10 Best Babyphones: Reviews and Buying Guide

A baby monitor gives the parents certain security when the offspring sleeps in their own room. The modern baby monitors provide careful and reliable baby monitoring – both at night and during the day. Parents can do their work while the baby is asleep without sacrificing control of the child. The transmitter of the baby monitor transmits the sounds to the baby monitor receiver so that parents can react accordingly if necessary and go to the baby. Even if you would like to be in the early days, constantly sitting on the side of the baby and have everything in mind, is not even.

Find out what kind of baby phones are available, what they can do and what to look for when buying a small helper in our baby monitor comparison.

Top 10 Babyphones

What is a baby monitor and why do you need it?

The baby monitor consists of two devices – a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is placed in the room where the baby is lying and the receiver remains with the parent. The transmission of sounds from the nursery is radio-controlled to the recipient so that the parents hear directly when the baby is restless or just waking up.

The main task of baby monitors is to increase the safety of the baby and to give the parents some freedom of movement. Thanks to baby monitors, parents can move freely around the house, but still, have the baby under control.

The basis of today’s baby phones supplied the radios. With these radios, the soldiers in the military agreed among themselves. The first radios were very big and heavy, they could only be transported with great effort. Gradually, the radios became smaller and more manageable.

In America, the first baby monitor was created in the 1980s. The idea came from an American citizen who happened to hear the sound of a baby. With his idea to develop a baby monitor, he gave parents a lot of freedom. They could hear the baby’s sounds earlier, master their everyday lives without having to keep an eye on the baby all the time.

Back in the days when baby monitors had a very simple technology, today’s baby monitors offer many features such as room temperature sensor, optical noise level display and much more.

A baby monitor is now part of the basic equipment, so to speak, when offspring has announced. For example, while the baby sleeps during the day, mothers can do their housework and have their baby under control through the baby monitor’s sound transmission.

Baby monitors that transmit the sounds via radio can also be used outdoors. So parents can leave the apartment for a while, do something in the garden, but are still within the reach of the baby if something should be.

Of course, the baby monitors equipped with a camera also have the advantage of seeing the baby in his room and in his crib. This again gives a certain degree of security for the parents.

The different types of baby phones

There were many years ago, the simple baby monitor, the noise transmitted, we now find devices with camera and motion detectors that recognize a respiratory arrest in the baby immediately. In addition, the baby monitors have various features that can be more or less useful.

The baby monitor with analog radio transmission

These baby monitors were, so to speak, the first helpers for the parents and even today you can find this type of baby monitor very often. However, it can happen that the system has interference and, moreover, these analog baby monitors are by no means tamper-proof.

Typically, the analog baby monitors have 8 channels, and the transmitter and receiver must always be set to the same channel to transmit the sounds.

If other receivers are in range, third parties may overhear the sounds. The simplicity of these devices is reflected in the low price.

The baby monitor with digital radio transmission

Baby monitors with digital radio transmission are less prone to interference than the analog devices. The sounds are transmitted much clearer so that the safety of the baby is guaranteed in any case better.

The digital baby monitors usually work with the DECT technology, which is also used in cordless phones. Most of the digital baby monitors are equipped with LEDs that visually indicate the noise level. However, these digital baby monitors are quite rarely represented in the nursery.

The baby monitor with camera

The receiver of the baby monitor with the camera is equipped with a monitor to which the baby is transferred. The offspring is visible over the screen so that you have to a certain extent double security.

The baby monitors with the camera have the advantage that they can also display the baby on the monitor at night thanks to the infrared technology.

Frequently, these baby monitors are equipped with other features such as temperature monitoring. If the room temperature changes, the baby monitor “sounds” accordingly.

The baby monitor with motion detector

The baby monitors with motion detectors work like the “normal” baby monitors, only they additionally have one or two mats. These mats are placed under the mattress of the baby bed in which the baby sleeps.

The mats control the movements of the baby so that it is possible with the baby monitor with a motion detector to monitor the respiration of the offspring. Many devices have a certain time buffer, in which a motionlessness of the baby is accepted because otherwise, it would often lead to misinformation.

If the baby is lying motionless in bed or breathing for a long time, the parents are alerted directly to the receiver. With these baby monitors, the sudden infant death, or irregularities in the baby, can be noticed faster.

Especially parents who have the first baby, are much calmer with these baby monitors with motion detectors, as far as the safety of the offspring is concerned.

The baby monitor with intercom

The functioning of these baby monitors is enhanced by the possibility of talking to each other. So parents have the opportunity to calm the baby without being in the room with the baby. Because often babies can be calmed by the voice of the parents. If this variant does not work, parents can react accordingly and go to the child in the nursery.

Babyphone integrated into the phone

A telephone probably has everyone at home. And the modern phones are often delivered with an integrated baby monitor, so you can save the separate device.

Babyphones combined with mobile phone

Your mobile phone or smartphone can also act as a baby monitor. You can use the automatic call function, which picks up on a call and transmits the sounds from the nursery to the mobile phone.

