10 Best Bicycle Racks: Reviews and Buying Guide

Is your bike one of your most important companions in everyday life? Do you use your bike as a main means of transportation – even before the bus, train or your car? Then secure bike storage is a must. Wind and weather can finally add to your bike. In addition, the risk of theft increases immensely if your bike, albeit attached, is housed outdoors at night. By no means, every tenement has its own bicycle cellar. So where with your bike? A bicycle rack is a perfect solution if you are looking for space-saving bicycle storage for home use.

10 Best Bicycle Racks

When is a bike holder useful?

If you want to save your bike as space-saving as possible in the garage, in the basement or even in your own apartment, a bike rack is a perfect solution. Thus, you can protect your bike not only from the harmful weather conditions of an outdoor stand. Rather, your bike cannot be so easily stolen. Basically, all of the following devices are bicycle racks:

  • Bicycle stand
  • wall brackets
  • Ceiling brackets with cable pull

Wall and ceiling brackets have proven themselves for use in various interior spaces. Ceiling brackets that rely on a cable are commonly used in garages and cellars. However, they require a sufficient ceiling height. After all, there is no point in stowing your bike in a ceiling mount if you can not go underneath it or if you can not use the footprint for other purposes.

Wall mounts are especially a good choice if you want to keep your bike in your rented apartment. Plexiglass mounts add a particularly stylish look to your individual living concept. However, both wall and ceiling brackets go with a certain effort when stowing the bike. For example, you first have to lift your bike into the wall mount. For fast everyday use, a bicycle stand is therefore ideal. This is used in more and more bicycle cellars as theft protection.

Wall mounts for your bike, you can in principle set in your home in any living room in the scene. The attachment of these practical brackets is particularly suitable in the hallway. Finally, the wall surface there is usually only partially used elsewhere anyway. Especially for a long corridor with a sufficient width, a bicycle mount for the wall is ideal. Alternatively, you can also get creative and make your bike over your bed or your home sofa a real eye-catcher on the wall.

What speaks for a wall mount bike?

Bicycle accessories such as a bicycle lock, a comfortable bicycle saddle, and a bicycle helmet are a must for safe and comfortable driving. A bracket for your bike can quickly become a must-have if you have no other safe way to protect your bike from thieves and the weather store. It is basically differentiated between different types of wall mount bike. On the one hand, you can opt for a model with a rail for the two bicycle tires. On the other hand, a wall mount, which consists of only two hooks for the tires, is available for selection. You can also opt for a bicycle suspension for the pedals of your bike or for a frame holder. Thus, there is the right solution for every living space.

Above all, the attractive look and the easy assembly speak for this type of bicycle mount. Such a bike rack is also ideal for your home, while classic bike racks are often found outdoors or in shared bicycle cellars. Space-saving this kind of bicycle storage anyway. You can also buy these wall mounts for your bike comparatively cheap.

However, the practical wall mounts are not only associated with benefits. One of the biggest drawbacks is that these brackets are not suitable for all wheels. In addition, a wall protection is missing in part, so that threatens to pollute your wall by the Reifendreck. In addition, you must lift your bike into the holder. This is problematic with a weakened back. However, your bike with such a holder is guaranteed to be a stylish deco element in your living room. Here are the most important advantages and disadvantages:

Why is a ceiling mount for your bike worthwhile?

Especially for exceptionally high ceilings, a ceiling mount is an extremely space-saving way to keep your bike safe and dry. Passionate space savers come with this practical solution thus completely at their expense. The practical cable pull system of the common ceiling brackets also ensures that you can stow your bike particularly back-friendly. After all, you only have to tie the ropes and hooks to your bike. On the other hand, you do not have to lift your bike. Finally, the useful cable pulls over for you. High room heights can thus be used perfectly.

In addition, you can not only use a ceiling mount for your bike to stow your bike in it. Even an unused roof box or a canoe and snowboards and Co. can be accommodated with the help of the appropriate ceiling mount to save space. Thus, it is a versatile storage system for a number of sports equipment and Co. This ensures that this investment is worth in several ways.

For everyday use, this extremely space-saving method of bicycle storage has not proven in practice. However, if you want to keep your bike in the garage for the winter, this type of bicycle rack could be interesting for you. You can also use this holder for other sports equipment. In addition, there are a number of manufacturers, with additional hooks to ensure that other accessories such as your bike bag or your helmet be safely stowed by means of the ceiling suspension. Big advantage: Whether you have a bike computer or a bike basket attached to your bike while these accessories can interfere with wall mounting, this is usually not the case with a ceiling mount for your bike.

When does a bike rack make sense?

A bicycle stand is a bicycle holder that can be set up quickly and easily. In this stand, either the upper crossbar or the seat post itself is hung in the stand. It is thus a much less space-saving way of storing bicycles. However, a practical bicycle stand also comes with tangible benefits. Finally, there are bike racks, which can also be used as a repair stand. Thus, you not only have the option to store your bike with the help of such a stand but also to mount your bike on this stand for the next repair. Therefore, the upcoming tire change will be much easier for you, for example.

While this is not the most space-saving way to store your bike, most of these stands are height-adjustable and can be easily adjusted to your body size. In addition, there are bike racks in which you can accommodate more than one bike, some of them on top of each other. This ensures correspondingly large space savings. For everyday use or if you want to quickly make a minor repair on your bike, such a stand is ideal.

Fahrradhalter Kaufberatung – on which criteria is it important?

