10 Best Bluetooth Speakers: Reviews and Buying Guide

Bluetooth speakers connect to a variety of players, such as a smartphone, tablet or computer, and in many cases provide excellent sound quality. The Bluetooth speakers are small, handy and, above all, wireless. This makes them ideal for traveling. Some models have splash protection, so you can take your Bluetooth speaker with you to the swimming pool, for example.

Top 10 Bluetooth Speakers

What is a Bluetooth speaker and what is it used for?

A Bluetooth speaker is a small-format speaker with a wireless connection to the output device. The small, handy and transportable speakers have been experiencing a veritable boom for years. Not only are they wireless and easy to connect, but they also require no power source. The integrated, rechargeable battery ensures listening pleasure between 5 and 12 hours – depending on the speaker.

The Bluetooth speakers can be used to connect all devices that have Bluetooth, which means that even some PCs can be wirelessly connected to the small speaker. The range of the Bluetooth speakers is between 15 and 35 meters. This means that the smartphone or tablet does not have to be located directly at the loudspeaker, but only has to be kept within the specified range.

In general, all Bluetooth speakers are equipped with an AUX input, so that the connection can be made by cable to the output device. The weight of the small speakers is between 200 grams and sometimes a kilogram – so a fairly large margin. If you want to use the speakers mainly on the go, make sure to choose a small, handy and lightweight speaker.

Some of the Bluetooth speakers can be used as a

  • Powerbank for charging the smartphone or tablet or
  • via the integrated microphone when telephoning as a hands-free function

be used.

In addition, many of the models are waterproof, so they can be used underwater for a certain period of time. You see, the Bluetooth speakers are the ideal companion for those who want to listen to music on the go, in the swimming pool, on vacation or at home. And the sound quality is very good on many of these Bluetooth speakers.

How do the portable Bluetooth speakers work?

As already written, the Bluetooth speakers are wirelessly connected to the output device. This means that if you buy a new Bluetooth speaker for the first time, for example, you need to pair your smartphone with the smartphone for the first time, which is also referred to as “pairing”. In doing so, you have to press the loudspeaker on the Bluetooth loudspeaker on the corresponding button, through which the loudspeaker sends out an appropriate signal. This signal is received by the other device after the Bluetooth pairing has been started. The coupling is easy and uncomplicated. Once the Bluetooth speaker is connected to the device, the connection is usually reestablished the next time the speaker is switched on.

What types of Bluetooth speakers are available in the market?

The range of Bluetooth speakers is large, which also reflects the different types of speakers.

The wireless speakers are available as:

  1. Mini Bluetooth speakers These speakers are characterized by their low weight and their manageability. They are compatible with many Bluetooth devices and can be used flexibly. Only the sound quality of some of these devices is not so good, while even these small speakers can convince with partially long battery life.
  2. Bluetooth Speaker Systems These speakers are entire systems consisting of multiple speakers. In many cases, these systems are small and handy, can be used when needed on the go. The stereo sound is just as convincing as the often very good sound quality in music playback. These speakers we have left out in our comparison, as well as the following types, the Bluetooth ceiling speakers.
  3. Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker As the name implies, these speakers are attached to the ceiling. As a rule, these are also sound systems, resulting in a rich sound and a good sound result.

Especially the small, portable Bluetooth speakers offer – depending on the model – various features, such as radio, Micro SD card slot and an AUX input. Most of the speakers are waterproof and some are dustproof, making them ideal for outdoor use. And some of the speakers can even be used underwater for a while.

This should be considered when buying a Bluetooth speaker

The speakers are very diverse and therefore it is also clear that when buying these Bluetooth devices, a lot should be considered.

  1. Intended use and location Before you decide on a loudspeaker, you should first consider for what and what area you want to use this speaker mainly. For outdoor use, for example on the patio or in the garden, or even in the swimming pool, you should choose a Bluetooth speaker that is stable, dustproof and waterproof. And with frequent use on the go, a Bluetooth speaker with a small weight is recommended.
  2. Sound quality Anyone listening to music expects a correspondingly good sound quality. That’s why the sound is critical when you buy a Bluetooth speaker. In general, one can say that larger speakers have a better sound quality than the smaller ones. Because a rule of thumb says that the smaller the box is, the tinier is its sound. The reason lies in the small size of the membrane surface and the missing headroom of the amplifier power and often in the housing insulation.
  3. Battery performance The battery performance of the Bluetooth speaker is also crucial when you buy it. When using the speaker outdoors and on the road, the battery power should not be too low. Most speakers have an average battery life of about 10 hours, some less, some more. Loudspeakers with high battery performance are usually of high quality as well. Some of the speakers also allow you to remove the battery so you can use replacement batteries.
  4. Bluetooth version The higher the Bluetooth version, the more economical the loudspeaker box will be. Most current Bluetooth speakers have a Bluetooth version 4.0 and are also lower in power consumption.
  5. Wattage The cheap Bluetooth speakers usually have a low wattage, which is about 5 watts. More expensive boxes are much more powerful and also have good and like 20 watts and more.
  1. Weight and size If the speaker is to be used on the go, it is clear that it should be relatively light. The size of the loudspeaker box also plays a role during transport. It can be deciding whether you opt for a Bluetooth loudspeaker box in roll, rectangle or cube form.
  2. Additional functions of the speakers with Bluetooth For many, the additional functions of the Bluetooth speakers play a crucial role. For example, water protection is important if you want to use the device in the garden or swimming pool. Devices without water protection are broken down very quickly if they get a few drops of water. With the indication “IPX” you can orient yourself on the waterproofness. Who the speaker even on the go times as a speakerphone should make sure that it has a microphone. Loudspeakers with additional noise and echo cancellation further optimize the voice reproduction when making a call. So maybe pay attention when buying the Bluetooth speaker. Another feature that varies is the connectors. While most of the speakers have an AUX input and a USB port, some also provide a port for a micro SD card.

Worth knowing about the Bluetooth speakers

This type of speaker came in the 90s on the market, the history of the “normal” speakers is much older. Like today, the Bluetooth speakers were wirelessly connected. To produce a very special sound and party mood, several Bluetooth speakers can be coupled together. You can also connect two speakers to one device for stereo playback.

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