10 Best 4K Televisions: Reviews and Buying Guide

Ever since 4K TVs have become more affordable, many consumers are turning to these televisions. The price segment is immensely diverse, whereby you should also consider some important equipment features.

Matching this you will find here on this page a comprehensive buying guide to the UHD TVs, which come from Sony, LG, Grundig, and Hisense and Co.

We also go on the 10 best 4K TVs, so you are allowed to strike directly if you are interested. When selecting the top devices, we also evaluated the comparisons of other test magazines, so you will benefit from an all-round overview.

Top 10 4K Televisions

Are there good 4K TV reviews of other magazines?

The magazine HomeAndSmart has also taken a closer look at several 4K televisions and compared them. In the test, for example, the TCL U55X9006 of the Chinese manufacturer surprised, especially in terms of image quality and audio technology concerns.

As good alternatives, the magazine was also the 55-inch 4K TV Samsung UE55NU7179 from 2018 and the Hisense H65U7A 65 inch 4K-TV award, which is also available at a good price for you. If you want to check further data from this comparison of the best models, just visit this website of the magazine.

4K TV Kaufberatung: You should pay attention!

High-definition content is in demand by most consumers. Thus, a detailed picture is created, which is especially important for movies, series, and documentaries. Nowadays, 4K televisions are particularly popular in this context, because these TVs are capable of ensuring such a maximum resolution. But the variety of different models, all of which offer smart features, is sheer immense, so many consumers have big problems finding the right 4K TV. So be sure to read our buying guide, which includes all the necessary details about the equipment features and other information required.

Why you should resort to a high-resolution 4K TV

If you are interested in a new TV, nowadays most consumers will hardly recommend TV sets that just dissolve in Full HD. The screen resolution 1,920 x 1,080 is already outdated and ensures that especially large displays that often individual pixels are visible.

Especially with regard to the use of the TV over several years, you should definitely buy a 4K or UHD TV, if you want to use it regularly. Here, the resolution with a total of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels is four times as high as a device with Full HD, so you can expect a much sharper and more natural-looking image.

In recent years, the prices of this technology have fallen sharply, so you get depending on the display size for less than 1000 ¬ solid models of the renowned brand manufacturers. However, you must also bear in mind that the necessary conditions must be met in order to exploit the full potential of 4K TVs.

In this context, the main thing is the content that you want to display on the TV. If, for example, you use streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Video, you should have a sufficiently fast internet connection to be able to handle the high data stream.

Which equipment features play a particularly important role in a 4K TV?

  • display size

The size of the screen is given primarily in inches. But many manufacturers also reckon these and give value in centimeters, which describes the diagonal of the display. Basically, decide on a display size that suits you best and also fits your room. In this context, also note the distance from the sofa, ie the sitting position, to the TV. However, if you are planning an exclusive home theater setting, particularly large displays are recommended, but from 65 inches to quite high prices to book. So it may be a good idea to make a compromise and check other sites that are appropriate for your room, and also score at a low cost.

  • display technology

Particularly inexpensive 4K TVs are equipped with standard LED displays. This technology ensures a solid quality, with all the LEDs being processed using a backlight. Especially with black values, this is to be seen negatively, because the LEDs are simply not illuminated. This is especially noticeable when you compare an LED display with an OLED screen. Here, you generally benefit from a significantly better contrast and excellent black.

In addition, the colors are also a much better advantage, which is related to modern display technology. Please check your budget and choose a variant of your choice. However, if you want to go with the future and ensure a high-quality image, then you will not pass an OLED 4K TV. However, you need to budget a little more money for this technique, which is especially the case with Philips, Sony and LG devices.

  • Reception via tuner

The television reception should, of course, be ensured. Today, most modern TVs are equipped with a universal triple tuner. So you benefit from digital TV reception. On the other hand, if you would like to use pay-TV services, such as Sky, make sure that a CI + slot is available on the TV. Unless you have a Smart TVAs a rule, all streaming apps from the respective providers can also be installed on the TV sets and conveniently started. In such a case, of course, you are not dependent on the classic television reception. Instead, the content, which can be both movies and series and documentaries, is streamed directly over the Internet, which has completely replaced the classic TV programs for many consumers.

  • refresh rate

This value is given in Hertz by the manufacturers and describes the images that can be displayed by the TV per second. So if you prefer content with fast image sequences, such as action films or sports events, please make sure that the refresh rate is as high as possible.

  • connections

The TV, which is equipped with a 4K display, is the heart of the living room in terms of entertainment. Of course, the televisions are also combined with many other technical components, so that sufficient connection options should be available for you. This applies, for example, to the audio technology, if you want to combine your TV with a soundbar or with a modern sound system for a top sound. The same applies to a connection system, which is based on external devices, such as game consoles and Blu-ray players and much more. If your TV supports Wi-Fi, you can connect it wirelessly to the Internet and directly to the content via Netflix and Amazon Video which is especially convenient. However, a connection via LAN cable ensures better quality.

