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Enjoying the light of the candles is always a pleasure, but it is also a risk. The risk that you can avoid if you decorate your home with some of the best flameless candles that we are going to recommend today.

The candles are nice, but they are impractical since they stain and there is also the risk of the flame causing a fire. Therefore, in recent years have appeared alternatives such as the best candles without a flame that we are going to present, which collect all the good of traditional wax candles but without any of its drawbacks. What will you find in this guide?

Top 10 Candles

How to choose candles without flame? Characteristics to the value before buying

LED candles have many uses, but not all models on the market are the same. The choice of one model or another depends on factors as different as the use that is going to be given to the candle, the aspect that is looked for in it, etc. If you are thinking about buying this product, before deciding you should evaluate the following questions:

1. use that will be given to the candle.

2. Characteristic 2   to take into account: materials.

3. Feature 3   to take into account: shapes and sizes.

Use that will be given to the candle

You can use flameless candles to create a romantic atmosphere during dinner, to give a relaxing touch to a foam bath after a hard day’s work or to illuminate the outside area of your home, be it a garden or a small balcony. Depending on the use you are going to give the candle you must choose one model or another. The most recommended are those products that can work without problem both inside and outside the home.


It is possible to find flameless candles of different materials. The light that serves as a flame is more recommended to be LED since it has a longer life than other bulbs and is also the light that most resembles the one that would generate a real flame. On the other hand, the body of the candle can be made of plastic or even wax. But there is no doubt that to achieve an effect as realistic as possible it is better to choose candles with the body made of real wax.

Shapes and sizes

Candles are a very common decorative element, even those that do not have a real flame. Therefore, when making the purchase you must also take into account the shape and size of the chosen candles. Hence, many packs include candles of different types.

The aromas give the rooms harmony and peace, as well as giving tranquility to the mind. That is why lighting aromatic candles has become a very common practice among people who have a tendency toward the energetic and the spiritual because with them we manage to balance environments and obtain positive results. Scented candles have also become popular not only for their pleasant smell but also as decorative objects. There are many alternatives available to the market, so you can choose the most suitable product, depending on the environment and your needs. Today we offer you in the first place the Yankee Candle Set votives, a pack that gives you up to 18 long-lasting candles, in assorted colors and scents. Another good choice could be La Bellefée Set 3, an elegant and sophisticated model of 3 candles in an ideal gift package.

What is the best aromatic candle on the market?

If you are in search of a good quality scented candle, we know that it is not so easy with so many options available. For this, below we offer you this guide to buying the best aromatic candle, where you can find information of interest that could be of great help when making a purchase decision; The idea is that you easily find the candle that best covers all your expectations.

Shopping guide


The aromatic candles are used much more than to give dim lighting to the rooms. They are products designed to create a harmonious environment, with aromas that permeate the environments with relaxation and peace. Many people use them in aromatherapy, along with essential oils, where they inhale aromas in order to achieve physical and mental well-being.

These candles are also recommended, to perfume the environment while taking a relaxing bath, they are also ideal when meditating or just to rest.

If you want to make the most of the benefits of these scented candles, you can light them in strategic places in your home; such as the living room, the dining room or in the bedrooms. Its aromas have a positive influence on the mood of people and help to improve depression, stress, and emotional conflicts.

In the same way, these products fulfill their contribution to beautifying any stay, since in addition to flavoring they are also pieces that adorn and provide a plus to the decoration of the environments. In addition, aromatic candles are an excellent option to give a gift to that special person.

Types of aromas

Keeping rooms with a pleasant smell is something that an aromatic candle can easily achieve. But beyond offering a pleasant sensation to our smell, aromatic candles give us a great diversity of positive energies, depending on their origin. We will start with sandalwood, which is characterized by its white color, is used to attract money and clean disease environments.

The aroma of a lavender present in these candles helps to calm the anguish and tension, are violet. The fragrance of rosemary helps to energize, to protect children and its representative color is blue. The scent of jasmine, on the other hand, helps to relax the body and mind. The perfumed candles with the scent of roses, encourage love as a couple and are red.

There are also aromatic candles with the essence of citrus fruits such as lime, orange, and lemon; They also come with apple and strawberry aroma. These candles promote the cleansing of bad energies, they are relaxing, refreshing and energizing. Likewise, the aroma of pine and cinnamon, present in the candles, attracts luck; while vanilla favors concentration, mental fluidity, and relaxation.

Materials and ingredients

The cost of an aromatic candle will depend on its manufacturing materials, so if you’re wondering how much a specific model costs, it’s important that you analyze its ingredients.

95% of the total production of candles in the world are made with paraffin wax base. This material, although it is a derivative of petroleum, while it is consistent and the candle has a high-quality manufacturing process, does not represent any problem when it is turned on.

However, if you prefer to bet on models made with biodegradable and ecological products, you can find candles made with soy wax. This material is a sustainable, renewable and derived from plants; the aromatic candles with soy wax are consumed slowly and only emit a delicate aroma, without toxic fumes.

You can also choose as an alternative, beeswax; This natural material has a yellow color similar to honey and is extracted from the combs; although it is advisable to do it in a respectful way, always at the end of the natural cycle of the hive.

Some models of scented candles can perfume the rooms even, without getting to light; This is because they have ingredients based on pure essential oils and extracts of seeds, flowers, and fruits that retain the aroma for longer.

Design and presentation

There is a wide range of options regarding the design that aromatic candles can offer, manufacturers strive to offer models with a great diversity of colors, sizes, formats, and aromas; Everything depends on the use that you are going to give if you want them for a special decoration or to perfume a room.

As for the presentation, you can find good and cheap candles that usually come in small size, some packaged and sealed, others with a bottle included, which can be metallic or glass and even some models include a special elegant gift box.



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