10 Best Bluetooth Headphones: Reviews and Buying Guide

You are currently lying on the sofa and would like to wirelessly enjoy the sound of the TV or just listen to music in peace and quiet? In such a case, the Bluetooth headphones are really excellent for you.

But today there are countless brands that offer wireless headphones. Which model is best for you and what should you consider in the run-up to the purchase of everything?

We have attached an overview of the best 13 Bluetooth headphones from JBL, Sony, Apple or Beats, and Teufel. We’ll talk about the pros and cons of Bluetooth headphones and the test results of consumer and technical magazines, so you’ll benefit from good buying advice.

Top 10 Bluetooth Headphones

What does the computer magazine can’t say about the best Bluetooth headphones?

In the test of the best Bluetooth headphones, which the computer magazine it conducted in April 2018, a total of nine different models were examined in more detail. In particular, the advantages of the Bluetooth headphones were highlighted, such as the maximum freedom of movement, the comfort, and the good battery life, which support most models.

The models from Apple were rated quite positively. The AirPods offer according to the experience of the c’t editors a good sound. You can always expect convincing basses as a user.

The Bluetooth headphones B & O Beoplay E8, Erato Apollo 7 and the Sony WF-1000X, which are earplugs that you need to insert directly into your ear and can be used completely wirelessly, were also rated very well.

If you would like to read more about the Bluetooth headset review, you will find the relevant information on this page from the c’t magazine.

All the details from the Bluetooth headphones test by Tonspion

Or maybe the test results of the audio magazine Tonspion are of interest to you. After all, these are real experts who deal with audio technology, speakers and headphones every day.

In a test of the best Bluetooth headphones, which was released in July 2018, the models Sony WH-1000XM2 and the Quiet Comfort 35 by Bose prevailed against the other manufacturers.

If you are interested in these details, you will find here on this side of Tonspion all test results, which you can read at your leisure.

purchase advise for the Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth headphones enjoy great popularity because as a user, you can listen to music completely wirelessly and flexible, or listen to an audiobook, for example. These headphones are suitably equipped with a battery so that the wireless user is possible in the first place. Most devices support a general runtime of up to 20 hours, so you will benefit from uninterrupted music enjoyment. But which model is best for you and what should you pay attention to when making a purchase? Matching this, we have created a sales consultant, where you can easily orient yourself to the right products.

Which versions of the Bluetooth headphones are available for you?

Basically, there are several different types of Bluetooth headphones to buy, which are with advantages and disadvantages. Especially the headsets, over- and on-ears, as well as the compact in-ear headphones, deserve mention.

  • Bluetooth headsets

This type of headphones is very classic and is characterized by an ear hook, which the headphones are fixed to the auricle. Thanks to the connection via Bluetooth, you do not have to worry about a classic cable that hangs from the head. Bluetooth headsets are also primarily intended for use in voice telephony, so the overall sound quality of music playback leaves something to be desired. However, there are now some Bluetooth headsets that perform well even in this segment.

  • On-ear Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth headphones that rest on the ear are characterized by the classic on-ear design and offer a solid comfort. These devices are usually lighter than the over-ear headphones and often a few euros cheaper. Keep in mind, however, that due to the headphone design, the ambient noise may not be so well shielded from the ear. However, with a lightweight design and padded footprint on the ears, well-equipped, on-ear Bluetooth headphones are a perfect choice.

  • Over-ear Bluetooth headphones

These headphones surround the ear, providing excellent conditions for active noise cancellation. The closed design also has the advantage that the ambient noise usually penetrate with strong damping to the inside. So put great emphasis on the highest possible sound quality and good noise-canceling, then you should rely on a brand manufacturer’s over-ear Bluetooth headset.

  • In-ear Bluetooth headphones

However, if you want to use headphones that you want to use directly in your ear canal, then the in-ear Bluetooth headphones are good for you in question. These models are available with short cables or with a neckband for you to choose from. Today, there are also 100% wireless versions, such as the Apple AirPods or even buy alternatives.

What does a well-equipped Bluetooth headset look like?