When you buy the right bicycle holder you do not have to choose between the mentioned types. Rather, there are also wall brackets for your bike, which can also be converted to a bike rack for your car. While you can not replace a bike rack for trailer hitching with it, the Thule bike rack has proven to be extremely versatile. The price certainly plays a role in the purchase of this bicycle accessories. Therefore, with your individual bike holder comparison, it is a good idea if you also consider the price-performance ratio and compare the offers of different manufacturers. When ordering online, it is essential to consider the cost of shipping. Likewise, the following quality criteria are important:

  • The maximum load – how much should your bike weigh at most so that the holder can cope with this load?
  • Up to which tire width is the bicycle holder suitable?
  • For which frame is the bicycle mount suitable?
  • Weight and dimensions of the bike mount itself – how space-saving can your bike be stored?
  • Can one or more bikes bestow?
  • Can you also use the bike holder to stow rims, canoes, roof rack boxes and the like?
  • The highest possible quality and robust processing
  • The design, if you want to make your bike into a decorative object in your home
  • The brand and your reputation
  • Customer reviews for the respective bicycle holder

How resilient should your bicycle rack be?

Before you can decide on a specific bike holder, you should know the approximate weight of your bike. Because this decides which bicycle racks are eliminated or make it into your shortlist. The current bicycle racks on the market provide for a maximum payload of 15 to a good 45 kilograms. The models of the upper middle class create 25 kilograms. You can assume that the weight of the common bicycle models can be calculated as follows:

  1. Road bike: between 8 and 10 kg
  2. Mountain bike (MTB): from 10 to about 20 kg
  3. E-bike: from 25 kg upwards

Especially if you are interested in an electric bicycle, you should look carefully when buying a bike mount for the wall or the ceiling. Finally, an e-bike is associated with a higher weight, as both the engine and the battery in addition to the frame, wheels, and Co. bring more kilos on the scales. This challenge is only a solid bike holder with a correspondingly large capacity grown.

Which bracket fits your bike?

Not only if you buy a bicycle garage or a bicycle trailer, but you should also make sure that this accessory fits your bike. Finally, in women’s wheels, the upper crossbar made of metal, which is present on the market in the popular men’s wheels, is missing. A bicycle holder, where you hang the bike on the upper crossbar of the frame, is therefore unsuitable for many women’s bicycles. Not only for women’s bikes but also in an unusual frame type offers a holder in which the wheel is hung on his seat post or on the tires, so on.

Unless the bracket can be adjusted, you should first check whether the bike holder has grown to the frame diameter of your bike. Most manufacturers not only specify the maximum tire diameter, but also the maximum pipe diameter. The top tube diameter amounts to with the common bicycle models on 25 to 50 millimeters. The company Iberia even has a bicycle holder for you on offer, which is easily grown to a maximum tube diameter of 58 millimeters.

Popular bicycle holder suppliers at a glance

Now that you have equipped our comprehensive, non-binding bicycle purchase guide with the necessary know-how to be able to differentiate between the different types of bicycle holders, the question arises which brand you most like. The following list tells you which manufacturers have proven themselves in the eyes of many customers in front of you. Therefore, you are also welcome to take a look at the assortment of these companies:

  • Schramm
  • Thule
  • femur
  • Relax Days
  • ultra Sport
  • Feedback Sports
  • Ibera
  • Yahee
  • Points
  • Relax

How can you mount your bike rack?

Most manufacturers supply the required mounting accessories at the same time. The required screws and dowels are thus part of the scope of delivery. Often, there are four or more screws that secure the bracket to the wall or ceiling. Anyone who has ever screwed a lamp or a shelf to a wall, will not be particularly difficult with the installation of a bicycle holder. The ceiling mounting is so far connected with their own difficulties, as that you have to work upside down. Therefore, the mounting of a bicycle holder for the ceiling designed in accordance with more expensive than the installation of a wall bracket.

If it is a wall, wood, concrete or a fiber cement wall, a wall or ceiling mount for your bike is very easy to install. Of course, this requires the right tool and above all the suitable drill bit. Only Rigips walls and other types of lightweight walls are usually not strong enough to attach a bracket for your bike. Therefore, first check what kind of wall it is, before you end up with a lot of damage.

Bicycle holder for dogs – what should you pay attention to?

Anyone looking for a bicycle holder for dogs should strictly speaking, look for a bicycle holder. It is, therefore, a device that ensures a safe distance between human and animal while you are cycling with your dog. This bracket comes with the tangible advantage that the risk of falling is significantly reduced. However, you should know that if you do not have your dog in tow right now, you will need to remove the bracket in order to use your bike regularly. This is to be regarded as one of the biggest disadvantages of this practical tool for all cycling enthusiasts dog owners.

Bicycle mounts for your car

With bike racks for your car is not strictly to bicycle racks in the classical sense. Rather, these fastening devices are known as a bicycle rack. There are only a few bicycle racks that can serve as a wall mount for your bike as well as a bike carrier for your car. With a bicycle carrier for your car, you have the choice between a model, which is mounted as a roof rack or on the tailgate of your vehicle. If it is a van, you can also use a bicycle mount located inside your vehicle. This can be attached to the inner wall or on the inner vehicle floor.

Bicycle carriers must meet exactly defined requirements. Finally, the aspect of safety plays a far greater role than is the case with a simple bicycle holder for home use. If your bike has not been sufficiently stable and securely fastened to your vehicle, the bike could easily come off the bracket and fall onto the road while driving. This could even have life-threatening consequences for you or the other road users.

Is there a bicycle holder test of the Stiftung Warentest?

The Stiftung Warentest has not put bike holders for home use to the test. However, bicycle carriers for your car have already been put through their paces by one of the leading test institutes in Germany. If you would like to buy a bicycle holder that can be used by your car like some of Thule’s models, then this test result may be of interest to you. Of course, we will keep you up to date. If Stiftung Warentest should carry out a bicycle holder test in future, we will inform you about the results of this test.

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