10 Best Basketball Backpacks: Reviews and Buying Guide

When you go trekking to the mountain, you should always take with you suitable equipment. Therefore, you need a good backpack to accompany you everywhere, so you can have the essentials for your trip. Here I leave a list with the best trekking backpacks, so you can learn well and choose the one that best suits your needs and your journeys.

Top 10 Basketball Backpacks

What do I have to take into account when choosing a backpack?

Take into account the following characteristics:

  • What activity will you do ?: How you will use the backpack is vital to determine which one you will buy, since there are options for different outdoor activities (we will explain the different types of backpacks), which come equipped with special pockets, more resistant fabric, etc., for example.
  • What capacity do you need ?: The measures of the backpack you buy are also something you have to pay attention to. It will depend on the amount of equipment you plan to transport. The capacity will be measured in liters.
  • Do you need a specific feature ?: Some people look for extra features of the backpacks they want to buy, such as an extra compartment for the sleeping bag, for example.
  • Adjustment: There are people that require a specific adjustment that only some backpacks include. Anyway, the length of the torso and the size of the hip are very important adjustment factors so that your health is not affected in the long term.

If you like outdoor activities, whether traveling the world, trekking, mountain biking or, simply, a walk out, you will know that the best company is your backpack. You can keep everything you want to carry safely and comfortably. To know which one is best suited to you and the activity you are going to do, you must take into account the following tips.


At this point, it’s where you have to pay more attention. Concentrate on the quality of the material with which it is made. That will determine the durability of your backpack.

The zippers of the compartments must be resistant. If you do not pay attention to that, when you want to store your personal items, you risk losing one. Some are made of waterproof material and others are not. I recommend that you choose those that are. This way, you will not be surprised by any rain and that way you will take better care of your belongings.

Capacity and size

Not all the activities or adventures in which you are going to undertake, you need the same storage capacity, ranging from 12 to 120 liters. So you can guide yourself, I’ll show you three examples of the most demanded in the market. First, there are those from 12 to 20 liters. Normally they are used for activities of short duration, rather, to be able to take food, shelter and some accessory.

Second, from 30 to 50 liters. These are required for activities that require more than one day. Since you will need more spare clothing, camping items, hygiene and equipment that you think are essential for your trip.

And, third, those that go from 60 to 120 liters. You should know, that these backpacks are more appropriate for trips or activities that can last for months or years. Its capacity is very large, allowing you to load the amounts commensurate with that long road. Keep in mind, that in order to choose the right backpack, you must try it personally. Not all will be well. Your measurements are varied and you have to find the one that fits perfectly with you and your physiognomy.

Shoulder pads

The backpacks come with straps to be transported. There are very varied models and with different characteristics. They can be thin or wider, more cushioned or less. But what you have to know is the following.

The load should not go completely on your shoulders but distributed evenly so as not to hurt your back. For that, they have two alternative straps that are adjustable and indispensable. One in the chest and one in the hip, so that the weight goes in the legs. This detail is one of the main reasons for not having problems or physical pain. In this way, you will choose your ideal backpack.

Compartments and accessories

And finally, you should consider how much you want to carry with you to determine which design will be best suited for your adventure.

The pockets can be very varied, of different sizes and characteristics. Also, you can find meshes to hang objects, or adjustable external tapes to the backpack to store what you need. An accessory that I consider important and indispensable to protect all the personal items that you will carry, is a rainproof cover. This object has the purpose of isolating and completely covering your backpack from possible rains that will surprise you on the way.

Do not waste any more time With this guide that I prepared for you, you are ready to buy your backpack and undertake that adventure that you are so much looking forward to and planning.

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