10 Best Blu-ray Players: Reviews and Buying Guide

Blu-ray players are becoming increasingly popular in Germany and are increasingly supplanting the classic DVD players from the market. Because the advantages of the devices are obvious: Many of them are 3D-capable, play files in high-quality 4K and can retrieve a variety of video and audio formats. Since “normal” DVD players just can not keep up. Nevertheless, one can quickly lose the overview in the market in view of the numerous suppliers and manufacturers and the diverse product names.

Top 10 Blu-ray Players

What is a Blu-ray player and how does it work?

A Blu-ray player is similar to a conventional DVD player, an electronic device for playing media files and in this case just above all: Blu-rays. Blu-ray discs look pretty much like classic DVDs (“round and with a hole in the middle”) but can store a lot more data. This is reflected above all in a higher sound and image quality. In addition to Blu-rays.

In order for a Blu-ray player to really enjoy its qualitative advantages, the additional equipment must also have a certain basic level. Because of course, you can do little with a Blu-ray player in itself, you need a screen for the image and a speaker for the sound. So you see on a tube TV from several years ago little of the benefits of HD or even 4K format. But back to the original question: How does a Blu-ray player now compared to a normal DVD player?

Advantages and applications

First and foremost, most people on a Blu-ray player probably think of watching movies, TV shows, videos, and other media on a classic TV set. In principle, this is not wrong, but in recent years, technology has made such a great deal of progress that you have a whole new range of options – both in terms of features and the functions of a modern and high-quality Blu-ray disc. Player.

There are now among other things, 3D Blu-ray players, which have the popular 3D technology and a spatial representation of the desired content easily. Such players can be used in the rule but also in the classic 2D format. Many manufacturers also incorporate cool features in combination with the Internet: For example, you can stream music or videos directly to the TV using known streaming services.

Video and audio quality on the Blu-ray player

As we already know, a Blu-ray player is a device for playing and playing optical discs. But of course, the data carriers are available in many different video and audio qualities.

The video quality of Blu-ray discs

A very ordinary DVD, as we can buy it in the supermarket next door at the cash register, shows films in a resolution of 720 times 576 pixels – at least that applies to all European countries, on other continents, and in other countries may well differ, In comparison, a conventional Blu-ray disc already has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. That’s about five times the amount of pixels on your TV screen.

This can be seen above all in the sharpness of the picture: one and the same film looks much better in the Blu-ray version than on a simple DVD. Here we have not yet reached the very beginning of the quality that you can currently find on the market. 4K Blu-rays have a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels, which corresponds to twenty times the (!) Amount of pixels. Needless to say, of course, this gigantic difference is also reflected on the display.

The audio quality of Blu-ray discs

Especially for fans, who like to visit the cinema, a Blu-ray disc collects further plus points in the audio formats. While DVD players can offer a maximum of formats such as Digital Theater Systems (better known as DTS) or, in very rare cases, DTS-HD, Blu-rays have advanced technologies such as …

  • … Dolby Atmos,
  • Dolby True HD and
  • DTS: X.

An appropriate audio system in movies, for example, ensures that sounds and sounds can come from above and below, thus making it possible to reproduce the content on the screen much better and more precisely. To sum it up in one sentence: Blu-ray discs not only mean a visual but also an acoustic leap forward and make classic DVDs quite “outdated” come along.

Buying the right Blu-ray player: The most important criteria

There are some important criteria to keep in mind when buying a good Blu-ray player. 

  1. (Supported) video and audio formats: All devices in the big Blu-ray player comparison on gmomf.org play Blu-rays, DVDs and CDs, larger differences are only when we turn to the supported video formats, via an external Hard drive or the internet can be retrieved. You should make sure that at least the formats MPEG2 and MPEG4 as well as XVID, DivX and DivX-HD can be played. Current top models also support the audio formats Dolby True HD and DTS-HD, while also the playing of MP3s should be part of the basic equipment.
  2. The most important connections: With the largest differences in the comparison there was regarding the number of connections of the Blu-ray player. On the one hand, you should look for a suitable audio port: most models will fit digital audio outputs, but older models may require an analog audio output. To connect to your own network or the Internet in general, LAN or WLAN connections have been established for some time. For a good connection with the, TV device provides in almost all players in comparison a simple HDMI cable, a connection vSCARTart cable is no longer common. Also important is a USB port to play movies or other files from an external hard drive on the Blu-ray player.
  3. Resolution and (4K) upscaling: The absolute standard in most Blu-ray players are now Full HD, while many other manufacturers even bring 4K devices to market. But please note: The Blu-ray laser provides the TV only the picture, this m, therefore, or be able to play synonymously. Therefore, the resolution of the TV is extremely important: If the device can not play 4K, a 4K Blu-ray player does not help you much.
  4. 3D function: By now you have to say that a 3D function is already part of the basic equipment of high quality and modern Blu-ray player. The very best models can even convert 2D formats into a three-dimensional image, whereby the following applies: The effect is clearly recognizable, but the original cannot be approached.
  5. WLAN function: Internet capability is already part of the basic equipment of a good player. There is only one difference in the type of connection: The better devices not only have a LAN connection, but also a WLAN function.
  6. Handling: Another important issue is the handling or handling of the Blu-ray player. You should ask yourself a few questions before you buy a Blu-ray player: Is the connection of the player kept simple? How easy or difficult is the menu? If you want to get a recorder or burner, you should also clarify whether the programming is easy and easy to understand. Also, pay attention to an understandable operating manual.
  7. Other special features: If you have considered all these points, you can still look out for other special features, extras, and features. These are certainly not a must, but most are quite “nice to have”. In addition to the video upscaling and the CD Ripping are a possible Skype use or the playback of external HDD data such features. But always ask yourself if you really need these extras and in case of doubt, you prefer to opt for a comparable model that does not have anything special but is a bit cheaper.

What about copy protection for Blu-rays?

This is available. Blu-ray Discs have copy protection called Advanced Acces Content System (AACS) developed by Sony, Warner Bros., and Microsoft. Together with Sony, Toshiba and Walt Disney, the above companies, movie studios, and companies form the Advanced Acces Content System License Administrator (AACS LA), which oversees the assignment of code decryption.

Additional protection is provided by the company Intel with the High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP). This is provided with 56-bit code, whereby a break in the connection and thus an unauthorized recording are not possible. All devices in a connection must support HDCP to see the disc in the best resolution and quality. If this is not the case, you can maximally look at the disc in much lower resolution and record.


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