10 Best Can Openers: Reviews and Buying Guide

Thanks to a large number of models available today, opening the cans is something you can do at your own pace and as you like. In the market, we find from the electric models that do all the work for you to the manual models that still require your effort, but they are suitable if you do not have many cans to open. In any case, always choose models made with quality materials and hygienic operation to avoid cross-contamination problems, facilitating cleaning. 

The most recommended model by consumers, at the moment, is the WMF Tin Up can opener. This semi-manual type product has a stainless steel cutting wheel system that ensures smooth operation, while its small size allows it to be stored anywhere. If we prefer an electric model, the Green Bangui can opener is another good alternative. Its four AAA batteries and its cutting system prevent all efforts, also having a system that holds the lid subject to avoid contamination of the product or the can opener.

Top 10 Can Openers

What is the best can opener of 2019?

Although more and more cans incorporate opening systems without tools, the truth is that having an electric or manual can opener is necessary for certain large cans. So that you do not waste time or effort we offer you a selection of the best can openers of 2019, with which you can open everything you need without worrying about anything.

What is the best can opener in the market?

Although there are more and more cans that include systems of abrefácil that allow to open them directly if you really like to cook surely you still need a good can opener. This product has evolved a lot to offer adequate safety during use and even to automate its operation. If you want to know these modern models, we present our guide to buying the best can opener in the market, practical and surely cheaper than you think.

Shopping guide

Opening system

If we make a comparison of can openers with the different models that there are in the market, the first distinction refers to the opening system. A system that can be electrical or manual.

In the case of those that work through an electrical system, it can be powered by batteries or with a rechargeable and plug-in battery. In the case of manual products these range from traditional products with hooking and use entirely by hand (the lifelong can opener) to semiautomatic products in which a wheel is manually rotated to open the cans. If you plan a prolonged or frequent use of can openers, it is more convenient to use electric models, which are faster and avoid avoidable efforts. Although there is a difference in how much this type of can opener costs, the investment is worth it. For occasional use or if you are more traditional, you can bet on traditional models, pure or automated manuals.


One of the most dangerous areas of any home, as far as accidents are concerned, is the kitchen. A room where there is fire, hot surfaces, and objects that cut, with sharp edges and other dangerous elements, such as can openers. Therefore, the safety of its operation is essential so that the product does not involve any risk.

For safety to be adequate, the most dangerous areas, such as tips or cutting surfaces, must be properly protected to prevent you from damaging them during use. Another element that you should consider is the type of cut made by the can. In this case, the electric models, for their automated system, are the safest, while those with an open edge and traditional design are the most dangerous. And of course, we can not forget the materials with which the handles and clamping surfaces are manufactured. Whether we are talking about models in wood or plastic, it is key that these materials guarantee adequate support during use to avoid accidents.


Although can openers are not generally expensive, except for certain electric models, it is true that it is convenient to look for quality products with materials that are resistant and that offer an adequate result in the opening of cans.

As the first question, the metals of the cutting surfaces stand out, they must have the right sharpening to work during many openings, at the same time they have to be resistant and withstand cleaning, without being damaged. Think that many cans have oils, sauces and the like, so do not forget to pass them by a good stream of water and detergent to always have it perfect.

As for the handles and fasteners that we have already mentioned, in addition to that support that we have referred, these have to be resistant and comfortable to use, offering high durability. Finally, with respect to the electrical ones, it verifies that the functioning system has adequate durability both in its materials and in its operating system.

The Best Electric Can Openers

An electric can opener can be more than just a plug-and-play device. Some electric can openers can also sharpen knives, open bottles and cut bags.

But that is not all. Let’s say you have a recipe that requires eight ounces of ketchup. All you have is 16-ounce cans. Some can openers will not only open the can but will also create a cut that will turn the top of the can into a secure lid to use, allowing you to store the rest of the tomato sauce for later.

An electric can opener is also a safety device. Have you ever removed a serrated lid from a can after crushing it with a can opener? Toothed covers are not particularly safe to handle. An electric can opener minimizes its exposure to irregular lids. If you are ready to buy an electric can opener, we invite you to examine our best selections. For more information about electric can openers, we invite you to continue reading.


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