10 Best Baby Swings: Reviews and Buying Guide

If you are looking for a place where your baby is entertained, rest, be sure and give you those minutes or hours of peace that you want to have among many things you have to do to be a mother, you need the best baby swing, a product designed to give the child a comfortable place, which will make swinging movements, emit sounds of nature, songs and some even vibrate to relax your baby.

Such as the baby gym, the hammocks, the seesaw or the puffs; baby swings are products that despite the recent ones that are here to stay, and increasingly become an indispensable part of the shopping list that every mother will appreciate.

What is the best swing for baby?

After putting several swings to test, analyzing the benefits they provide and if in reality meet the goal of being an entertaining and relaxing product for children, we managed to bring together six models that stand out from the others for their quality, functions and good price.

They vary in style and mechanics, however, what is important and what everyone agrees is the security it offers and the best thing is that you can choose according to the age of your child.

Here we present the best baby swings:

Top 10 Baby Swings

At what age is it appropriate to use the swing?

The good of these products is that they vary in model, size, and shape, and companies have been dedicated to manufacturing products according to the child stage.

One of the main characteristics mentioned by the manufacturer is the recommended minimum age or the weight it can bear and it is easy to find models for children from birth to six months, as well as up to one year, two years or even five or six years.

What you should make sure is that your baby is securely fastened with straps and that the structure has an anti-slip base for greater safety.

What should you look for when choosing a swing for your child?

We quickly mention the tips to take into account so you can make the best choice:

  • Security: we already talked about this
  • Weight capacity
  • Comfort: this depends on the cover that covers the seat or if it has pillows or support for the head.
  • The size: There are robust models, compact models and even folding.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Easy to wash: Make sure that the cover is removed and if it can be washed in a washing machine much better.
  • The tilt of the seat: as they grow, children demand to be in a more vertical position and if the seat is reclining it will be more useful over time.
  • Functions: Like the balancing, music, volume adjustment, toys, vibration, possibility to record audios, timer and more.
  • Types: Some work with electricity, others with batteries and others are manual.

However, analyzing all this in each swing can take time. The good thing is that here we did it for you and we present you with a list of the best options you can buy.

What is the difference between Swing and Bouncer?

In both, the baby can play, observe the world around him or simply take a nap while Mommy or Daddy rest their arms or are engaged in housework. Although they are very similar and share functional, these baby accessories are not the same.

In the bouncer or rocking chair, the idea is to use the natural movements of rebound while in the swing an external force must exert pressure to generate the swing. Currently most of the latter are electric.

Although both can be used from birth, as the toddler grows, later, the rocking chair will respond to your child’s kicks with a bouncing motion, up and down.

This not only satisfies your child’s need for movement, it also helps him develop the muscles necessary to walk. In addition, the movement has a soothing effect that relaxes your baby and perhaps lulled him to sleep.

Electric or natural?

Both the swing and the bouncer, mimic the swinging movement of a baby in the belly or arms, which is why all babies love them. Most of them calm down with the rolling and many fall asleep.

For parents who prefer a natural movement, they should lean towards the bouncer. Its movement is produced by the natural rebound which makes it soft and has a relaxing effect that induces sleep.

Newborn babies enjoy sitting in a reclined position looking at the faces of those who talk or sleep comfortably. As they grow up and realize that they control the rebound with their legs they will love it.

On the contrary, the swing works with batteries or in the best case is recharged through an electric cable so it may generate some kind of noise when operating, a detail that you should not overlook when buying one because if it is very noisy it can cause the opposite effect.

With all the toys

As far as the variety is concerned, the swings and bouncer come with an infinity of accessories. You can find from small amusement parks to more simple and portable models. Choose according to what you need.

The bouncers are usually smaller and lighter than the swings and offer the same activity for the little ones in the house. Most models can fold them and take them wherever you want. However, the swings are heavier and bulkier but the balance is in the toys and even music.

More fun

Balancing is the key to these two baby accessories but if the fun can be extended, it is wonderful, do not you think?

When the baby has a few months, you can hang the toys in the device to have fun. The most common accessories are the bow of games, trays of activities, mobiles, lights, and music.

Just make sure that the accessories do not contain small pieces that the baby can swallow since it will surely be out of your site for a few moments. No one wants an accident to happen so prevention is not too much.

Safe rebound

-Do not exceed the maximum weight. Most handle the range of 15-25 lbs or what is the same, 7-11kg. However, some models will not be forgotten as soon as they can become a comfortable chair for children up to 2 years old.

-Make sure it contains a special reclining position for newborns and not just the upright position for older babies

-With the electric swings, you can face many functions, some high-end contain up to eight configurations. Check out little by little which one your baby likes best.

-The surface should be soft and comfortable, without sharp edges or edges and support for the back, neck, and head.

-It must have pins that secure the baby in the seat

-The base must be wide and stable so that there is no risk of the swing causing it to tip over.

What you should know about swings

Although for many parents swings can be the salvation, it usually happens that it is not the same as babies think. Even though the swinging movement is one of the favorites of newborns, some do not feel comfortable and end up in a bad mood.

To avoid making an unnecessary expense, if it is within your reach you can ask a friend to lend you one for your baby to try it, so you make sure you make the best investment and that it does not go to storage so soon.

You have to consider that the smaller the baby, the easier it will be to adapt to the swing. But the time of use also has a limit. The manufacturers recommend stopping using it when the child weighs more than 25 pounds since from where he runs the risk of capsizing and going to the ground.

Although it seems an excellent alternative, experts recommend limiting the use of the swing to an hour or less a day while you are asleep.

What to look for when buying?


Swings range from the simplest to the most complete entertainment centers. Depending on the space intended for the accessory you can choose which one to buy.

Battery or plug:

Most swings are powered by an engine that runs on batteries or should be plugged into a power source. The engine emits a noise that babies may or may not like.

Most battery swings offer portability. Since you will have to spend a lot more on batteries, look for a baby swing that runs on batteries and runs on electric power.

Safety harness:

Verify that the swing has a fixed harness clamping system to prevent accidents. Those of 5 points are better than the 3 point harness.

Speed and movement:

Most swing from head to toe but some models do it from side to side. More recently, some that offer other types of up and down or circular movements have come onto the market.


Choose a swing with a wide and strong frame that is close to the ground and that can be easily folded and disassembled in case of travel.

Most swings come with a solid and stable structure, which is able to support the weight of your baby and stand firm on the surface where they are placed.

Easy to clean:

The surface should be washable as there will surely be many remnants of vomit, regurgitation or diaper that will fall on it. The cover must also be removable to clean it regularly.


Whichever model of swing you decide to buy, make sure the seat is well padded.

Although most swings are designed in the form of a standard crib, a good baby swing will have an ergonomic shape to ensure complete support for the baby’s head, neck, and back.

As a nephew uses the swing in the early stages of development, it is essential to select one that has the correct shape to ensure its safety and above all comfort.

Removable head support:

Removable head support will help your baby recline comfortably when playing with hanging toys. Since baby swings can be used from birth, they need to provide adequate support for the head and neck until the newborn develops neck to balance.

Additional features:

Many come with different accessories such as trays, toy bars, phones, and even plasma and music screens. Make sure they are easily removable and that they do not interrupt the development of the baby in the seat.

Reclining spot:

Most of the swings provide at least 2 reclining positions: one vertical, one reclining. These can be used according to when your baby wants to sit or sleep.

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