In the overview below, we have put together many different features and features that should make a good Bluetooth headphone stand out. So check within a few seconds what to look for when choosing a solid model.

    •  comfort

With a Bluetooth headset, the overall comfort is essential. Finally, the headphones should rest very well and comfortably on the head, so as not to develop uncomfortable pressure for several hours. Especially if you want to use your Bluetooth headphones continuously over a longer period of time, you should pay attention to the wearing comfort. A criterion for this is padded units that are equipped with the Bluetooth headphones.

    • Battery life

Particularly well-equipped Bluetooth headphones score with long battery life and can, therefore, be used for several hours. Many models can run for up to 40 hours, provided you have fully charged the built-in batteries. Remember, however, that you can save battery life if you disable certain features. In this context, the noise-canceling should be mentioned, which reduces the battery life by up to 50%, depending on the model.

    • Bluetooth Standard

As a rule, all models that are new on the market today have the Bluetooth 4.1 standard. This offers the advantage over its predecessor of a more resistant radio link, which is also energy-efficient. In addition, models with this Bluetooth standard are backward compatible and can therefore also be connected to audio sources that support, for example, Bluetooth 3.0 or similar. Of course, the general range also plays a central role. With the latest Bluetooth standard, this is usually up to 12 m, whereby the range of walls and doors can be limited.

    • sound quality

Today, most Bluetooth headphones offer similar sound quality as wired models. Make sure the headphone has clear highs, powerful bass, and unmistakable mids. Depending on the music genre that you prefer, you should also prefer certain brand manufacturers. For hip-hop and electronic music, this is for example Beats by DR.DRE.

    • Transport and Cases

Many manufacturers also provide the Bluetooth headphones with a small bag in which the device can be placed for transport. This protects the Bluetooth headset from damage during transport and also allows you to conveniently charge cables and similar accessories here. For transport, it is especially advisable that the Bluetooth headphones can be conveniently folded. This is especially the case with Bose models.

    • controls

Both classic keys and touch operation are now standard. These buttons are available, for example, to edit the volume or to turn on the noise-canceling or to adjust the levels according to personal preferences. Particularly modern equipped Bluetooth headphones often have a voice assistant, such as Google Assistant. Thus, you can announce the weather with just one touch of a button or even read an e-mail, which is really convenient.

    • Noise-canceling

Active noise reduction reduces ambient noise. For this purpose, the manufacturers install appropriate microphones, so that an undisturbed musical enjoyment can be ensured. The quality of noise canceling, however, varies greatly from model to model. With the devices of the manufacturers Sony and Bose, however, you do not make a mistake if you should put a lot of value on this function.

    • Speakerphone

Since most modern Bluetooth headphones are equipped with multiple microphones, it is not a problem that you can expect hands-free operation. So you can handle incoming calls to your phone without having to disconnect the Bluetooth headset. A handy smartphone voice control has also been implemented by many manufacturers, which you can usually activate with just a simple button on one side of the headset.

Which Bluetooth headphones are best for you?

No matter if you like to listen to music while playing sports or if you call yourself a hi-fi expert – there is a suitable Bluetooth headset for every user. Here are some profiles to help you find your way around.

  • Bluetooth headphones for hi-fi friends

If you attach great importance to the best possible sound quality, then you should resort to high-quality Bluetooth headphones from a brand manufacturer. These models are available from € 150 for you and ensure wireless music enjoyment. In addition, the active noise cancellation has been implemented very well, so that the ambient noise does not affect the sound.

  • Bluetooth headphones for athletes

To listen to music while running, in-ear or special sports headphones are perfect for you. These models are very lightweight and comfortable to wear, but of course, you can not expect a level of sound quality similar to circumaural Bluetooth headphones. However, because sports headphones are available at a very low price and usually have splash protection, these models offer many advantages over classic Bluetooth headphones.

  • Bluetooth headphones for users who want to make frequent phone calls

In order to be reachable on the go with the smartphone and to listen to music in parallel, you should pay attention to a built-in microphone with your Bluetooth headset in order to operate a voice control. Count on such a talent for communication, so you decide best for a similarly equipped Bluetooth headset, which is available from € 50 for you.

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