10 Best Car Seat Covers: Reviews and Buying Guide

Many times when we buy a new car we do not want the seats stained or we want to reform them and give them a more personal touch. For this, the best option is to resort to the wide variety of covers that are available in the market. There are multiple designs, colors and manufactured with different materials. Here are some options with universal adjustment.

When it comes to protecting your vehicle from the external effects of cold or heat, there is no doubt that the covers play a key role. This second skin can extend the life of your vehicle, although to be effective, it must guarantee an adequate response to the sun’s rays or extreme cold, also having a simple and intuitive installation and removal system. Precisely this is what the Maypole 9871 case offers, which in its large size offers enough space for large vehicles, with rubber bands in the corners that facilitate assembly and fabric that avoids the sun in summer and protects from the cold extreme in winter. If what you want is to prevent the car’s glass from freezing, then you can choose the Migimi PT16101808 model, which in addition to protecting the glass from the cold, also repels the heat thanks to its UV function, also having an extremely simple assembly.

Top 10 Car Seat Covers

What is the best car cover of 2019?

To keep your car protected from inclement weather, dust and dirt is good to acquire a cover, but not any. That is why in this list we show you the recommendations of our clients so that you can choose among the best covers for cars of 2019 the one that adapts efficiently to your vehicle and your needs, to guarantee an intelligent purchase.

What is the best car cover on the market?

In this guide to buy the best car cover we offer you the information you need to take into account when choosing this functional accessory, which will allow you to protect the outside of your vehicle from climatic elements such as snow, rain, sun or If you want a cover for the interior that protects the seats and the upholstery if you have pets. Covers for cars are ideal for those who do not have a roofed garage or those who park the car for a long time in front of the house or building, thus keeping the bodywork and paint for longer.

Shopping Guide

Type of material

In a comparison of covers for cars, you will find a wide variety of covers of different materials. It is important to take into consideration if we want to make a long-term investment since the durability time of our sheath will depend in large part on the type of material with which it is made. Among the most common materials you will find:

Plastic: They are the most economical in the market, they do not acquire the shape of the car and usually last very little time, being able to produce damages to the vehicle if it is heated a lot by the sun.

Textile: In this category, the options are extended much more, since the fabrics can be very light or heavy, have treatments against the UV Rays or that have waterproof properties to repel water and humidity. Definitely, these elements will determine how much the cover costs, because the greater the number of properties, the more expensive it is, but it is also more durable.

Size and subject

In general, the covers are available in different “sizes” to adapt to the size of the vehicle. It is always advisable to choose a size greater than that of your car so that it can be completely adapted to the shape of it. Many models also include a space that adapts to the shape of the mirrors for more personalized protection. It is important, in addition to the size, to verify that it has elastic edges of excellent quality so that, when covering the car completely, it is fastened and will not go flying if the wind blows strong. What also facilitates the placement because it will remain subject while you cover the roof and the back of the vehicle, saving you time and effort.

Storage and cleaning

Many will wonder what I do with the case after removing it from the car? Well, although it is annoying, there is no other way than to fold it as if it were the comforter off our bed. It is advisable to choose a model that includes a travel bag so you can store the case there and keep it in the trunk so that when you stop again you just have to take it out and proceed to cover your car to protect it from the external elements.

In the case of rainy days, it is advisable to spread it in a dry place to remove excess water before storing it. There are good and economical covers that allow cleaning the focused spots like bird droppings, without having to wash them completely. You should also consider this aspect seriously before choosing the cheapest option.

Small cases

Among the various types of car covers, you will find small ones that only cover the windshield and work most of the time as a sunshade. These can be more advantageous if you only want to protect the visibility of the car when it is snowing or raining and do not require so much installation time or to bend it to store it. You will also find the internal covers that are special if you have pets and take them for a ride in the back seat.

With these covers, your pet can be comfortable, at the same time that you protect the car’s upholstery from scratches, body fluids, hair and much more. This type of covers usually has easy maintenance, where you only have to shake them and remove the stains with a cleaning product.


Many people fall into the error of believing that all car covers available on the market are waterproof. Not so, just this aspect is related to the type of material you choose. It is also important to identify those ambiguous terms because a waterproof case is not the same as a waterproof case. The first one tells us that water does not harm it, but most likely because it is of some type of fabric it lets water filter. The second on the other hand indicates that it does have waterproof properties, so you will be sure to find your vehicle dry after the rain.

Finally, our final recommendation is that you take the time to continue inquiring about the models of covers you like and review the ratings given by other users so that you have their opinions as references.


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