10 Best Baseball Gloves: Reviews and Buying Guide

I’ve been teaching baseball for years and I know firsthand that for someone who takes his first steps in this sport, whether it’s small or big, it can be complicated and overwhelming to find a good game team and among the most important things is to have the best baseball glove.

The baseball accessories are fundamental to play, be it the helmet, the baseball bat or the gloves since a good quality team will give you the best performance.

What are the best baseball gloves?

Being one of the most popular sports worldwide, it is no surprise that there is a market full of options and to choose the best gloves, you must define your type of game and if they are baseball gloves for lefties or for rights.

Finding good gloves does not mean spending all your money, since it is possible to obtain economic and quality models, such as the ones I have compiled in this comparison.

Top 10 Baseball Gloves

What is the best baseball glove on the market?

The major sports brands offer endless options in baseball gloves, however, not all items on the market provide true protection and effectiveness. It is important to know how to distinguish all the characteristics that a good baseball glove must have, since this is an instrument that should be as adapted as possible to your measurement. Therefore, we present a guide to buy the best baseball glove, so you have a clear idea of what you need and make your best choice.

Baseball glove

Everything begins in the year 1875, when a university catcher in the United States, called Charles C. White, manufactures the first Baseball Glove, which bears a resemblance to those used by cyclists, for not being padded; At the same time, it is in the year 1920 when the initial glove model that we know today is created, it was designed by Bill Doak, who sells his design to the most famous baseball brand “Rawlings”.

The function of the Baseball Glove is to protect the hand of every player when it needs to catch the ball, since it is usually thrown at very high speeds, and the player needs an instrument that allows him to capture it without any damage to catch it. (See Article:  Uniform helmet and gloves of American Football )

Soften Baseball Glove

There are many techniques that are used to soften the new baseball glove, to obtain better mobility of the same, the technique we will discuss is the following:

  1. Buy oil conditioner for gloves, or in its effect shaving cream.
  2. Apply it inside the glove but in a small amount.
  3. Then a baseball is placed inside the glove, and with garters, the glove is tied.
  4. Then we proceed to leave the glove in the sun for a few hours (not too many).
  5. Mold it by removing the links.
  6. Then the suspenders are put back and the glove is kept in a dark and dry place
  7. Ready, you can remove the links and use it.

Baseball Glove – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2019

If you train baseball regularly in the receiver position and need to replace your glove, we advise you to look for one that offers protection and care to improve athletic performance. For this, it is best to compare between the market options and choose a quality baseball glove. If you have already decided to buy one, it is convenient that you analyze the best options, although the variety is wide, here we present some of the most outstanding. The first of these is the Wilson A1000, a glove that brings together innovation and materials of the highest quality. This glove model is made from genuine leather and is recommended for left-handers since it has a special design for the left hand. On the other hand, there’s the Mizuno Gcp17s Classic Pro, that was elaborated in resistant material to protect the hand, with the particularity that does not deform. Also, we mentioned that this glove is for the right hand.

Shopping guide


To buy a baseball glove that guarantees protection, safety, and resistance, you should look carefully at the details of its characteristics to know what materials are made in all its parts and have an approximate idea of how much it costs.

Generally, the type of quality influences the price, the higher the price, the higher the cost. However, when it comes to the safety and protection of your hand, it is a necessary investment that you should not neglect if you want to avoid possible blows and fractures.

In addition, it should be noted that a glove made with quality materials will have a longer life and will provide greater performance on the field of play.

To choose the baseball glove that suits you, you must make sure it is made of high-quality genuine leather. In addition to this, it must be strong enough to withstand the impact of the ball and at the same time flexible to facilitate the movement of the hand when catching the ball in the air.

On the inside, the baseball gloves should be padded to protect the palm of the hand completely.

Also, this type of products has a mesh that goes between the thumb and the index, which must also be made of robust leather. Even the mesh that covers the fingers has to be a softer and lighter type of leather.

The union of these characteristics will allow you to have a glove model that improves grip, increases performance and protects the fingers and hands from possible injuries that may occur.

This is because the force of impact of the ball, could cause injuries in the joints or fracture the hands of the subject, a situation that would leave out of play most of the athletes during some time of the season.


It is important that the baseball glove has an appropriate design that adapts correctly to the shape and size of your hand. That is, apart from the colors and details that add eye-catching, this should guarantee comfort and comfort.

Although this feature also influences the price, due to the wide variety of models you can get a good and economic glove. In addition, the outer design of these sports implements is usually robust and strong to withstand the impact of the ball, however, its internal part must be designed with padding material.

Another aspect that is important to take into account is the adjustment of the glove. It is important to fit comfortably in your hand, for example, some gloves have a Velcro strap placed at the height of the wrist, whose design allows you to easily adjust or release them from your hand. We recommend you choose a glove that has this feature to ensure a better movement.

Other gloves have a hole to remove the index finger and exert better control over the glove, those of this type tend to provide optimal protection.

On the other hand, it does not matter if you are left-handed or right-handed, as there are elaborate designs for each hand. Of course, many models are available for both hands, but when making the choice, it is important to remember this detail so that you do not lose money in a model that does not suit you correctly.


When making a comparison of baseball gloves, size is an important factor to take into account when choosing a glove, it is necessary that it molds to your shape and allows you a better grip.

It is necessary that you can properly select a size that fits the size of your hand and that has an adjustable design in a material that is not deformed so that it does not come out while you play.

The most common average measures that have been designed range from 22.5 cm for young people to 31.2 cm for adults. It is important that you can choose one according to the type of field in which you play since they tend to be different between them.

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