat food than just the younger baby tigers.
  2. The taste of the cat food: With regard to the flavors, there are of course a variety of foods. Cat food with fish, chicken, beef or pork is just some of the options. Which flavor is the right one for your cat, you have to find out, so to speak in the taste-feed test.
  3. The ingredients: Also an important purchase criterion. In general, the meat content of cat food should be at least 4%, with a higher meat content is of course even better. The indication of minerals and vitamins should be noted in any case. In some cat, food crops are processed – a controversial issue in the cat food. For one, grain is a good source of energy, but it can also lead to health problems.

Not only the price is very different from the cat food, but also the quality. Good cat food does not always have to be expensive, but a comparison of the ingredients is definitely recommended.

Generally, you should pay attention to the list of ingredients when buying the cat food – with dry food as well as the wet food for the four-legged friends.

Good dry food has a high content of dried meat or meat meal. However, it is not clear if the majority of the food is really meat.

So if the dry food has a high meat content, “meat meal” or “dried meat” must be first on the list of ingredients.

When wet food, the meat content is from the bottom up. Here, the individual ingredients are also listed by their share.

When buying cat food, check for sugar or caramel in the ingredients. On cat food, which has these additives, you should refrain.

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