10 Best Baby Mattresses: Reviews and Buying Guide

For parents, the welfare of their own children has the highest priority. This includes a restful, healthy sleep. Finally, the offspring is still growing, so that the night’s sleep is extremely important so that your own baby can prosper magnificently. Pollutants that could breathe children at night have certainly lost nothing in a baby mattress. Even if you, as a parent, prefer not to leave anything to chance, you are in the right place here. The detailed baby mattress comparison tells you how you can decide in January 2019 for a high-quality mattress for your offspring.

It is of course not only on the pollution-free of the new mattress for your baby bed. Rather, the mattress must also be as easy to care for as breathable. Of course, we will help you to find the right baby mattress as quickly and easily as possible. Access the following purchase advice completely free of charge and without obligation and find out more about 10 selected baby mattresses from some of the leading brands on the market.

Top 10 Baby Mattresses

Baby mattresses – what is important? The basics

Basically, it is a baby mattress to a regular mattress, which is offered only in a much smaller format. The baby mattresses of the leading brands usually have the following dimensions:

  • The mattress in 40 × 90
  • Baby bed mattress in 50 × 100
  • The mattress in 60 × 120
  • The mattress in 70 × 140

The first two mattress sizes are offered the rarest. The norm is a children’s mattress in 70 × 140. The advantage of such a children’s mattress is that it is suitable not only for babies but also infants. However, it is important to pay attention to the maximum user weight. Finally, a baby bed mattress in 70 × 140 or a children’s mattress in 60 × 120 should usually be used for a maximum of up to four years of your child.

At some point, your child is simply too heavy to sleep on a mattress for a baby bed. If you need a bassinet mattress, more compact mattress dimensions are often needed. It is best to buy such a cot with mattress. Finally, the mattress for the bassinet may sometimes not be rectangular but must have rounded corners. Other than mattresses for adults, there are other issues that are of critical importance when purchasing a cot mattress. The best baby mattress should convince above all in the following ways:

  • Not too hard and not too soft
  • wet Weather
  • breathable

Purchase advise for baby mattresses – which material is available?

Most baby bed mattresses are made from a blend of polyester and cotton and a foam core inside the mattress. This has proven itself so that your mattress for the baby can offer the best possible performance characteristics. The fact that the cover of your baby mattress is not made entirely of cotton but of a synthetic fiber mixture means that it is much easier to care for. Even if baby mattresses made of coconut, latex or foam are offered, cold foam mattresses have proven themselves. For foam mattresses can for the best possible pressure distribution in the sense of high sleep comfort and the back health of your child be taken care of. The advantages and disadvantages of this type of baby mattress.

Spring mattresses are not usually offered for babies. This is for a very simple reason. After all, babies, especially in their early stages of life, are not yet able to regulate their body temperature and warm up the baby bed themselves. Due to the fact that spring mattresses contain metal elements, these mattresses feel much colder at low temperatures than a normal mattress. This would certainly displease your baby in practice.

If you are reasonably certain that your baby might develop a range of allergies as well as you and your partner are biased, you may be interested in a coconut mattress for the baby. Lastly, a baby cot made of coconut uses a particularly large amount of natural materials, which is beneficial for house dust allergy sufferers, among other things. Even if you as a parent yourself are plagued by a house dust allergy, the purchase of such a cot mattress can make sense, since you will often come into contact with this mattress as a parent.

Baby mattresses – what to consider when buying?

Which mattress is best for the baby can be determined by a set of well-defined criteria. While we have already answered the question as to what degree of hardness is best for baby mattresses, the question of size is above all a question of personal taste. You can use a good baby mattress as a child bed mattress in 70 × 140 tended to longer than is the case with a baby bed mattress in 60 × 120. Maybe you have fallen in love with a certain child bed, to which a baby mattress in 140 × 70 simply does not fit. If the bed has the dimensions 60 × 120, your decision against a mattress in 70 × 140 has already been made. Which other important criteria also play a decisive role, we now tell you:

  • The material type
  • The price and the price-performance ratio
  • Pollutant-tested (for example, according to the Oeko Tex 100 standard)
  • Production country – best made in Germany or Made in the EU
  • With a baby and a toddler side?
  • The maximum load capacity
  • Whether the cover is washable – and how many degrees
  • With a divisible cover?
  • The mark
  • The thickness of the mattress
  • With firm edge
  • With moisture protection or without
  • Breathable as possible – best traversed by ventilation channels

It is also ideal if you opt for a mattress, which has been equipped with a specially reinforced kick edge. After all, your child will sooner or later make his first attempts to get up in bed. If the edge of the mattress then gives way, it can lead to unsightly bruising of the child’s feet or legs between the bed frame, slatted frame, and the mattress. The risk of falling also increases with a mattress without a kick edge. However, you can save this childish experience by choosing the right mattress.

Although a mattress with a special tread edge is usually characterized by longer shelf life, a major disadvantage associated with this type of baby mattress. After all, this extra feature is also a matter of cost. If you choose a mattress with a stable edge, it usually costs you more than a regular baby mattress. If it is anyway a comparatively hard baby mattress, this is usually sufficiently stable even without a kick edge to minimize the said risk of falling.

When does baby mattress change? – Tips for the practice

When you should change your baby mattress, as a caring parent, you can easily decide yourself by following the rules of thumb. In general, it is sufficient for external soiling, first of all, if you wash the cover of the mattress in the machine. Select the maximum permissible temperature settings. Most covers of baby mattresses can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius. There are even baby mattresses that can withstand temperatures of up to 90 degrees Celsius. In the following situations, however, your baby mattress is better to exchange:

  1. If the mattress smells unpleasant
  2. If milk, urine, and Co. are repeatedly leaked through the mattress and this obviously cannot be cleaned properly
  3. If your child has become too big or too heavy for the baby mattress
  4. When a new baby is coming

Also, these questions often buzz parents in mind: When should I turn my baby mattress? How can I clean my baby mattress? At the latest when your baby goes to the toddler, do it well when you turn the baby mattress over. Finally, there are many baby mattresses on the market a special baby and a separate toddler side. To ensure that a mattress wears evenly and does not sag particularly strongly at one point, it makes sense to turn it every three months.

You must primarily clean the cover of your baby mattress. This should be washed regularly. A baby mattress without a removable cover is therefore recommended in any case. Provide also for good air circulation by using the baby mattress with just the right slats and airing daily in your baby’s room. If the air can circulate well and you regularly clean the cover of the mattress, the necessary hygiene is ensured in the baby bed mattresses of the modern generation.

Which baby mattress should I buy? These brands are available

May it be a dreamy mattress in 70 × 140 or rather a baby mattress from another manufacturer? We have already given you the most important criteria so that you can make your own baby mattress comparison. So, whether you prefer a dreamy baby mattress or another brand remains a personal choice. At least the list below tells you which renowned brands are vying for your favor as customers:

  • Candide
  • Dreamy mattress
  • Easy Baby Mattress
  • Julius Zöllner baby mattress
  • ALVI baby mattress
  • Babycalin
  • Artländer baby mattresses
  • Babybay mattresses for babies
  • Elza mattress
  • Paradise mattress for babies and children
  • Nova Dream
  • Pinolino baby mattress
  • Prolana
  • Lonsberg baby bed mattress
  • Sun Garden Mattress
  • Zieba
  • MaxiFlex mattress
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