10 Best Car Air Fresheners: Reviews and Buying Guide

To keep the car in a healthy interior state and you enjoy traveling in it, there are several options. It is advisable to wash the car often enough to avoid large accumulations of dirt and dust because it is detrimental to our health. Avoid smoking in it if possible. Try to eliminate the food or drink that may have fallen to the upholstery before it dries because it is a horrible smell. If you have a pet, the cleaning of the inside of the car should be with a steamer and sponge so that even if you do not realize it, it may be that when someone gets up, they notice an unpleasant smell for him or her.

In addition to everything explained in the previous paragraph, if you want to feel a fresh scent, you want to eliminate odors that have been left as a result of the passage of time or you want to travel with a different scent, it is advisable to use the best air fresheners for the car.

As you will see in the ranking, there are different types of air fresheners, to put on the handbrake lever or gearbox, to put in the ventilation strip, and although not included (Because it has little efficiency and duration) here, the Classic pine hanging from the rear-view mirror. Keep in mind that each of the air fresheners that we have searched for you, has several different scents, choose the one you like the most. If you want a custom fragrance hard to find and that is available in stores as therapeutic oil, do not hesitate to buy our best air freshener, we will see it below.

Top 10 Car Air Fresheners

What is the best car freshener in the market?

Bad smell inside the vehicle is not only unpleasant for the driver himself, but for the rest of the passengers. Driving is a very satisfying experience, but it will be much more if it can be enjoyed with the five senses. Therefore, we recommend you take a look at this guide to buy the best car freshener. In this way, you will make a much better purchase decision.

Buying guide

Types of car freshener

If you are looking for car fresheners, the first thing to do is look at the typology of them. Currently, these articles of various kinds can be found. One of the most frequent is the hanging air freshener, which, as its name suggests, is the one that hangs, usually, from the rear-view mirror.

It is usually made of a type of perfumed cardboard, which is responsible for the aroma spread throughout the vehicle. A good example would be the typical pine-shaped air freshener. In the event that you opt for a cheap car freshener, this would be one of the cheapest without a doubt.

On the other hand, we find those that hang on the heating grid. It is a very convenient model because if the air or heating is plugged in, it is possible for the aroma to expand faster. However, be careful not to get too much sunlight, since the liquid it contains could evaporate.

Spray air fresheners are also a very common type. Just like at home, it is enough to shake the boat and vaporize the place so that it is invaded by a pleasant aroma. The main drawback is that the odor is less durable than other systems, although its management does not involve great difficulties.

Another typology is the gel can air freshener. To begin to release its aroma, simply remove the lid. The most common is to place these little pots on the dashboard, in the hollow next to the gear lever or even under the seats.

Finally, we should mention the electric air freshener, whose system is similar to that of the grid, since it is also hooked on it. Of course, it consists of a USB cable that is connected to the lighter to work.

The scent of car air freshener

Another aspect that must be considered in any comparison of car fresheners is the smell that they give off. Not in vain, there are as many aromas as users’ preferences. There are drivers who opt for more sweet or fruity aromas, such as the smell of cinnamon, strawberry or vanilla, while others prefer more fresh or neutral aromas.

The advisable thing is that it is not a very strong aroma, because, mainly in a long trip, it can even get to produce a headache. Then, the ideal is to opt for mild smells and not be too cloying. Do not forget that in the first minute the aroma may seem excellent, but think that there will be times when you may be exposed to it for several hours.

Design and size of the air freshener

You may want to know how much a car freshener costs because the price is one of the main filters when making a purchase decision. Of course, the design of it should also be to your liking and, if possible, to fit the aesthetics of the car. There are very simple models that go unnoticed, while there are others that are more striking.

Many users appreciate the touch that gives the typical pine-shaped air freshener to the vehicle, while others consider this design a little outdated. Therefore, it is advisable to consider that it is an article that will be in your field of vision while you are driving, so it should be to your liking.

Function eliminates odors

As you know, the main function of air fresheners is to mask bad smells with more pleasant ones. However, you may be interested in getting a model that is responsible not only to bring a good smell to the environment but to eliminate the unpleasant.

We refer to the ionizers, whose mission is to provide clean and renewed air to the atmosphere through a flavored mist. It is a perfect option for those who are allergic to dust.

What is the best car air freshener of 2019?

For safer and more pleasant driving, it is important that everything inside the vehicle is in order. This involves trying to maintain the corresponding cleanliness of both the seats and the mats, the glass, etc., as well as enjoying a clean atmosphere. Here is a compilation of some of the best car air fresheners of 2019 that will help you feel in the car as well as at home.

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