  • Smart TV features

Today, most manufacturers rely on the advanced features you expect on a Smart TV. Thus, you can benefit from some additional benefits that can really be seen. Among other things, you can use an electronic program guide (EPG) to display details about the upcoming content of the respective TV stations. The days of the classic TV magazine are over if you have such a feature.

But it is also very interesting that you can customize a Smart TV with a 4K resolution optionally with the help of numerous apps. In addition to Netflix and Amazon Video, the apps of public broadcasters are also available, so that you can also stream this content in the best quality from the Internet.

  • Upscaling

This feature describes a mode that scales up lower-resolution content so that it looks much better on a 4K TV, allowing you to benefit from a much-improved visual appearance. Such a feature should definitely be available to you if you are not primarily focused on high-definition content.

  • USB recording

If you would like to record the current TV program or films or series via Netflix and Amazon Video, then use a USB recording function that many manufacturers of 4K TVs integrate into your devices. As a rule, you only need to insert a USB stick or a USB hard disk into the respective connection of the TV set, which will then enable you to use this function in a convenient way.

What different types of 4K TVs are available for you to choose from?

    •  Classic 4K TV

These models represent the entry-level devices that are also available at the lowest price. As a rule, these are LED displays that are used in the 4K TVs. The screen is flat and also offers no 3D function and other special features.

    • Smart TVs with a 4K resolution

These models are great for you if you want to use your TV as a multimedia center in everyday life. Combine the TV set, for example, with numerous apps of your choice, which is especially useful if you primarily take advantage of streaming offers the known contact points. Often, manufacturers also support an App Store so you can access thousands of programs that interest you.

    • 3D 4K TVs

If a 3D function is a basic prerequisite for your TV, please make sure that you also rely on classic 3D glasses. Remember also that only corresponding content in 3D can be played.

Curved 4K TV

A particularly vivid impression is provided by televisions equipped with a curved display. These models are also marketed as Curved TVs by the manufacturers and offer in terms of viewing angles and content presentation key advantages over traditional TV sets. For example, if you do not like the fact that reflections are displayed on the screen, Curved 4K TVs are a great way to solve this problem.

Recommended accessory technology that you can combine with your 4K TV

In this section, we will discuss additional products for the living room that you connect to your TV set for better quality or a wider variety of entertainment options. Keep in mind that all products of this kind are optional and according to the interests of the consumer.

  • sound system

Most manufacturers of 4K TVs can not integrate audio technology due to the thin design of the TVs, which ensures a particularly high-quality sound. So if you want to ensure a real atmosphere like in a movie theater, then you depend on external hardware, whereby in this context, above all, the talk of sound bars or sound systems, which will guarantee around sound.

  • game consoles

Game consoles, such as the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One, are popular accessories that can be connected to a high-resolution 4K TV. So you play comfortably on your large display and can dive into a new world.

  • DVD or Blu-ray player

If you have a large collection of DVDs or Blu-Rays, you also need to use them with a suitable player, which will be connected to your 4K TV. Nowadays, the modern Blu-ray players are particularly recommended, since DVDs are hardly in demand anymore due to the low resolution similar to Full HD TVs.

Which 4K TV is best for you?

Since the range of models of this type is very large and the price range quite varied, many consumers have problems selecting the right device. Enclosed we have put together an overview of recommendable models from the 4K segment for specific target groups, where you can easily orientate yourself.

    •  4K TV for people who rarely watch TV

If you do not turn on your TV every day or if you have a rather small living room, we recommend versions with a screen diagonal of up to 49 inches. You get these TVs for little money, with most manufacturers already integrate many features and the user is given as a Smart TV for you, which is a prerequisite today, if you want to take, for example, Netflix or Amazon Video.

    • 4K TVs for daily users and movie and series fans

If you use your TV regularly, you should ensure better quality, which is often the case for a larger display. However, keep in mind the recommended minimum distance you should follow for the display of the TV. As a rule, this is 2 m from the sofa to the TV screen.

    • 4K TVs for real home cinema fans

As a home cinema fan and real cineast, you can fall back on a TV, which is equipped with a very large display. In addition, models are recommended that have a curved screen. So grab a Curved model, whereby the devices of the brands Samsung, LG, and Sony are recommended especially for this target group. With the screen diagonal, however, there are no limits. Film fans will usually find what they are looking for from 65 inches, but you should also make sure that you get the best possible sound. For this purpose, external audio systems are recommended, which can be easily coupled with the TV sets.


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