10 Best 17 Inch Laptops: Reviews and Buying Guide

Laptops, as has happened with desktops, have had an important evolution offering better and better options for users. In particular, modern 17-inch laptops have more powerful processors, more storage and more options to do what you want anywhere. In addition, 17-inch screens have also improved the format so that your eyesight does not suffer during the process and you see everything clearer. If you want to know which is the most advanced model of the moment, we have to talk about the ASUS GL753VD-GC003 laptop. A model with a quad-core i7 processor, 16 gigs of RAM and a 1000 GB hard drive with which you can do what you need much easier. Characteristics similar to those of the models I GL72M 7RDX-1006XES. A product with an Intel i7 7700HQ processor, 8 GB of RAM and a 1 TB disk that is accompanied by another 256 GB SSD that further accelerates the performance of the device.

Compact enough to take with you everywhere, but also versatile enough to run the most demanding applications, and is that a laptop is the best tool to do a serious job or play at home and even on the road.

While tablets and smartphones are already popular, most people realize that everything from writing a research paper to playing a video game works much better on a laptop. If you are one of those who goes with a model of 4 or 5 years ago and does not know which laptop to buy, do not worry, then we will give you some essential guidelines that will guide you through the entire process.

Top 10 17 Inch Laptops

What is the best 17-inch laptop on the market?

Within today’s laptops, the largest screen size corresponds to 17-inch models. Equipment that, in its majority, is in the gaming line, although the truth is that there are also conventional alternatives. Anyway, with the advice of our guide to buying the best 17-inch laptop you will have the necessary details to evaluate any type of equipment and adjust its characteristics to your specific needs.

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The first aspect that we are going to talk about, as we would do with any computer equipment, is the processing capacity of the equipment. Something fundamental since it is not the same laptop gaming, which needs the latest of the latest, that a portable 17 inches simple and cheap to work in mobility, for example.

So, we’ll start by looking at the processor that the computer uses. For gaming models, we should choose models that mount, at least, i5 processors, while for the simplest models we would need an Intel i3 processor, cheaper and suitable for those who have hardly any work requirement since its lower consumption offers a greater battery autonomy.

This processing is accompanied by a RAM memory that must also be adjusted to the requirements of the processor. In gaming models, the usual is that this memory is 8 or even 16 GB, reaching 32 GB in the most leading models. In the simple and cheap equipment, this memory is usually 4 GB, although if you have occasion to have 8 GB, even better. In any case, what you should not choose are models with less than those 4 GB, since the processing slows down significantly.

Graphics quality

Another aspect that we must take into account when looking at any comparison of 17-inch laptops is the graphics quality that the equipment is able to offer us. And, although visually they look alike, once lit and in operation, the different components make the difference between a suitable image to play or perform our daily tasks and a poor image and low quality.

This graphic quality depends on two fundamental elements such as the included graphics card and the available screen resolution. Starting with this graphics card, the simplest models usually use the integrated Intel cards. Enough to obtain adequate performance if we do not have high demands. But if we need something more quality, we will find models with external cards, mainly Nvidia, with different configurations and memories with which to squeeze the graphics of our games and programs.

This aspect must go hand in hand with the resolution of the screen and the maximum quality that it can offer us. In this case, we find three main resolutions. The first would be the HD, the smallest of all and typical of the models with simpler Intel graphics. If we have a laptop with dedicated graphics, the least we should demand is a Full HD screen, because it is the minimum that this type of products usually works. And if we go to the highest quality, we already have laptops with 4K screens, although obviously, its price is much higher.

Other important aspects

We close these tips by taking a look at other functions that deserve our attention. One of them is the storage offered by the equipment. The most common configuration is the one that offers 1 TB of hard disk in a conventional format, although some equipment remains in 500 GB. Enough for those who do not plan to save too much data. But if you want more speed, look for models with SSD of at least 256GB, with which to give another boost to the team.

Also important is the connectivity that the device includes. This connectivity leads us to take a look at USB ports, both in quantity and type. It is preferable that they are ports 3.0 since it is the new standard that includes more speed. Do not forget to verify that the computer has WiFi, Bluetooth and Ethernet connectivity. Basic functions that should not be missing in any device that we value.

We close these additional functions by taking a look at the portability and autonomy of the team. Since we are talking about a portable model, it is important that the equipment has a lightweight that does not pose a problem when it comes to taking it with us wherever we want. And for that reason, the product must include a good autonomy of battery, so that we do not have to go looking for plugs wherever we are. However, being large screen equipment and, generally, a high processing, these autonomies are inferior to the equipment of 15 inches diagonal or lower.

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