There are also devices that connect to the phone and then work like a normal baby monitor. No matter which system – both work very reliably and transmit the sounds very reliably.

The baby monitor over the mains

These baby monitors are not powered by batteries or rechargeable batteries, or by the AC adapter, but are plugged into the wall outlet. They work over the electricity network, which of course has advantages and disadvantages.

An advantage of the baby monitor over the mains is that the device does not emit radio waves, because it works without batteries and rechargeable batteries. One drawback, which should not be underestimated in some cases, is that the baby monitor only works in one place. Namely, where is a power outlet? If you want to go to the garden, it can be difficult to find a power outlet here.

And the sound quality of these baby phones is not as good as the “competitors”.

The subject of electrosmog is an issue in all baby monitors, except those that operate via the power outlet. However, it has not been proven whether the topic of electrosmog in baby monitors is completely massive or completely harmless.

In order to reduce electrosmog, most of the devices have automatic switch-on. That is, the baby monitor turns on only when a sound is heard, to forward this to the receiver. If there is no sound, the babyphone switches back to standby mode, so to speak. So less electrosmog is to be produced.

How is a baby monitor used?

Baby monitors are already pre-set by the manufacturer. That is, both devices are turned on and matched. You select the same channel on both devices, which is done either via a knob or a rotary knob on the baby monitor.

After the hiring, a trial run makes sense in any case. The transmitter should be placed at a sufficient distance from the cot. Usually, one or two meters is sufficient as a distance to transmit the sounds. However, in the manual of the baby monitor, how and where the transmitter unit is to be set up.

If the sounds arriving at the receiver are too quiet, you can increase the volume of the baby monitor accordingly.

The functioning of a baby monitor

Transmitter and receiver of the baby monitor must work together and communicate. For simple devices, the transmitter sends a corresponding signal to the receiver. This receives the signal, transmits it so that you can hear the sound like a parent. Since these baby monitors only work in one direction, they are called unidirectional.

The opposite, the bi-directional baby monitors, work like this: The sender sends, but can also be the receiver at the same time, if the recipient part sends a message to the sender, for example in the form of words. This then hears the baby without anyone from the parents in the room.

What should you look for when buying a baby monitor?

The range of baby monitors is more than big and varied. Alone because of the many different features it is difficult to decide on the right and suitable baby monitor.

When buying a baby monitor you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. the equipment of the baby monitor When you buy a baby monitor in the first step, it is important to decide on a species. Do you want a simple, analog baby monitor or should it rather be a digital baby monitor? Or you want to play it safe and a baby monitor with a camera? Or should it be the increase, by opting for a baby monitor with motion detectors such as the Angelcare or the Audiocare? You see, answering this question alone can be difficult.
  2. the range of the baby monitor Within the apartment, most baby monitors have a range of 50 meters. In the outdoor area, it looks quite different. Ranges of up to 330 meters are possible here. If you have a large garden, then the range of the baby monitor can be an important purchase criterion. Above all, then in principle no baby monitor with operation via the socket in question.
  3. the charging time of the battery How long does the battery last until it is fully operational again? Especially the baby monitors with camera need a lot of energy, so they need to be charged more often. In the description of the baby monitor pay attention to how long the charging time, but also the battery life, is.
  4. additional features include many baby monitors – such as the night light, the playback of lullabies or even the projection of a starry sky. Do you need them or is the noise transmission from the nursery at the center of your attention? The intercom function is an additional feature that not all devices bring with them. If this feature is important to you, you must pay attention when buying.

Meaningful or exaggerated – monitoring the baby

Especially newly minted parents who have just had or have their first child are often more than cautious and anxious. And just in these cases, the modern baby monitors can give parents a little more security. For the well-being and safety of the child play a very important role. Especially when you see the statistics that over 100 children die every year in their crib.

So it makes sense to monitor the child’s movements, but do not overdo it. For this reason, the distance of the transmitter to the cot is so important. Here again, the topic of electrosmog must be recalled.

Although there is a strict rule that baby monitor radiation may only be a quarter of the allowable standard amount, in practice most baby monitors significantly exceed that value. Therefore, the baby monitor should only be turned on when it is needed.

Can the baby monitor prevent sudden infant death?

The sudden infant death syndrome,r SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is probably the worst thing that can imagine parents. Although our research has progressed so far, there is no real explanation for the sudden death of infants.

Even today, sudden infant death syndrome is a common cause of death in babies. However, the research has borne fruit: in recent years, the death rate in infants has decreased significantly.

A baby monitor can in some cases already communicate the distress of the little one, because as a parent you can not sit uninterruptedly on the baby bed and keep watch. 
Baby monitors with camera or motion detectors can give certain security.

Especially the sensor mats recognize when breathing is slowed or even completely suspended. In such a case, the baby monitor directly alerts the parents.

And yet: the sudden infant death syndrome can occur despite baby monitor. There is no one hundred percent certainty.


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